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Jamie Danielle
22 August
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50 cent, acoustic songs, adam sandler, aim, alcohol, amigas, arizona, ashlee simpson, ashton kutcher, bands, barbies, being cool, ben stiller, billy madison, blink 182, blood brothers, bored games, box car racer, boxcar racer, boys, cameras, candles, chillin, coffee, coloring, comedy, concerts, dancing, degrassi, dr.pepper, drawing pictures with brett!, dreams, driving, eyeliner, fireworks, food, franz ferdinand, friends, friendship, friendships, full house, ghost, grass, green, guitar, hahaha., halloween, happiness, hearts, holding hands, home boys, hoodies, hot hot heat, hugs, icons, jack in the box, jackass, johnny knoxville, journal, late night talks, laughing, laughing til it hurts, life, like, lip gloss, lipgloss, makeup, mall, matilda, meeting new people, mexican food, moonlight, movies, mr. deeds, muse, music, my friends, nail polish, newly weds, ocean, oldies, parks, partying, phone, phone calls, photography, pictures, pizza, poetry, pure sunshine, rain, rap, rollarcoasters, roller coasters, sand, scary movies, shaggy hair, shyness, singing, sixteen candles, sleeping in, slinkies, sorry, starbucks, stars, strawberries, summer, sunshine, swings, target, tattoos, that '70s show, that 70's show, the blood brothers, the bumpy road, the darkness, the distillers, the faint, the faitn, the format, the future, the mars volta, the marsvolta, the past, the postal service, the rain, the real world, the sims, the sky, tom delonge, walking, water, weird, yeah yeah yeahs, you, you!, , ,