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July 8th, 2006 at 9:46pm]
Well It's been like 100000 years since I've updated.

Ryan and I broke up in like.. May haha.

I'm talking to Sam. I fucking love that kid.
He's amazing. I went to a Taking Back Sunday concert.

I'm playing soccer and doing cheerleading. This will be exciting. I'm confused.

Mia Mia has a boyfriend. :D I still have to meet this kid.

Hey maria, uhm.. i think it was thursday? yeah did some midget who wasn't really a midget come to the pool. Because uhhhh I think zach erwin went to it. What's it called? is it just like The Barbousville pool or were you even at the pool thursday? haha

okay well we def. need to chill before i leave for the beach nukka.

call me sometime kay?

1 Had a dirty dream about you..

March 27th, 2006 at 5:47pm]
*blows dust of lj*

damn. i haven't updated on this thing in a while.

well a lot has changed since the last time i updated.

for some reason macshneda and i don't hang out that much anymore? :[
i think it's because she's so busy with softball and i'm busy with tennis.

and i'm usually in a pissy/sarcastic mood at school haha.

yeah well like i said. things have changed.

remember that one luke kid?

i just like him as a friend now.

him and frannie are dating.

brogan and shandon are dating.

ally and jon are dating.

and i'm over luke.

ryan and i have been going out for a month and.. almost 2 weeks?

yeah idk since February 14th♥ Valentine's Day :]

Uhmm.. school's not that different though. People are still bitches.

Like really big bitches.

well not really big bitches, just mean annoying people.


i'm bored.
Had a dirty dream about you..

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