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Woah. Ages much or what? This site has come to my attention again lately - no, I had not forgotten about it. What? No, you can't prove it.
This surely has changed a lot. It reminds me of a great time with good friends and great football. Remember Istanbul. By now, football has changed. The Belgium NT actually means something again. We played the World Cup. We did well. I even got myself a shirt of our team. And boy, do we have talent in our team. Courtois, Hazard, De Bruyne, Origi, Kompany, Mertens and of course, cutiepie Jan Vertonghen. I even now have a crush on him, someone from the Belgium NT, who would have ever imagined.
But there will always be one crush that will remain forever and ever.

Steven George Gerrard.
Oh man. Watching Liverpool FC going through such hard years absolutely broke my heart. But then seeing them last year, seeing the ongoing passion in his eyes. His speech in one of the final games. And I just know... We'll get it next year.
And my heart just fears the day I'll hear the word retirement. International retirement I can take, but anything else, eh no.

Oh, I won't even bring up the heartbreak Spain caused me.

Otherwise, life has been quite alright. Living on my own, owning the most adorable dog EVER! image

I have the most amazing friends ever, I have the most adorable nephews ever. Still doing my nursing job, earning money. And I still don't understand the male specie. But we're getting there. Together. One day at a time.
I have seen the world. Been to Mexico and the United States of America. I've seen Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Gran Canyon, Las Vegas, San Francisco. It was beyond amazing. A dream come true.
Life. It could be worse, you know.
19 August 2008 @ 02:04 pm
Dear Mr. Wesley Sonck,
So you dare to tell us Olympic football means nothing, while our Belgian Olympic team reached the semi finals. While you, in your pathetic little football career are so sad you have to join Club Bruges, who are just awful. You, who reached your top years ago. You and your national team haven't reached anything in years. Semi finals, hmm. I wonder if you even know how it feels to be in one. Don't you dare critisize our young Olympic team, because they've made a lot of people, including me, believe that there's a future for Belgian football.
Yes, so we did lose today, but I saw some actions who made me proud.

But to me, Belgian football means nothing to me, at the moment, Mr. Sonck. Let me see how Germany WILL trash you, tomorrow. 5 - 0, 6 - 0, anyone?

And no, you won't win the league this year. Because frankly, you and the other players suck. I'm not even going to go into your stoopid coach (who postpones games because they have players at the Olympics. Is he out of his freaking mind?)

With no so much love,

On the other hand, my dears...leaving on holiday tomorrow.
Shall hear from you all in a week.
Keep me posted on Liverpool/La Seleccion news, people! =D
I just ordered a Liverpool Torres shirt! Oh yes. Yes, I did. Because Torres FTW! You know. Though I had some trouble getting it, stupid credit cards and all. Blah.

I actually got some studying done. Even studied for that exam on Thursday. The exam on Tuesday ain't exactly that hard. Except the exam Anatomy of the brains could be a tricky one, but I should be alright. I hope anyway.

I have the day off tomorrow though. So I can study lots and such.

There is a fly in my room and he is annoying me. Not amused.
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I miss football. I do. I do.
Because it's Saturday. And Saturday are supposed to be Football Saturdays. And that is the only thing I hate about summer or almost summer. No football at all.
Except for Euro 2008 this year. =D And the Olympics will have football too =D
But still 14 days until the Euros. I just want Spain to do well and for them to be heroes.

This time next Saturday I'll be at my sister's wedding. EEEEEEEEEEEK. I am so exciiiiiiited. Everyone is going on and on about how nervous they'll be but I don't think I'll be nervous. Except maybe when I have to read in church.
I so cannot wait for it. And her dress is sooooooooooooo pretty. And she's so pretty in it. And oh lord, I'll so cry at the wedding.

But ugh, I also have exams soon. Soon as in Tuesday. And Thursday. And Monday. And Thursday again. Ah well. But after that it's summer.

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19 May 2008 @ 04:31 pm
Ugh, today sucked.

Went back to school after 4 weeks of workexperience (that pretty much sucked, ugh) and ofcourse, the first thing we had to do was talk about it. We got 5 questions we had to answer and then talk about them in groups. Ugh, I started talkiing about it and ended up in ters. Which was lovely, ofcourse. But then I figured out I had nothing but lovely friends in my class, so it was cute.

I'm glad I could go back to class. I love the class and well, the classes ain't that bad.

Champions League final on Wednesday. Can't wait for it. Any chance on a good football match is love.
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