Niall (niall_) wrote,

So long, Emru

I have just learned that last night, Emru Townsend passed away from complications of leukemia.

I knew Emru somewhat; I had been a loyal reader of his fps magazine on animation since the very early days of the print version - I believe since the 1994 Ottawa International Animation Festival. I saw him at Montreal SF cons as well, and sometimes just on the street. He was always in a good mood, friendly, passionate, erudite, knowledgeable, and loved to pass his knowledge and energy around.

He will be greatly, sorely missed. The world is a little less, now.

He had finally found a compatible bone marrow donor, but whether it was too little too late, or something else we'll never know, the transfusion was a success but remission never happened, and barely a few weeks after the latest OAIF, he passed away surrounded by family.

I wish I could have helped, but I can't even give blood, much less plasma or bone marrow (they have the same health check backgrounds) because I have to technically answer yes on a few questions, and I think because of my regular steroid injections.

But if you can, please consider joining the Bone Marrow Registry. It's as safe as donating blood, and it can help a lot of people. This is particularly important for anyone with non-European ancestors in their genealogy, even a grandparent.

There is to be no joy for me for the rest of the day. I will toast him tonight, and watch animation in his honour. Something different; he always liked something different.
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