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maybelater__'s Journal

李丹 Даналий دانلي

how do you sleep at night?
on silk sheets, rolling naked in money.

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27. I prefer my men to look homeless.
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livejournal. football. facebook. figure skating. design. reading. television. movies. music. swimming. traveling. shopping. reusing. re adapting. revitalizing. repainting. requiring. relaxing. renaming. obsessing.
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MERLIN. arrested development. heroes. gossip girl. true blood. tlc. community. harry potter. grey's anatomy. the office. britney spears. incubus. house md. shia labeouf. kings of leon. gilmore girls. how i met your mother. weeds. supernatural. PARKS & RECREATION. INCEPTION. it's always sunny in philadelphia. BONES. lost. FIGURE SKATING. star trek.
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TUMBLR ; maybelaterlj @ gmail

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