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Let's all get together and throw flingbobs.

We're there, bitch.
21 September
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"The best thing about life is knowing you put it together".

"Once upon a time I was listening to Madonna's Immaculate Collection and half-reflecting upon my life so far.
And suddenly, Madge appeared in a ray of sparkly fairy dust and asked me if I'd like to know the meaning of life.
Now, you'd think that my initial reaction would be somewhere along the lines of "WTFOMGBBQKFCLOL".
But some kind of... seventh-chord-induced gnosis was influencing my descisions at the moment and I couldn't have said no.

Everything you're saying, everything you're doing, if you wait long enough, it WILL embarrass you.
If you think No, no I'm a genius now/I'm humbled now, I've got it all figured out, you haven't waited long enough, you impatient ass.
But everything, even misery, even humiliation, absolutely everything is an opportunity to learn something.
Even if you're not exactly a willing student.

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