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so [Nov. 30th, 2009|03:12 am]
a minority of one
[mood |empty]

I'm back in Canada, and really don't want to be. Well, not in this city anyways.

Stopped in Thailand and Australia for a couple months on the way home, why not? Saw some amazing sights, did some crazy things, met some incredible people.

Now I'm in debt, unemployed and living with my parents in this godforsaken city in the middle of bum-fuck nowhere.

(And the Riders lost the Grey Cup by 1 point on a technicality tonight). (Bummer).

I'm scared shitless of taking the 'next step', but I don't want to get stuck in a rut here.

... and to top it all off, I left a peice of my soul in Ireland, hope I'll be able to function properly without it, because right now I'm having my doubts.

God I miss those guys, those streets, that city.
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jesus... [Apr. 11th, 2009|03:47 am]
a minority of one
If I thought I was lost before, then I don't know where the hell I am now.

Time for a change, I think.
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London, the difference a day can make... [Feb. 9th, 2009|01:17 am]
a minority of one
Sunday February 1st.

One MoreCollapse )
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I'm alive... [Oct. 24th, 2008|03:52 pm]
a minority of one

... and getting settled in Dublin.  The past month I've moved in with some awesome Irish housemates, gotten a shitload of paperwork sorted out (taxes, banks, etc), spent some ridiculous moments searching for work, interviewing, yada yada yada, and finally found a decent job at a pub in the city centre.  Not to mention getting drunk (tho mostly on the weekends) with my housemates and a few new people from Canada and elsewhere I've met along the way. 

Thought I wanted to update, but now I've thought better of it.  Maybe another time, maybe I'm too old for this shit. 

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Losing it. [Sep. 17th, 2008|10:59 pm]
a minority of one
I'm losing it.  Someone in my position should feel elated, excited, maybe a little anxious.  Not how I feel.... sad?  Lonely?  And I haven't even left yet. 

I hope to god it's just a 'comming to the end of a chapter' nostalgia feeling I'm experiencing.  A temporary thing.  Like when I moved out of my basement suite a couple weeks ago, I was super emotional about it.  My little space that I had made into my own and called a home for the past year.  But now the thought of going back and living there is not appealing to me at all.  I don't miss it. 

Today the thing that spurred this emotion was going into work to pick up my grats from the weddings I worked.  Probably the last time I'll ever go in there.  Sort of said goodbye to some people, but not really.  No one seems to care, aside from a few. 

I just want to cry. 
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NICK YOU FUCKTARD [Sep. 15th, 2008|12:53 am]
a minority of one
[mood |crankyLivid]

How fucking hard is it to read a timecard???? How did you not notice I'm missing 37 fucking hours off of last month's paycheck???  When I worked there 6 days a week and I only ever booked off ONE day all summer?!?!!?


I really need that money.  NOW, not next month, when the next paychecks go through. 

Fuck your mother.
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It's go time. [Aug. 25th, 2008|10:45 pm]
a minority of one
[mood |restlessrestless]

I'm moving to Dublin on September 22nd.  I plan on being gone for a year.  I have my plane tickets, travel insurance and working visa all paid for.  

I'm packing up my little basement suite and moving back in with the parents on Saturday.  Then three weeks later,  I'll pack up enough to fit in a large suitcase and a small carry-on before I leave this country.  For a year.... unless I love it over there, and then who knows?? Maybe I'll never come back. 

I've got to figure out banking details, I've got to find a job and a place to live once I get there.  I've got to navigate a foreign city all by myself, mind you, with the help from the SWAP/USIT agency that's helping me organize this.  

Each second to the next, I go from being excited to terrified to anxious, so unbearably sad and worried.  Rinse and repeat.  

It'll be fine, It'll be fine, It'll be fine, this is the opportunity of a lifetime.  

It'll be fine, I'll be fine. I'm going to love it over there, right?  I don't know what to think anymore. 

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. . . [Aug. 11th, 2008|10:44 pm]
a minority of one
[mood |blankthink, think, think.......]

Every now and then it's good to take a step back... a big step back and re-evaluate everything.  Everything.  

This summer has gotten real ugly.  Lots of immature bullshit.  And as much as I bitch about everybody else getting involved in it, I have to take a good look at myself and realize that I'm not exactly exempt from it all.  I've done my fair share of crap.  Talking and scheming and just plain old bullshit.  Even though I keep a lot of it to myself, it's consumed a lot of my thoughts for the past month, at least. 

I'm a little more than ashamed of myself, at this realization.  

It's just not worth it.  It's not worth being miserable over.  I'm too old for this shit.  I'm WAY too old for this shit.

Of course, like i've said before, normally if I feel like I've been wronged by a person, or group of people, then I simply distance myself from those people.  I remove myself from the situtation, and that's basically my "fuck you" to them.  You know?  Like, it's not worth it, you're not even worth my time or effort.  But this time I can't escape it.  I've been trying to escape it, and I can't, because this time, it's the people I work with, and our summer staff is so small that I work with essentially the same group of people every. day. 

Is that an excuse?  A cope out?  Maybe.  Probably.  Ugggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  

I am so over this.  

September 13th is my last day of work, and it cannot come soon enough. 


I am so.  over.  this.            

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This is the most disturbing shit I think I have ever heard of...... [Aug. 1st, 2008|06:33 pm]
a minority of one
[mood |sickhorrified]

Beheading nightmare on Greyhound
Man repeatedly stabs passenger, decapitates him in front of others
Aug 01, 2008 04:30 AM

RCMP investigators say they have no idea why a passenger on a Greyhound bus suddenly attacked a sleeping man beside him, and then stabbed and beheaded the victim in front of horrified witnesses.

The suspect allegedly attacked the passenger while the two men sat in the back of the Greyhound around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday as the bus headed to Winnipeg.

Garnet Caton, who was sitting in front of the victim and the suspect, said he was reading when he suddenly heard a blood-curdling scream.

"It was like something between a dog howling and a baby crying," said Caton. "I don't think it will leave me for a while."

Caton, travelling to Montreal from Peace River, Alta., said he rushed to get the driver to stop after he saw the attacker repeatedly stab the victim, who appeared to be about 19, with what he described as a "Rambo" type knife.

CTV Winnipeg reported late last night that the victim's name was Tim MacLean. He had reportedly boarded the bus in Edmonton.

No words had been exchanged between the victim, who was wearing headphones, and his attacker before the stabbing while the bus was travelling on the Trans-Canada Highway shortly after leaving Portage la Prairie, Man.

The Greyhound bus carrying 37 passengers had left Edmonton earlier that day.

The suspect boarded in Brandon, Man., and sat near the front but shortly moved to the back as the bus headed toward Portage la Prairie. Most of the other passengers were engrossed in the video being played on screens.

Caton, 26, said the attacker was about 6 feet tall, weighed approximately 200 pounds. He had a shaved head, wore a black T-shirt and kept his sunglasses on in the dark bus during the entire time of the attack.

The driver pulled over to the side of the highway and passengers rushed off the bus as the bloody attack continued.

Caton said the suspect was standing up and repeatedly stabbed the victim in the chest and neck area.

"There was no rage or, or anything. He was just like a robot stabbing the guy," said Caton.

A passing truck driver saw passengers rushing off the bus and stopped to help.

Caton said the truck driver, the bus driver and he boarded the bus to see if they could rescue the man being attacked.

Once on board, they saw the attacker decapitating the victim and carving up his body. The suspect then rushed them from the back of the bus but the trio were able to escape.

They tried to close the door behind them but the man's arm became trapped in it. The suspect, still wielding his knife, attempted to slash at the three men before he finally pulled his arm back in.

Then, as the shocked passengers watched, the attacker went to the back of the bus and returned holding the victim's head in one hand.

"He went back and brought the head to the front and pretty much, you know, displayed it to us like that and then dropped it on the ground in front of us," said Caton.

"Very calmly, all very calmly, he was wearing sunglasses and like, you know, it was no big deal to him."

A police source told the Winnipeg Free Press the man was seen to consume some of the victim's flesh.

Police arrived within 10 minutes and surrounded the bus.

RCMP Staff Sgt. Steve Colwell said a standoff between officers and the suspect ended five hours after the stabbing when the suspect tried to jump through a broken window.

The 40-year-old man, who police would only say was from out of province, was arrested. Medical examiners remained at the crime scene yesterday.

Yesterday, the passengers gave statements to the RCMP and were taken by another Greyhound bus to Winnipeg, where senior managers from the bus company helped them with their travel arrangements.

Some of the passengers appeared teary-eyed, while others looked as if they were still in shock as they boarded the bus. One young boy clutched a new-looking teddy bear to his chest as he climbed the stairs.

Eric Wesley, a spokesperson for Greyhound Bus at the company's head office in Dallas, said there are security checks in the United States.

"We do random wanding at our terminals in the U.S. but we don't have that procedure in Canada," he said.

Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said it would be hard to introduce the same screening at bus stations that airline passengers face, but he didn't rule out an examination of bus security.

With files from Bruce Campion-Smith and The Canadian Press


'He was just like a robot stabbing the guy'

A transcript of an interview with Garnet Caton, who witnessed a man Wednesday night repeatedly stab then behead a fellow passenger on a Greyhound bus in Manitoba:

"He put his bags in the overhead compartment. He didn't say a word to anybody. He seemed totally normal. He had sunglasses on. He sat down. And then, about a half an hour later, we heard this blood-curdling scream and turned around and the guy was standing up, stabbing this guy repeatedly, repeatedly, like, I dunno, must have been 40, 50 times in the neck and in the chest area. When he was attacking him, he was calm as like, it was like he was at the beach. He (was) totally calm, he didn't say anything. There was no rage or, or anything. He was just like a robot stabbing the guy.

"We exited the bus. Everybody got off the bus. But a few of us, me and the trucker and one of the Greyhound drivers, went back on the bus to go see what was going on and that's when we saw ... he had the guy on the ground, he was cutting his head off and pretty much gutting him."

"That trucker ... he had a crowbar and we ran and got a hammer and stuff. Me and the other bus driver, there, tried to guard the door; put our bodies up against the door and, you know, waiting for him to come out and whatnot."

"And he went back and brought the head to the front and pretty much, you know, displayed it to us like that and then dropped it on the ground in front of us. Very calmly, all very calmly, he was wearing sunglasses and like, you know, it was no big deal to him."



The Canadian Press

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Real World hollywood reunion special...... why do I watch this crap??? [Jul. 24th, 2008|11:09 pm]
a minority of one
[mood |amusedamused]

This made me laugh really really reallllly hard, but also serves as a source of inspiration......


Kudos, Will, next time someone is giving me a hard time, I'll just make a face like this and all my problems will (hopefully) go away!

- The wonky eye is a nice touch.  

Seriously killing myself laughing here.......
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