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let me take you down.. [2/7/09 10:24am]
[ mood | awake ]

I watched Across the Universe for the first time a couple days ago (I know I'm late, hush) and holy shit...LOVE.
Beau is going to get me the soundtrack and DVD for valentine's day. He doesn't know this yet.

Photoshoot is Toronto today? Better be happening or else I'm going to be livid.


& believe me im so tired of running. [4/14/08 10:38pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

gah, i have to stop listening to sad music like this.
i miss him.


long time...no talk. [4/28/07 2:20pm]
[ mood | content ]

well - hello again.
haven't talked in a while.
i thought i'd come back to update.

not too much has happened since the last time i posted.

beau and i are going on 6 months on thursday. although we broke up twice in the process.
i've been accepted to two out of my three universities so far..im still waiting on the one.
i've been accepted to York for Humanities and UofT for Peace & Conflict Studies.
I'm still waiting on Ryerson - if i dont get into ryerson i'll go to UofT.

what else...
uhh - prom is coming up soon.
i still haven't gotten my dress but i will soon.
i asked beau to prom monday - it was cute =D

i went to two concerts in two weeks.
first the John Legend 7 Corrine Bailey Rae concert...then Christina & PCD concert
what a blast !

anyhoo - last night i went to a wedding with my family.
it was SO much fun.
i performed during the service which was nice.

whoo. im super stressed out cuz of the whole music ISU shizz.
but other than that - thats pretty much it...in a nutshell.


[ 2 ] dream

what...the...hell [1/16/07 7:59pm]
[ mood | cold ]

high stress alert!!
so i def. have so much photog. work to do - its unbelievable.
-portraiture: in the process of finishing
-hear no evil... : HAVENT STARTED...ughh
-hockney: will start tomorrow...uggh.
PLUS the friggin exam starts tomorrow.

someone shoot me.
today was a horrible day.

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frig and a half [12/20/06 7:09pm]
[ mood | shitty....so fucking shitty ]

mmkay so - shit is definatley hitting the fan right now.
i havent been to almost every class in 5 days because: 1) music reasons 2)field trips 3)i wasn't feeling well so i went home...
the last reason was todays reason. i had a massive 'I CANT BREATHE' moment so i called my mom and went home. Then i went to the doctors and now i have asthma. i have to take two puffers and i have to cut down on the singing thing for a bit. aaaaand i have to relax - cuz this is stress related as well.
BUT...i cant relax because theres so much shit to do.
like...just now, i was gonna finish prepping for my writers craft interview tomorrow aaaaand i cant find my writers notes or my interview questions.
im honestly at the point where i dont know if i care or not...well i care...but...ughhh - i dunno.
im just so tired and stressed...and all my teachers think im skipping...and ugggghhhhhhhhhhh.

ok - time for me to start all freaking over again.
my interview is gonna be such shit.

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