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i cant believe you would do the things you do [entries|friends|calendar]
i love you till this day

i took, pictures of houses with the lights all behind them. it reminded me of time i spent with you. it was beautiful, it was beuatiful, it was beautiful to think of you
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[15 Oct 2004|10:51pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

its been awhile since ive written in here. like, 2 weeks. um not much has really happened. ive been at michelles like, all this week. my house was stressing me out. my brother has been like fucking up in school lately, big time. like failing all his classes, and not turning anything in, and i was nice and like organized all his binders, and ive been helping him with his homework- but hes not appritiative about it at all, and has been getting in fights with my mom like every single night. its not fun to have to turn up your music loud just so you wont hear it. my mom is so stressed out and like on her last thread because of it. i mean, im not saying its all my brother- i havent been the perfect daughter, but ryan is just... fricken having major issues. so since michelles house is like my second home and they are like my second family, i was invited over there because they love me! and im over there 24/7 anyways. so yeah, it was fun. i went over tuesday night, and then left friday to go to my dads. we did what we usually do, talk, laugh, listne to music, laugh, be goofy, laugh, and be crazy. and it was fun! ive also been driving a lot with my mom! and im good at it. i drove in the dark to my doctors, i drive like home from michelles whenever i go over there, and i drove on ritchy highway for the first time in the dark, which is a big step. and i can park really well. its just great. i feel like imactually getting comfertable with it all. so yyah. its 1 week until homecoming and im getting excited. then 1 week after that its halloween and me and michelle are going to be school girls. woo hoo. i gotta get makeup this weekend, and try to go shopping for shoes. <3


you swore that nothing would ever change the way we were right then. [03 Oct 2004|10:56am]
[ mood | sick ]

this weekend i went to my dads house. it kinda sucked though becuase my dad had to work. so friday we went to blockbuster, and i got 6 episodes of nip/tuck from the first season <<because i absolutly love that show and i never really watched the first season. saturday i went and got a new leotard for dance FINALLY! and then me and nancy [my stepmom] went to Frank's becuase she wanted to get some pots for her plants to put in the front. they are going out of business and had all these little cactis's for like 4 bucks. i found a pink one! and so she bought it for me. it will match my room perfect. its so cute. then we came home and i took a nap for what seemed like forever. and then we had gumbo for dinner. it was yummy. and today, i woke up at 730, watched the last episode that i hadnt watched and then had some left over gumbo... and so this weekend was boring as hell. and to top that off im miserably sick with a really bad head cold... im like sneezing 10 times in a row. its so bad! and i have homework i need to do- which consists of 2 english papers, probably marine bio, and who knows what else. gr, i hate school. anyway- i feel like shit and my brother just told me to "Shut the fuck up, you bitch." becuase i said "What the heck?" to him becuase he had his face barried in the couch...[ the dog hit him in the face] i didnt know what was going on. and he said that that makes me a "bitch" and so i told him that he was an asshole, and he said that "becuase your a bitch, you think im an asshole. every bitch thinks a guy is an asshole." < and this is coming from my 12 year old brother that i guess just has life all figured out. i hate how kids these days in middle school think they are so much mature and grown-up then they really are. and they think they are "Cooler" then everyone else. or they feel the need to be popular and be liked, so they do stupid shit. its just crazy. i hate it. espeically when my brother tells me he knows more about something then i do. im 4 years older then him. and he still feels like hes bigger, badder, and more experienced then me. what the fuck ever. i just hate him sometimes. hes gonna be so sorry that hes pissing his life away now- becuase hes not gonna get ANYWHERE in this life. tired of ranting about this....


[30 Sep 2004|06:45pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

not much has happened lately. homecoming is 3 weeks away and im getting really syked about it! its just gonna be a lot of fun. um today my buddy holly, danced in our class today becuase shes a senior and part of the dance company and she gets out early and didnt have anywhere to go or anything. so then she gave me a ride home. and we went to mcdonalds, but i didnt get anything becuase im on a diet! ah! i did get a coke though... my bad. but yeah, we sang to freak-a-leak and danced and laughed and stuff and it was just fun! i loooove her! shes so fun. tomorrow i go to my dads. i HAVE to get a new leotard asap tomrrow. becuase, my leotard is like, on its last thread, its so broken. and i sewed it but the sewing came loose. lol. its all gay so yeah, and i have to get my fabric for Clothing Construction so I can start on my bag. and my dads working this weekend- like during the day, so im gonna be pretty bored! but hopefully i can do some driving. well yeah- so much for my great update


Cabin Mode. [26 Sep 2004|11:03pm]
[ mood | tired ]

okay so friday after school, i went over michelles house. and around 230-300 Me, Michelle, Maj [her mom], and Liz [her moms best friend] all got on the road to go up to the mountains for the weekend to Liz's cabin. It took about 3 hours, maybe 4. But it went by really fast because we were all talking and stuff. On the way we stopped at Walmart and noticed Country Folks dont really have any fashion sense and are kinda freaky. haha. We had a good laugh or two about that. So when we got there, we put our bags in our rooms, and then started on dinner. Which, omgosh, was fabulous, just like Liz's house. Its so amazingly nice. Its like going to a resort or something. Its just great. Very relaxing. Anyway, we had a really nice dinner, and they let me and michelle have our own glass of wine to share. so that was kinda cool. Then we all went on the back porch and had a great conversation about a lot of things. Liz is really, really easy to open up to. It was like a therapy session. It was kinda emotional- but getting stuff like that out helps. We mighta all been a little buzzed from the wine too. haha, so yeah, but it was really nice. Then, we all went in and watched Mean Girls, or atleast some of it. But it took us like a hour just to figure out how to work the DVD. haha. it was funny. so we watched most of that, and then around 100 we went to bed. Me and Michelle slept in the room downstairs, its really dark and quiet down there- there are no windows. we slept until 1 p.m!!! becuase we couldnt see what time it was becuause the clock didnt light up, and it was dark so we just kept falling back asleep. but finally we figured out that it was really late. we were kinda upset though. But yeah. Saturday was really fun. Liz has 2 ATV'S. At first, I didnt wanna drive my own. And Liz and Maj had gone out while we were sleeping- so I got on the back of Liz's and Michelle drove her own. We went on a trail and to the Orchirds which were really pretty with Apple Trees and a great veiw. And then we came back, sat around a fire for awhile. Just laughed and stuff as usual. And then later I decided that I wanted to try. So Me and Michelle Went around the drive way- and then down the driveway, on the road, and then back up the driveway. Dude, It took me like 2 minutes to be comfertable with it, and then i was like speeding on that thing down the road. I LOVED IT. It was so much fun. So then they let us take a walki-talki, and drive around the mountain on the road to different spots. it was really fun. We saw a hottie on an ATV and we smiled at him, then we pulled over to let this van go by it was the older, greesy, ugly, freaky mountain man and he licked his lips and was like "SEXXAY." I was like "GO MICHELLE GO!" ahha. We went up this driveway accidently and had to turn around, and michelle like went up the side of the road, like onto a rock or tree, and like got stuck. It was like, kinda scary, but we ended up laughign about it. Goodness, she gets preoccupied and zones out and then, before you know it, shes like going off the road! haha. But yeah it was really fun. Then that night we had Grilled Samon, becuase Liz is a great cook. And they let us have wine again. This time it was a brand new full bottle. And Michelle Only had 2 glasses, and I got carried away and drank like the rest of it! And I got really tipsy. And like, i just didnt think I would get like that from that...but yeah, I started stumbling on my words. Liek, I was drinking Club Soda, cuz my tummy was upset and I was talking about it and said "Soda Club" and then, me and michelle decided we wanted to go watch a movie down in our room. So I was looking through it and I saw "Bone Collector" So I grabbed tht and headed down, and I put it on the bed and it wasnt Bone Colllector. It was "A Beautiful Mind." And so I was like Shit. I had to go up and get the right movie. And so then Me and Michelle ended up going down in our room becuase yeah, i didnt wanna get in trouble. I like, was stumbling kind of and i just couldnt think or talk straight. And so we went downstairs and laughed so much becuase I was just like, saying funny things. And okay, liz had all these sample things in our bathroom, and one was this little box with a shower cap in it, so i grabbed it and put the shower cap on. and then i was like "We Should Sleep In Thse! Here, I'll get you one." And so i went in and there were no more, so like, as a joke i just closed my box and handed it to her. I thought it was so funny. And then I couldnt find my Hippo [my stuffed animal] cuz i threw it at michelle. So then I found it and she put it on the bed, and I like dove into the bed, like a belly flop, but i kept my elbows close to my waist so i looked like a penguin. It was so funny. And I dunno- I just couldnt talk. haha. But yeah. Today, sunday, we went ATVing again. This time we went to a feild and on like all these trails, but on the feild me and michelle like, sped all around them, and i went up this hill really fast and my butt like flew up off the seat. It was so awsome! Hahaha. But yeah, this weekend was so cool .We made somores, and went in the hott tub. and the house was so nice. It was just really relaxing and fun!


you ran just like the afternoon snow [23 Sep 2004|03:34pm]
[ mood | excited ]

its been awhile since ive updated. my computer has been messed up, but i think its better. so nothing much has happened really. im in love with the song "This Celluloid Dream" by AFI. i abosolutly love it. I like, listen to it over and over again. haha. I cant decide whether I want my hair down for homecoming, or up. like, i think it'd look really good down and curly. but im afriad im gonna get really hott. anyway, this weekend i was supposed to go up to my dads saturday- cuz my mom was going somewhere, but instead im going away for the weekend with michelle, her mom, and her moms best friend liz. its gonna be so fun. we are going to a cabin. and its liz's, and michelle says its really nice, and there is like a hott tub in side, and they have atv's - but im not getting on them. haha. so im going home with her tomorrow and we are like, leaving right after school. woo hoo. i have to bring my bag over tonight and i get 1 part of my belated birthday present. yay! last night i talked to jeff. hes doing good and already has a job in washington. we had a nice conversation. lolol. well yeah, thats pretty much it!


[17 Sep 2004|08:45pm]
[ mood | content ]

its been awhile since ive updayted!! um, not much has realy happened. school's been gay, except i do have fun w/ my friends. i've made a few new friends too. umm yah, im at my dads this weekend so i cant go to the football game and a lot of people were going! grrr. i cant wait till homecoming. its going to be so fun. im going in a limo w/ a bunch of girl-friends. and we are going out to eat at applebees, and then going downtown to take pictures, and its just going to be fun. i cant wait. i really want to go on a cd shopping spree, but i dont have any money to do that...so yeah. this weekend i have to get a lot of things.
1.) get a new leotard and tights for dance.
2.) get some spanish supplies i really need to get.
3.) remember to get $47 for the limo

so yah, im also going to get "White Oleander" the book, becuase i love love love the movie. its a great movie... but yah, i also have homework to do, so i dunno how much fun this weekend is gonna be. we might do a ghost walk! heh. it might be fun...if i actually see a ghost! hah. well, yah. thats my great update!


[12 Sep 2004|02:23pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

its been a few days since ive updated. im not really good at updating. not really anything has happened. my fricken AOL at my house sucks so much, it freezes everytime i try and update this thing. right now im at my moms boyfriends house, watching the ravens game... becuase i guess its important or something?? michelle has been really sick all last week and might have like, appendicitis or something. im really worried. she said shes coming to school tomorrow, hopefully she can. im almost finished my book. just like 40 more pages i think. ahhh i dont want to go to school tomorrow becuase i have a stupid speech 1st period. i dont know if im gonna do it. its like, i dont know if my body will let me!!! so im kinda worried. heh. oh well.............


[10 Sep 2004|07:28pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

its FRIDAY yey!hehe, i dunno if I'm really going to use my greatest journal, like only if I have something really private or someting. But, I'm not having problems w/ Livejournal or anything,so I'm just gonna stick to this one. Golly, I'm thinking I'm coming down w/ the flu! I dont feel very well at all. Today was an okay day, yesterday was too, dance was fun. Ms. O'Neil said I had "good focus" .. so yah, i was happy about that. i think i've discovered someone that has a crush on me at school. and im sorta liking it. haha. hmmm, not to sound like, conceited about it- its just kinda fun to get that vibe every once in awhile, makes you feel good inside. but today, some people were getting on my nerves becuase someone said "yeah, she doesnt smoke, she doesnt drink..." and i was like "umm, you dont know me, yeah i do drink." and then asked me "Well, what do you drink?" like i dont like being put on the spot lke that, cuz then everyone in my little group (we were doing group work) looked at me, then someone was like "you drink, alcohol?" like omgahh. i HATE that. im tired of being the fricken goody goody. becuase im notlike that. well, i sorta am, but im not! I do bad things. I really do. I'm just tired of it, like BIG time. Anyway, I'm getting excited about homecoming, even though I dont HAVE A DATE, yet atleast. I dont think I will, honestly. I can think of 2 guys I wouldnt mind going with, like even just as friends, but they both have girlfriends. and 1 of them i havent talked to that much because I never see him around school. But yah, I'm not the kind of girl whos all like, freakin out if they dont have a date. I'm almost 100% okay with not having one. I have fun just dancig by myself...becuase I love to dance, so it doesnt really bother me. But it would be nice to have a date. But yeah, I think im getting sick! Ahhhhh!


Whispers Of Sadness In Your Ear [07 Sep 2004|11:09pm]
i just want you to hold me in your arms
tell me everything will be fine
and your leaving tomorrow
i can see the goodbye in your eyes
and the saddness in your touch.

i feel like we dont have enough time
to give eachother all the love we feel.
i could say so many things right now.
and im thinking this is unreal.

and we're sitting in silence.
tears close to our cheeks.
"please dont leave me." i whisper softly into your ear
at this moment i feel so weak.

and as i hold you hand
your driving up my street
that one last glance and i could die right there
i try and smile as my heart skips its beat.

i want to scream so much right now
sitting in your car in front of the house i cry so much
you grab my face with you hand and tell me you'll love me forever.
and i kiss your lips, fake a smile, feeling one last grip of your touch

and as i get out of the car, and you pull away
i mouth you the words "i love you"
you give me the smile i'd kill to see everyday
and at that very moment i know this love is true.

by me.

im setting up a journal on gj, a friends only one to talk about personal things. i dont need to share everything wih everyone. so comment.


does anything ever work out for me? [07 Sep 2004|08:22pm]
[ mood | okay ]

today was back to school- it pretty much sucked. it was just boring and by 3rd pd. i was about ready to fall asleep. my eyes were soo sleepy and i couldnt wait to get outta there. dance was gay and boring. nothing speical happened in it. after school i walked outside to wait for michelle- she never came out. and then she called me. she got bad tummy pains and had to go to the doctor and everything! but i still went over-i just had to walk home by myself. but i talked to michelle on the fone most of the way. when i got to her house i was hot to the max from walking home, and we just sat around and laughed, like always. and i was in this really giddy mood, and i cheered michelle up and made her feel better. we laughed sooo much like non-stop. and just talked and stuff. she straightened my hair. i sorta helped her w/ homework, but read some of my book "the virgin suicides" . it gives a lot more info then the movie- and so far, a lot of things are different then the movie. but i still love the movie. um, i cant wait till the week is over- im already tired of school this week.

things arent going me and ----- way. even though they should be! it was a really emotional night lastnight. but it will all be okay in the end. im just really overwhelmed that i feel so strongly for someone this quickly. but i feel like its rigt. and im not going to go into it, becuase its really no1's business, and this isnt friendsonly- even though im thinking about making it. i dont want personal things reaching anybody i wouldnt want it too. so yeah. i <3 my goober soo much, and he knows who he is.


shake shake [06 Sep 2004|12:07pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

today is monday, and tomorrow- back to school. grr. ohwell. hmm today i have to get a new leotard for dance, and tennis shoes becuase my dad thinks i should have them? hmm, oh yeah, and im going to get some books becuase i feel like being a reader. hehe. school pictures are this week. i want my hair to be straight, so i think im going to try and go over michelles house the day before so she can straighten my hair. so i'll look all nice and purty for pictures. i have a speech this week- im not exactly nervous about it?? atleast not right now- who knows what will happen when i get in the classroom! haha. i hate talking in front of people, i always blush. hehe. but yyeah, happy labor day everyone!!


you think you know me? [05 Sep 2004|11:50pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Name: rachel
Piercings: 3 in each ear, and then my cartiledge on my left - but i dont really wear earrings anymore.
Tattoos: none right now-- but i will get my butterfly on my lower back ;)
Height: 5'6 - near 5'7
Shoe Size : 9-9 1/2
Siblings: 1 brother. Ryan

First car: probably a crappy car. but i want a nissan x-terra
First screen name: prncessrachie456
First self purchased album: i cant really remember... ?
First funeral: for my uncle
First pets: my dog maxi , but we dont have her anymore
First piercing/tattoo: ears
First credit card: never had one. my dad says they are "evil"
First true love: not going to say.
First enemy: hmm... i dunno if i have an enemy
First musician you remember hearing in your house: like, jackson 5 from this tap my dad made me. id always sing and dance in my room. hehe

Last car ride: my daddy drove me and ryan up here to his house
Last good cry: good cry- watching the notebook. lordy
Last library book checked out: wow i havent been to the library in for-ev-er
Last beverage drank: pepsi
Last food consumed: tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwhich
Last crush: hehe
Last phone call: my mommy
Last shoes worn: my stupid-ass tennyshoes that are too small, but i didnt know that until we went hiking today!!
Last cd played: Tilly And The Wall (online though)
Last item bought: sour skittles
Last annoyance: my brothers guitar in my earr all day fricken long
Last disappointment: my weekend. it wasnt as FUN as i wanted it to be
Last time wanting to die: omgah, i dont know.
Last time scolded: today.
Last shirt worn: my brew thru shirt
Last website visited: livejournal.com
Last movie you watched: starsky & hutch
Last movie bought: ohh gosh, i cant remember
Last song i listened to: pictures of houses
Last cd you bought: ryan cabrera
Last person you've called: my mom
Last person that's called you: my mom
Last tv show you've watched: mtv??

you have a crush on someone: yah, kinda
you wish you could live somewhere else: new york or california
you believe in online dating: Nooooooooooooo. its gay-as-hell.
others find you attractive: i think im perty, yah. hehe
you want more piercings: yeaha
you like roller coasters: <3 rollercoasters. <3 rollercoasters <3
you write in cursive or print: both. it kinda blends together.

long distance relationships: if you <3 the person. yah.
people: mean people? hellnaw. sweet people? hellyeahz
smoking: for sometimes. against sometimes.
gay/lesbian relationships: for. i hate people who are against it.

ever cut yourself: not on purpose
ever cried over a boy: oh yes.
ever cried over a girl: not really
ever lied to someone: who has never lied?
ever been in a fist fight: with my brother? haha

shampoo do you use: dove is the best.
shoes do you wear: flips flops as much as i can
are you scared of: airplanes.

of times I have been in love:twice.
of times I have had my heartbroken: twice.
of hearts I have broken: i dont think ive broken anyones heart... ?
of times my name has appeared in the paper?: whos name? hehe
of things in my past that I regret?: like 3

pretty: oh fer sure! hehe jk... but i do think im pretty- im not stuckup about it though.
funny: aww yeah, i love being goofy
hot: um... idn.
friendly: im a sweet person
amusing: ohyeah.
ugly: no. unless i have like a zit or something.
loveable: yeah. im easy to love.
scaring: hhaha hmm.....?
sweet: yahhh. im a sweety.
dorky: Yeah.Yeah.Yeah

5 letter word: booby haha i think that words soo ofunny.
Actor/actress: Kirsten Dunst, Julia Roberts...
Cartoon: Spongebob
Cereal: Cornflakes
Chewing gum: bubbalicious
Color(s): pink, blue, orange.. summer colors
day of the week: friday
Least fave day: sunday & monday
Flower: daisies.
Jelly flavor: grape?
Jewelry: toe rings and anklets
Summer/Winter: summer all the way

[Person who last.. ]
Slept in your bed: myself
Saw you cry: my mom
Made you cry: myself
Yelled at you: my dad
Sent you an email: no one. i dont get e-mails. no one loves me on the internet. hehe

[Have you ever.. ]
Said "I love you" and meant it?: yes.
Gone out in public in your pajamas: yeah
Kept a secret from everyone: oh yeah, but oh is it hard
Cried during a movie: yah!
Planned your week based on the TV: lol noo.. who would?
Been on stage: yes.
Been to New York: yes
Been to California: no
China: no
Canada: no
Europe: no
Asia: no
South America: no
Africa: no
What time is it now?: 1210 a.m.

[This or That? ]
Apples or bananas?: bananas
Blue or red?: blue.
Walmart or target?: targe' baby
Spring or Autumn?: spring
What are you gonna do after you finish this?: talk to my chilltrol boy.
Was the last meal you ate?: grilled cheese sandwich, tomato soup
Are you bored?: yeahman
Last noise you heard?: my typing
Last smell you sniffed?: the cat poo haha

[Friendship/Love ]
Do you believe in love at first sight?: yeah, kinda
Do you want children one day & if so, how many?: i dont know yet.
Most important thing to you in a friendship is: trust trust and more trust

[Other Info ]
Do you speak any other languages?: i try to learn spanish
Last book you read?: hmmm.. some v.c andrews book. im getting virgin suicides tomora
Something in your bedroom you like?: the color of my walls. PINK.

Nickname(s): rach, hutch (family thing), rachie, atcha sha, rach jay ....
Initials: rlj (rachel lynn jordan)
How old do you look?: w/ my bangs people say i look 18. yey?
How old do you act?: like a little 16 year old girl.
Glasses/Contacts: i have 20/21 vision thankyou very much! haha
Braces: for 3 years. like 4 years ago.
Do you have any pets?: my fish lola.
You get embarrassed: yeah. im always embarassed.
What makes you happy?: laughing, close friends, laughing some more. anything thats happy.
What upsets you?: being lonely. being sad. seeing something sad, and knowing you cant do anything about it.

[Finish the sentence: ]
I Love to... dance/laugh/be funny
I'm Annoyed by... the damn survey/being bored
I Want to be... famous
I would never... be able to do something completly horrible and lie about it
I Am Tired of... being alone & sometimes unhappy.
I Will Always be... the goofy, adorable, rachel.


misery is a butterfly [05 Sep 2004|06:48pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

today we went hiking. it was fun, but extremely tiring. and i had the worst headache afterwards. and my fish lola had a close encounter with death when one of the cats knocked over her home and nancy saved her just in time. hehe. hmm, this kid the other day at school was like " ibet you dont ever say cuzz words. " and im wondering- do i just give off that good-girl vibe? becuase oh am i so damn tired of it. grr- well i didnt have any highlights in my day.


do you dream at all? [04 Sep 2004|09:29pm]
i already posted today. but, im really bored, so im posting aggain. we didnt really do anything FUN today!! it kinda sucked- well, it DID suck. we went to radio shack becuase my dad had to get a new charger for the cell. and then we got mc donalds becuase im a fatty. and then i drove for like 2 minutes, and decided i wasnt in the "mood". so we went home. me and my brother have been fighting over the computer all day basicall. its so stupid. he says im ALWAYS on the computer, but dude, every single time no one was at the computer, and i got on... like i swear, 3 minutes later he'd come down the stairs and be like "are you almost done?" and im like "um you were just on here" and i mean, its just stupid. hehe. i was just annoyed becuase of that, and becuase he kept bothering me with the guitar playing, and telling me things about this band. hes just a gay. then i took a 3 hour nap and ate cheeseburger's for dinner. and then we just went to blockbuster. i got virgin suicides becuase i've been wanting to see that for awhile, and my brother got the perfect score. and so i'm about to watch my movie-- k take that back, my brother is now watching his movie- and so i have to wait like 2 hours to watch mine and get in my bed. grrr.

[04 Sep 2004|03:21pm]
okay this one goes out to my goober jeff.

im so glad we randomly met. i really, really am. i havent known you that long, but i stil feel like i have. and ya know, we have that speical "connection". hehe. you make me laugh, even if it just is over the computer. and you always have sweet things to say to me so i smile. and your so caring when im upset. thankyou so much. for being patient/sweet/funny/ to me. youll never know how much it means. <3 your stinker/goober hehe to: my chilltrol boy

yah jeffie, there's one just fer you!

i cant beleive you would do the things that you do [04 Sep 2004|08:58am]
[ mood | good ]

Mmm, Saturday the 4th. 1 week of school done and over. I went to bed last night at 930 becuase I had taken Benedryl (i <3 the cats, but they made my eyes itch) and so I got all drowsy. So I woke up at like, 800 this morning. I really wanted to sleep longer, But I couldnt. So I am wondering about what I'm doing today. I hope it's something FUN. All I know is I have to get the Tilly And The Wall "Woo!" cd. I am <3ing this band. Seriously. hehe. Also Blonde-Redhead ~ They are really good too. The music just gives a lot of feeling, and the girls voice adds that extra-Yeah-To the music. I cant explain it, just listen for Yourself. We might be going to the State Fair today. That could be FUN. But I wish Someone (& You know who You are) didnt go Yesterday, so He would be there Today, and I could say Hi to him. hehe. But Yeah, It will stillll be fun. I think I'm going to stop saying >lol< all together. Its too overrated, and everyone does it. >lol<? So, now I'm just going to say: hehe, or something like that. Its just, better.


i say so many things, are you listening? [03 Sep 2004|07:48pm]
[ mood | drained ]

As you can see, i like, deleted all my entries- mostly becuase they were stupid. And i just didnt like them. Holly I <3 You! Thanx so much for the help with my journal! Your the best ever! Anyway, the first week of school is officially over! Woo Hoo- And right now I'm at my Dad's house in Towson. I'm actually really not hating My schedule. Like, at first I was kinda bummed at My B-DAYS, but now I'm thinking they are okay. hehe. I made some new friends [becca,jewel,thomas,heather/n prolly more] and they are just all really nice and stuff. hmm- And My DANCE CLASS- isn't that big at all. Atleast not like My last dance class was last year. It seems like its going to be an Okay class. So Down Below I Will List My Sched. :

1. Clothing Construction - Mrs. Boyd
2. Algebra 1 (yeah, I have to make that class up :/) - Ms. Murphy ~ She Rocks !!
3. U.S. History - Mrs. Anderson ~ This Biatch Sux!
4. Spanish 1 (yeah, I have to make this one up too ;0 ) - Mrs. Kerdock
C Lunch w/ so many people its hard to name everyone.

1. English 11 - Mr. Grainger ~ Hes Pretty Cool...
2. Algebra 1 - Ms. Murphy
3. Marine Biology - Mrs. Turner ~ Shes like, Wacky??
4. Dance III - Ms. O'Neil
D Lunch w/ My darling Cat & some other people.

So Yeah, theres the schedule. So, It's pretty good- It could always be better though. I'm so GLAD/HAPPY/THANKFUL its the weekend !!! And its a 3-day Weekend becuase of Labor Day. I'm going to sleep forever and ever. I kinda wish I was back at home so I could hang out w/ people. Thats always Fun. But, Oh Well. I'm kind of Drowsy. But just My eyes. I really want to buy the book "The Virgin Suicides" - Holly says it's better then the movie. And I <3 the movie, so I'm sure I will <3 the book. So, mmk- My family wants Me becuase I need to tell my Dad what I want for Dinner. Hmm, I have "Silver And Cold" stuck In My head.


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