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Nikki DeLoach McLean

Isn't life just peachy?

Nikki McLean
9 September
e-mail: nikkideloach@gmail.com

Me singing on Noth Shore: To Love Somebody w/ Delta Goodrem

Full name: Ashlee Nicole DeLoach McLean (I go by Nikki)
Born on: September 09, 1979 (Virgo)
From: I'm from Georgia, “where the peaches grow.” I was raised in the little town of Blackshear & have 2 younger siblings: LeAnne & Brett.
Background: I started the biz at age 9 with my first job as a print model. In addition to modeling I took up dance, singing & acting. At 13 I became a mousekeeter on the New Mickey Mouse Club. That's where I met some of my closest friends. Once that ended, I founded Innosense along with Lynn Harless. It was an all girl group that I was in for a few years. I had a blast; made good friends (like Jenny & Mandy) & fun music & saw so much of the world. In 2001, I was crowned the Azalea Festival Queen, in Wilmington, NC. Resist the urge to laugh at that; and hey, I got a tiara! In December 2004 I finished up the Fox series, North Shore which was filmed in Hawaii where I'd been living and working. In April/May 2005 I filmed a movie, The Net 2.0 in Istanbul, Turkey.
Currently: When I'm not working I live in L.A. or Orlando with my husband and we welcomed our first child on June 22, 2005. I’m 26 now and this phase of my life has been unbelievable so far.

The Hubby:

This is the perfect man. He's amazing and has fulfilled my every need in a husband.

You may have heard of him. ajmclean_. He's a Backstreet Boy, the one with the tattoos. Still not sure? Where have you been? He's the very sexy, very unique one with the super sexy voice. I love him pretty hardcore and I'm really enjoying the new level of happiness that he's brought into my life. Thank you A.J. I love you.

Lilypie Baby Ticker

AJ and I got married on 12-03-04 in Hawaii on the beach at our house in an extremely private ceremony. Our daughter, Alexa is growing so fast! I can't believe my life has worked out this way. I'll update this section as needed! ♥

North Shore was love, Hawaiian style

These were made by some fans a while ago and I think they're cute so I'm using them.

Windfall (2006) TV series...Sunny (recurring guest)
The Net 2.0 (2006) film...Hope Cassidy
North Shore (2004-2005) TV series...MJ Bevans
Longshot (2000) film...Innosense (self)
Traveller (1997) film...Kate
Never Give Up: The Jimmy V Story (1996) TV movie
Gunfighter's Moon (1995) film...Kristen Yarnell
Misery Loves Company (1995) TV series...Tracy
Emerald Cove (1993) -a mini-drama within MMC ...Angela Malloy
MMC or The Mickey Mouse Club (1993-1994) TV series...self -seasons 6 & 7

Innosense- (1997-2002) I was one fifth of this all-girl vocal group (or call us a girl band, whatever!).

Keywords for Icons: mostly done by hubby ajmclean_
Layout, FO Banner, and icons by myself.

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