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other people can emulate Fox news too

Yes, we were met with the heavy hand of the police state when OPD chose to turn our peaceful march into a war zone. But one fact that should not go unnoticed is the courage and resiliency we demonstrated on the streets that day. Whether it was advancing behind our shields towards a militarized police force, tearing down fences to escape a police kettle while being tear gassed, escaping through the YMCA to avoid arrest (thank you to whoever it was who let us in!), using a fire extinguisher as a smoke screen to assist the escape of those who were in City Hall, or attempting to free our comrades being transferred to the Glen Dyer Detention Facility, the people of Oakland showed what we are capable of and what we can become. Above all, we demonstrated to the city and its rogue police force that we will not be intimidated or scared by their tactics, when we know that we have each other’s backs.
Yeah. I said I was done with this and would no longer mention it. But this is an.. interesting interpretation of what happened. It does not seem like "using a fire extinguisher as a smoke screen to assist the escape of those who were in City Hall" is a particularly good use of the movement. And "escaping" through a building a mile from the original site? Whatever.

(note: I was there in the plaza an hour ago when OPD in riot gear confiscated some audio equipment, but given that it made for an interesting view and decreased the volume of noise, it was something to experience)

Now if those damned news choppers would just go away. They've had two hours. Were there a story they should have figured it out by now.

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