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Hey everyone! First of all, I want to thank all of you for your words of support in my last post. You all are amazing, and I appreciate you and your kindness sooo much. *squishes you madly*

I thought I'd share my adventures at San Diego IndieFest 8! I was once again one of the official photographers. So much fun!

Look who was there!

First off, I had a discussion with a member of Ghost of the Robot. He said he had spoken to Patti B and told her that the kind of behavior that happened at the previous gig can never happen again, and that's not what this fandom is all about. He assured me that I had nothing to worry from her, even though she was at IndieFest. Then he hugged me and thanked me for helping to get them there (both this year and last time, it was my idea that GotR be at IndieFest.)

So now I could focus on the amazing experience and fun that IndieFest is. Basically my job was to take photos of particular bands performing at different stages, and also anything else of interest I might see, and backstage stuff too.

I met John McCrae of CAKE, and he was kind enough to pose for me after the soundcheck. Later I asked Charlie if he was jealous I met CAKE. He wasn't. ;) They're both from Sacramento, record at the same studio, and have met before. OK, he wins. :-P

James and I talked. I told him I was glad he was there. I asked if he was going to have fun. (After the previous time he was at IndieFest, I had good reason to ask that question. He was decidedly unhappy then, what with his drummer dropping out at the last minute, and Sullivan not being allowed to go either because he had failed a test in school.) He said he was absolutely NOT going to have any fun at all, no way. lol Haha busting my chops, huh? I said he was lying to me now. :-D So he confessed he was going to have a lot of fun. I knew he would. This time he was enjoying being there. I could see it in his face. He leaned over to give me a hug, and said that he was glad that I was there.

Also talked with Kevin (GotR's bass player). We hugged and he asked me how I was doing, and he looked very concerned. I told him I was good. Not too long after, he joined me at my table for lunch. He signed a couple of things for me. (Since he's not at every GotR gig, sometimes I miss out on his sigs. So luckily I could get them signed at IndieFest.) I said I'd seen him on TV a lot. Asked him how long he would be touring with Atlas Genius. He said a year. And I was like, A YEAR??? But he meant a year altogether, I believe. So I think he's got a few more months. Or something. Anyway, Kevin is really one of the nicest people you'll ever want to meet. If ever you get the chance, go up and say hi.

I asked Danielle, one of the producers, if she wanted a pic with James, and she said YES. Here she's posing with her son, Lucian. Unfortunately, Danielle's partner Alicia couldn't be found, so she's not in the pic. And I'm not sure where Sullivan was either. But I really love this.

In the greenroom doing their pre-set planning. The man sitting next to James is Jeff, friend of Charlie's, super nice guy.

James is singing David Letterman here. Or parts thereof.

So now they're hanging out backstage, waiting to go onstage. I must Instagram this moment, mustn't I? I ask James, and he quickly agrees.

Still waiting:

Setting up:

Sullivan's set list:

Rockin' and Rollin'.

I love this even though he's missing his fingers. :-P

His tongue, it showed up.

So after their set, Sullivan asked me how they did. I told him I thought they had done really well. Didn't mention this to him, but I was kinda bummed that James didn't play guitar. But hey, that probably meant he could relax and have fun, which he certainly did. Probably the most happy that I've ever seen him at a gig. He was even cheerful when he said his daughter and niece (he said niece, but meant his wife's cousin) was getting arrested yay! lol

Brittney after the set, laughing about her "arrest". She was actually getting a wristband.

So now I was on a mission to get all of them in a posed shot. In the previous ones, one or more were missing. But that should be easy to remedy, right? As I'm about to ask them to pose for me, an IndieFest staff member came up and asked them if they would be willing to do an interview for them for use later on. They agreed. Sullivan suggested I come along and take pics, which I thought was a great idea. I could get a pic with all of them easily, couldn't I? Haha. That turned out to be not so true. So we're all walking around the venue area, and I'm thinking this is quite a walk for an interview. Then we're walking upstairs. Then you guys, they wanted us to climb up the side of a bloody building! I kid you not. But first you had to climb over a fence to get to the building. So they're all climbing and, Kevin looks at me and waits for me to start climbing on a ladder to get over the fence, use another ladder to get down, so I can then scale the building like I'm bloody Spiderman, and I look at Kevin, and I'm like I THINK NOT. lol NO. I'm staying down here with the normal people who don't scale skyscrapers. Turns out that was me, Brittney, and Patricia's cousin.

But this was really easy, getting that pic with all of them in it. NOT. :-P

While waiting for them to do the interview and climb back down, I talked with Brittney a bit. Asked her about getting "arrested". lol We talked a bit about High School too. Just shooting the breeze while I waited to get a photo of this whole freaking band together, is that too much to ask? Haha. Oh man. So they finally came down.

Please, NO ONE DIE.

And I finally got my photo with all the band. All in good spirits, considering they'd just faced death. Aw Sullivan, promoting their CD, Murphy's Law, available on iTunes and Amazon now! :-D

I thanked them for posing for me. They all turned to head down the stairs. I assumed that James would probably be heading home. He turned around, smiled at me and said, "Take care." I said, "You too." And that's the last I saw of James that day.

Haha I got artsy.

This year's IndieFest was special. The producer who I mentioned before (who also sings/performs) Danielle LoPresti, had just kicked cancer's butt (her latest scan shows she is cancer-free). IndieFest 8 was to be her first performance since doing that. So I was super excited to see her perform again. And really, I just heart her so much.

Danielle. Here's the tribute video they made for her, and showed at IndieFest. (Keep your eyes peeled for some GotR too.)

Later on, I was in the greenroom again, and saw Sullivan there. I said, "You're still here?" Haha that sounded extremely friendly :-P, so I said, "I mean, that's awesome!" I was hoping they would stay and enjoy the whole fest. So yay. He said his dad and cousin (Brittney) left earlier, but he, Charlie and Jordan were still there. We both ended up sitting at a table and talking about this and that. I brought up the joke he had instagrammed about getting arrested in Italy. He said it wasn't a joke, that he really had been arrested. I'm like, WHAT? Why? But he wouldn't tell me. He said he probably will tell about it at some point, but he's got to figure out how to explain it. Haha. And he asked if everyone else thought it was a joke, and I said, yes everyone.

Sullivan here, I've gotten locked up in Italy for reasons I'd rather not discuss. Although I have a beautiful view from my cell, I'd like to get out ASAP. Put in a good word for me. This is the last straw Prime Minister Berlusconi!

Aw Sullivan. He's adorable.

Had more fun discussion with Sullivan and Patricia's cousin: Accents throughout the US. Patricia's cousin does a good Valley Girl. She's from Germany, so that's a real feat. :-D Talked about Sullivan's hair being cut too short a while back. lol GotR gigs, and when they happened (we were telling one of my fellow photographers all the GotR gigs he had missed this year.)

CAKE, whose set was at the end of IndieFest, was great. It was a really long set, though. So I had to choose between seeing all of their set OR seeing some of it, and leaving to get some cheesecake. Yes, choosing between CAKE and cheesecake. :-D Cheesecake won. Of course. So my friends and I left to hunt down the delicious dessert, having had a great time at IndieFest. Last thing I saw was Charlie, Sullivan and Jordan at the side of the stage, having the time of their lives. That made me happy.

I have more pics from IndieFest on my Facebook page, here. AND. I recorded them singing Katie. It's on YouTube. I was recording with one camera, while taking pics with another. Haha you should have seen my setup. There was velcro involved. joomla counter joomla counter

Thank you for reading! I hope you've enjoyed. Comments are welcome. :-D <3
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