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Tuesday, November 30th, 2010
7:13 am
Yay Green Day Baby!!!
According to TMZ (and would they lie???) Mike and Brittney (I have no idea how you spell her version of that name) have just welcomed child number 2, a baby girl, to the world.
Tuesday, September 21st, 2010
10:11 pm
Dear Billie Joe,

Go home to your wife and kids and get some freakin' sleep!

Saturday, September 4th, 2010
9:05 pm
For and_ed
I realise that in this age of cell phones and such you have probably managed to talk to the kidlet yourself, but just in case you haven't, and on the theory that one can never have too much information:

I have a friend who is a prof at Dalhousie. He says a) that Earl passed through without much more than wind damage, but that the power is out at Dal, b) that the university is going ahead with some kind of frosh ceremony they have planned tomorrow anyway, and that they are/will be distributing flashlights to those students whose residences do not have backup power, and c) that a lot of their online stuff is being held up but all will be sorted eventually.

Figured you might want to know *g*
Thursday, August 19th, 2010
10:46 am
GREEN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last night was the first night of my Green Day weekend, with the show in Toronto at the Molson Canadian Amphitheater. The weekend continues when I get on a train tomorrow to Montreal and evaine and I go see them Saturday night wheeeeee!

The venueCollapse )

AFICollapse )

GREEN DAY!!!!Collapse )

Now, on to Montreal and evaine!
Friday, July 16th, 2010
2:27 pm
Rob's Concert
*waves hello to flist*

So, I went last night to see Rob Thomas perform in the first of a handful of acoustic concerts he's doing to benefit his and his wife's charity, Sidewalk Angels. The show was at Casino Rama, about 1.5 hours north of Toronto.

The venue was good. He only used about half of the concert space, I'd say, and the place was not really set up as a concert hall, necessarily, so there was a large floor space (about 5 sections of 18x20 rows/seats) and then raised seating that felt remarkably like they folded away - the structure shook every time someone walked up the stairs. I was halfway up the bleachers (which is what I'm pretty sure they were - pretty and comfortable, but bleachers none the less), pretty much dead centre.

The show consisted of Rob and two of the members of his solo band - Frankie Romano on guitar, and Matt Beck on guitar, lap steel, and piano. And that was it. Oh, and Rob, alternating between not playing at all, and playing either acoustic guitar or piano. Much of the time, though, Rob was on stage alone, alternating between the piano and the acoustic.

It was a gorgeous set. Really lovely music, focus on the lyrics, and Rob was in a good mood so we got a handful of stories and some conversation in between. But mostly it was Rob and his music. He has a stunningly lovely voice, and all of the songs he chose are full of emotion, so it was really affecting.

I only cried once though *g* And that was just as much the boy who lives in my head as it was me. See, he played Bent, and followed it up with Save the Last Dance for Me, and the dancing boy who lives in my head and who loves Rob and just wanted to hug him to pieces, burst into tears. Well, first he did choreography to Bent, and then he burst into tears.

Anyway, if Rob is coming near you on this tour, go.
Monday, November 9th, 2009
7:39 pm
Rob Thomas in Concert - The Extended Version
Because apparently Tas needs something more concrete than "I could see the bulge in that man's jeans clear as day from 15 rows back!" *g*

Okay, so Rob played Massey Hall in Toronto on Wednesday night, and the boy who lives in my head and I went to watch. For those of you not familiar with it, Massey Hall is a concert hall that seats about 2,000 people, I'd say. Not a bad seat in the house, and mine was wonderful. 15 rows back, right on the centre aisle (I note that 15 rows back left me 3 rows from the back of the room, just to give you some scale). I had a clear view of everything. Lovely. Also, I was right next to the sound and lighting guys, who I enjoyed watching at points.

I got there ridiculously early so did a few laps around the block - passing Rob's bus repeatedly. The driver's side shade was up so I got a surreptitious look in - yes, Tas, it really is very brown! I didn't hang out to see Rob because I wanted to get to the merchandise booth early. They were selling USB wristbands that had the recording of that night's show on them - order before the show and pick them up at the end. At first the merch guy thought his credit card thingy wouldn't work in Canada, but it did, so I have one. Yay.

Then I went in and sat down. The first band was Carolina Liar. Sort of southern rock, I guess. I really liked the first song. And the second, which sounded like the first. And then the third, which sounded like the second, was okay... and then I was bored. And watching their sound guy, who was having a ball dancing and smiling to the music. I thought that was kind of cute, really.

The second band was onerepublic. This is when I developed my theory that Rob doesn't take any lead singers taller than he on the road *g* They were terrific. I'd heard a couple of their songs before, but just really loved the whole set.

Then Rob. *squee* He was wearing jeans, a black t-shirt, and a black jacket, which he took off by the fourth song. He was happy, and bouncy, and happy to stand in certain places while fans took pictures. He talked about stupid shit, and some serious shit. He dedicated "Little Wonders" to Tyler, his dog who was dying of cancer (although he didn't mention that - just how Tyler made him feel like a jerk for not appreciating the small moments of life). Tyler died the day after this show.

He did not play "Hard on You" which was a disappointment, because that's the song Est!Rob wrote for Est!Mark, but he did play Barenaked Ladies "What a Good Boy" which went some way to mollifying the pup.

In the encore he played Smooth, and Dancing in the Dark, and other songs I'm misremembering at the moment. Also, he switched songs mid-encore and went to Dancing in the Dark and his band were not onstage with him at the time - so they had to come running in and the drummer? Presumably in the bathroom, because it took a *looooong* time for him to arrive. As Rob said, he runs a professional show!

The entire audience stood when he came onstage and most of us didn't sit down until he left two hours later. I clapped and cheered and sang and danced and had a ball.

He's beautiful. Really. Not just to look at (and he pulled up his pants at one point by waggling his ass, which I greatly appreciated)(when he did that little ass wiggle thing he was pulling up his pants prior to sitting down at the keyboard. He said when he forgets, his bass player takes a picture of his ass crack and sends it to him with the caption "Crack kills"), but also - he was just so *happy*. So pleased to be there, to be in that hall, to see us, to play his music with his band and have fun. Well, and yes, he sweat through his t-shirt and his skin was all glistening with it and, you know, the pup wanted to lick him. But, yeah, beautiful.

Oh, and did I mention the bulge? Those jeans were some tight, man.
Saturday, July 25th, 2009
1:47 pm
Happy Birthday looking_spiffy!!!!
Thursday, July 23rd, 2009
10:28 pm
More Fangirl SQUEEEEE
crossposted with minor revisions from my other journal


*ahem* So, a friend has very kindly been compiling all kinds of Beatles material for me and the box (BOX!) arrived today. It has, I don't know, 10 or so CDs with things like the concert at Shea Stadium and all of their Sullivan appearances and their first US concert and and and OMG!!!!!! Also, there is an equivalent, at least, number of DVDs which include all of their tv appearances as well as stuff from Yellow Submarine and what I think is the whole of Let it Be.

O. M. G.

I am damn near vibrating from squee right now.

Man, did I need this today and I am over the moon happy.

Sunday, July 19th, 2009
3:30 pm
Okay, Ottawa?
Was better. No, really.

So, points of awesomeness v.2:

- Another great seat; on the other side of the stage (Jason's side), same row (7), and about half a dozen seats closer to the stage. Much clearer view because one seat over from me was the entranceway for the team (the Ottawa Senators NHL team play there) so there really was only one row of people in my way. This will become important in a bit :-)

- the people from the audience? Hahahahahaha!!! He pulled up a guy to sing 'Longview', which the guy did really enthusiastically, but completely and I mean COMPLETELY off key. To the point where Billie at one point came over to the side of the stage (what we'll call MY side) laughing his head off and holding his hands to his throat as if he were trying to kill himself it was so bad *g* Then they pulled up a girl to sing the second half and she wasn't so off-key but she forgot the words, which is when Mike lost it. Really, by the time the song was over they were all just shaking their heads in WTF amusement.

- I got a much clearer view of the Dance of the Jasons this time. They sort of slow-walked towards each other, then did a modified slow Charleston, turned their backs to each other, touched one foot back and then wandered off to their respective sides. So cute.

- Mike still has a damned fine ass

- The Bravery are still not on my Top 10 list, but they kind of grow on you. The big problem is the lead singer, Sam Endicott. Not that he can't sing but he has no stage presence. He said exactly the same thing to the audience in exactly the same words at exactly the same times and then ignored us the rest of the time. The lead guitarist (who is little and looks vaguely like Frank Iero - take note oneandonlytrey and jetblackmirror (which I know is not the current username but I can't remember what is). You guys seem to have a thing for tiny musicians. Might want to add him to the list) tried to get things going a couple of times and the crowd responded, so really, they just need a little more oomph.

Now, the Things That Were Better:

- They seemed to have figured out they were in Canada. So, instead of Ayyyyy-oh at one point we got Caaaaaaaaa-nada. Then at the end of Tre's little solo weirdass noises thing, he said, "eh," and looked quite pleased with himself *g*

- I don't think they sang 'She' - I can't remember. Instead they sang '2000 Light Years,' 'Coming Clean', and 'Welcome to Paradise', for, according to Billie, the first time on this tour.

- There was no self- or mic-fondling during 'Hitching a Ride'. Why was this better? There was no such fondling because as Billie was trying to hold that really long note he does before he goes off down the catwalk somebody at the front of the stage (couldn't tell if it was security or audience member) said something that made him crack up completely and forget what he was doing. Much as I enjoy seeing Billie do obscene shit, I like watching the full out belly laugh more.

- speaking of Billie doing obscene shit, at one point he pulled that rag from his back pocket out and started wiping the sweat off his neck. Slowly. And for a very long time *g* Dear God, for someone who is so not my type physically I would do him in a heartbeat.

- Okay. Remember the part about how the entranceway to the tunnel was one seat over from me? Yeah, that would be the entranceway where both Billie and Tre came out to watch The Bravery and assess the audience. Like, all of a sudden about 5 feet down from me there was this mass of inky-black hair. Then it went away only to return about 10 minutes later accompanied by glow-in-the-dark blond. No, seriously. It glows. They watched for a bit - completely ignoring those of us peering over the railings at them - Tre going quite far up the tunnel to look over the whole crowd - drinking whatever they were drinking from their red cups (Debb, I thought of you!), then Tre WHISPERED IN BILLIE'S EAR and they went away!!!!!!!!

See? Better.

And now I am in complete post-Green Day letdown. I was lying in bed last night wishing I'd gone to Montreal, even though I was so fucking tired I nearly fell asleep in the middle of the show I was at yesterday. Mind you, as I was pulling into the driveway at home '21 Guns' came on the radio and I was punching my fist out the car window and singing along so it seems likely that the rush of joy and love and fist-punching will be around for a while :-)

And now I must attend to the BoyCat, who missed me. Awww.
Friday, July 17th, 2009
8:00 am
OMFG GREEN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, so good. Just so fucking good.

Okay, so, for those of you who missed it, last night I saw Green Day SQUEEEEE!!!! For the first time and man, do those boys know how to make a girl's first time memorable.

I would try and recap the entire experience but I'm working on five hours sleep and in a couple I'm going to drive the four hours to Ottawa (driving a little out of my way to go through Lindsay which has the only fucking Ticketmaster outlet between here and Ottawa to pick up Rob Thomas tickets which go on sale at noon today) TO DO IT ALL AGAIN!!!!

So, points of awesomeness:
- the seat I had was amazing. Seventh row, just a little past the end of the catwalk. I had a perfect view of everything going on. Tonight's is the same, I think, except on the other side.
- now I know why Billie has no ass - he works it off every night. Although he did make sure and show it to us during 'King for a Day', presumably just to prove he does actually have one
- Billie is mesmerising. Completely and totally. I had to drag my eyes away from him to watch anyone else and considering my lust for the boys extends to all three of them that's saying something. Also, I have no idea how anyone could sit during that show. Or not scream and clap and sing along and do absolutely anything Billie wanted them to. Some people did, but I have no idea how.
- Mike has a fine ass and I appreciate him coming out onto the catwalk and standing with his back to me for a bit. Yum.
- the setlist - um, I don't know. I think it was the same as the ones that have been posted already, although they did one encore rather than two - but still finished with "Good Riddance" which made me oh so very happy. They played for a little over two hours, which sounds about right.
- the whole thing actually made me oh so very happy. Because, you know, GREEN DAY!
- No Billie putting his hands down his pants during 'Hitching a Ride', but he did hump the mic stand - lucky thing.
- While Jason F. was out on the catwalk with Billie playing his sax I looked stageward only to see Tre first playing his drumstick as a flute and then fellating it. Oh, Tre. How I love you.
- During 'Minority' I also glanced stagewards and managed to witness what I can only call The Dance of the Jasons. Seriously, the two of them doing some sort of folk step line dancy thing. I shall have to watch for it again tonight.
-The Bravery were fine. One of their songs, 'Believe' has been getting radio play and I quite like it, just didn't know it was them. I'm going to have to look up some of their lyrics, though, specifically to a little ditty called 'HateFuck' and something else that seemed to have the theme of every time you talk I want to stab myself in the ear. Which may explain the white thing sticking up from Sam Endicott's right ear. What was that? Anyone? And, as previously advertised, Tre did set off two massive explosions in the middle of their set. I think they're getting a little tired of them, though, because there was almost no reaction from the band.
- the overwhelming impression - they were having So Damn Much Fun. Billie was grinning from ear to ear throughout, especially when he pulled people on stage and they did whatever they did. The teenage girl who freaked the fuck out when he pulled her on stage to sing 'Longview' is going to be so embarrassed when someone shows her the video, which I'm sure will show up on YouTube at some point, and the teenage boy who played 'Jesus of Suburbia' note perfect and roamed the stage like a budding rockstar will remember that moment for the rest of his life.

So, you know how you leave a concert and wish you could see it all over again? Well, I do. Tonight. Life is fucking amazing, you know?

Also, I got to meet my_own_beat_now. We only talked briefly but it was very cool.
Wednesday, July 15th, 2009
6:34 pm
Tuesday, July 14th, 2009
10:31 pm
An abbreviated version of a post I made in my other journal. Apologies to those who see it twice.

Went on Friday night to see Joe Cocker in concert in Hamilton. Btw, sign that you're not in Toronto anymore: Event Parking $5.00. No, really.

Anyway, he played at Hamilton Place which is a smallish theatre-type venue, maybe 2000 people. And it was wonderful. He played every song you could possibly want him to play - and I'll note here that I am extremely snobbish when it comes to Beatles covers, but Joe Cocker may be the only person I've ever heard who can do them better than the originals.

Age has definitely taken a toll - on Joe and his audience. We were more inclined to sitting back and taking it all in than dancing around, and he... well, let's just say that his rockstar jumps to end songs managed to get him maybe a foot off the ground, and he was very careful to land square on both feet. Sort of like somebody's grandpa showing off for the kids :-) The old man pants didn't help much there either.

But he's still got that wail in his voice, still got the twitchy fingers, still knows how to make a crowd happy. Really, such a pleasure.

And for something completely different - this week: Green Day! Twice!! Which, yes, required two exclamation points :p

This is how I go from being one of the youngest in the crowd to one of the oldest. Can't say I'm not versatile.
Saturday, July 4th, 2009
6:59 pm
Okay, so I must confess that after the initial OMG!SQUEEEE of getting Green Day tickets I've been a little eh about it all. Partly because the album didn't grab me the way AI did; partly because Rob Thomas' album *did* grab me that way (due in part, I'm sure, to the fact that the boy who lives in my head is in love with him but still...). But now, now the tour is on and new pics are coming out and reviewers are raving and at some point people on my flist will, I'm sure, say something more concrete than Dude!AWESOME! (it's important to have faith) and I'm going in less than two weeks and you know what? SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Also, so very pleased that I ponied up the money to go two nights in a row. And kind of wishing I'd done Montreal too. But not, because I would be dead of SQUEEE if I had. So.
Saturday, June 27th, 2009
7:48 am
Happy Birthday soulascending and sick_of_me03!!!!
Saturday, May 16th, 2009
12:47 pm
21st CB
See, here's the thing. American Idiot was the first Green Day album I ever owned. I bought it because I liked BoBD and wanted to hear the whole album. And it blew me away from the very first song. I had to stop what I was doing and sit and listen, lyrics in hand, to the entire album. It was lust at first listen.

This one... didn't do that to me. However, I have now listened to it three times through, and I love it. Really, truly, love it. There are songs on there that I already know I will be bellowing in the car driving to work. Songs that make me think. Songs that make me angry. Songs I love. Also, "Last Night on Earth" which, according to one interview I read, Billie wrote as a letter to Adie. Awww.

Musically, I can hear the influences. The Beatles come through loud and clear, as do The Who. Also, old Green Day - "Mass Hysteria" reminds me of another Green Day song and I can't figure out which one.

The backing vocals make me smile, the way they always do (and Mike singing lead? Should definitely be more of that). The drumming is strong as always.

And the lyrics. Holy shit, but that man can write. *Points you at "Last of the American Girls"*

So, not lust at first listen, but love. Definitely love. And I absolutely can't wait to hear them perform it live. Can't you just hear the entire crowd singing "Song of the Century" just before the boys take the stage?
Wednesday, May 13th, 2009
7:15 pm
The Rolling Stone Cover
Oh. Dear. God.

Boys, I have missed you terribly. And I love you dearly. And I'm going to come see you twice in twenty-four hours in two months time (with The Bravery? Srsly? Oh. okay, fine. For you).

But WTF are you wearing? And why? No, okay I get why - revolutionary war, still fighting for a cause, not stopping just because Bush is out of office, blah blah blah - but... what. The.

Although I must confess to be seriously conflicted. Because, well...

Okay, so, Mike looks like he's wearing somebody's old shirt on his face. And that is not a face that should be hidden. Ever. Although I do approve of the footwear.

And Tré (OMG! Do you have any idea how long it's been since I had to make an 'e' like that????) looks like a deranged version of that wind-up drumming monkey Billie accuses him of being.

But then I get to Billie and you know what? It's all good again. Because it's all in the attitude. Which in this picture clearly says, "I'm fucking hotter than Johnny Depp could ever be in this hat and don't you ever fucking forget it."

No problem, Billie. Johnny who?
Wednesday, May 6th, 2009
6:55 pm
Ticket for Ottawa - check.

Ticket for Hamilton - check.

I'M GOING TO SEE GREEN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, for any of you who couldn't get online right away at the designated time, every time I've seen a show sold out, a few minutes later they're not, so they seem to be releasing extra tickets according to demand. Except for Edmonton, but I don't think any of you are going to that one.
Tuesday, May 5th, 2009
6:52 pm
Fret v. 2.0

Okay, so my friend can't get tickets for me at the presale tomorrow - some lame excuse about sitting keeping a friend company while said friend's husband is in surgery. Honestly!

So. Officially I finish work at 3:45. I can be at a computer in the building by 4:00 at the latest. OR I can ask my friend and co-worker to cover me while I sneak off at 3:00, (hopefully) grab tickets, and then dance my way back to where I'm supposed to be, all the while avoiding the powers-that-be.

Man, I wish I knew how many tickets there were and how likely they are to sell out fast.

Worst comes to worst and I'm going to the city at the crack of frigging dawn on Saturday to get online with everyone else.

Worst REALLY comes to worst and there's always ebay. Right?

Monday, May 4th, 2009
10:36 pm
Okay, so GD tickets for Hamilton and Ottawa (haven't decided yet on Montreal) go on sale on Saturday, at a time not yet announced.

Now, as many of you know, I have dial-up. And apparently Ticketmaster hates dial-up. The last two times I've tried to use it I've been bounced out of the system. So I asked a friend to get the tickets for me, before I knew when they'd be on sale. She said sure, then realised she couldn't because she won't be at home on Saturday. We left it (well, I left it, she hasn't answered me yet) that I would go to her house and use her computer to get them.

Then I saw that the Idiot Club presale would be on Wednesday. So I paid my twenty bucks. I have e-mailed my friend to see if she can get me the tickets then. I'm assuming she can. But I'm a bit of a total fucking control freak and it's making me crazy to know that I'm going to have to trust someone else to get the tickets for me, when I'm not entirely sure she understands just how goddamned IMPORTANT this is in the grand scheme of things.


How likely is it that the IC presale tix will sell out really fucking fast? And does the IC go through Ticketmaster?

Fret fret.
Saturday, May 2nd, 2009
9:23 pm
Placeholder for me - new John Lennon/Paul McCartney fic.

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