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I went to San Diego Comic-Con! A bamillion others and I showed up to get our geek on. Woot! James was there, and among other things, did a concert.

nom nom nom

I didn't do everything I had planned. You know, when I saw people lining up for a panel the night before, I decided to be sane and watch it on YouTube instead. :-P Did see some panels, though.

Kevin Bacon of The Following, Joseph Morgan of The Originals, Joss Whedon of...can't remember, Karl Urban of Almost Human.

I actually left the Joss Whedon panel early so I could get to the Eisner Awards in time to get a good seat. What's so important about seeing the Eisner Awards, you ask? James was gonna be a presenter. Couldn't miss that, could I?

And naturally, when I took video of James presenting, I kept the camera on him. Hey, talented people are receiving awards? Let's see James' reaction! lol Oh man, I'm bad. This is definitely for James watchers, and not for people interested in seeing *gasp* the award winners. :-P Notice James slipping into some kind of accent not his own?

Yes, everyone. It's James Marsters!

And for those who can't watch the vid, here's a screen cap. They tried to get him to wear a tie. You see how well that turned out.

So the next day was the day that Ghost of the Robot would be signing stuff in the Exhibit Hall. I grabbed my signable stuff from our hotel room, and went to the lobby to use the free WiFi. Immediately I saw Charlie (band member) and Sullivan (son of James, band member) so I went over and said hi. Asked Charlie if he'd gotten some San Diego IndieFest flyers to hand out, which he had, so I said I'd see them later. I sat down in another part of the lobby, and who do I see, but James doing something outside, behind the potted plants.

I of course Instagram the moment, haha.

Mulling over the awesomeness of being at Comic-Con.

I left soon thereafter, and found that on the other side of the hotel, the street was lined with screaming fans. That was because Ian Smolderhawter was exiting his chauffeur-driven car to enter the hotel. I turned to one girl and said, "You know, James Marsters who played Spike from Buffy is in the lobby right now." She was very happy to hear that, and left Ian's throng to find the better vampire. :-D

So I left Ian's adoring fans (well all right, I'm a fan too), and made my way to the Exhibit Hall, where GotR would be signing. When I found them, I Instagrammed once again to promote their gig later that night. Come see fuzzy James and his band!

A selfie with a fan!

When I first walked up, James told me that I was looking great (he fibs). And I said, "So are you! You're looking really good." And he said it was because he had his hair slicked back. lol But really, he was looking VERY fine. Mmmm...yes he was. He seemed happy to see me. In fact, he high-fived me, which is a first. And later he high-fived me again. Well alrighty! :-D It was wonderful seeing him so healthy and happy. What's adorable is that when he saw me taking a cellphone pic, he said he liked my case. Most men would rather eat glass than say that, amirite? :-D If you're interested, see it here.

There were times at the beginning when there weren't any fans at the table. That's because this was a last-minute thing, and hardly anyone knew they'd be there, and at first they didn't even have a photo of Spike to put on the table. So, if James wasn't signing or talking with fans, I took the opportunity to talk with him. You know, make all the passersby curious about who that guy is...hey...isn't that SPIKE? ;)

This guy looks suspiciously like Spike. Wait. Didn't Spike have a mustache? This guy cannot be Spike.

I had taken my Murphy's Law CD, which I had bought at the Sacramento gig earlier in the year, for the guys to sign. While Sullivan was signing it, James was telling a man that he was so much better with the band to back him up, and implying he wasn't that good on his own. When the guy left, I said, "You're very good on your own too." He smiled big at me and said, "Yes, but I do love the band. It carries me."

During a lull, I decided it was a good time to give James a gift I had brought for him. In case you all haven't noticed, James can quite often be seen checking his pants zipper. So...

Me: Listen, I have a gift for you. I give you really great gifts. Remember that back scratcher I gave you before? [Haha at last year's DragonCon.]

James: Yeah, I looooove that.

Me: This is just as good. [I whip out this small metal ring.] It's for your zipper. To keep it up. Because I noticed that you might have an issue with that.

James: [Bursts out laughing and nods.]

Isis: [James fan also at the table.] Why are you doing this to us? [LOL]

Me: I knew the fans would hate me for it hahaha...

James: Uh-huh. [Laughing, takes the ring from me.] But I will take that. I will use it.

Me: What you do is hook it on your zipper, then hook it over your button.

James: I've got a rubber band on it right now, so it's OK... [He shows me. LOL Oh my gosh, this is hilarious.]

Me: Yeah, it's the same idea. But a rubber band might break or whatever, and this is super easy.

James: Yeah. [Laughing.] I will use this. Zara pants. I love how they fit, but the zippers always go down. I don't know what it is about Zara.

Me: Yeah, well I've got your back. lol

James: [Big laugh.] Right on. [High-fives me.]

Another great gift, by moi. :-D James is so happy to have it. Ever seen him so happy? Because happy James is happy. He might be bright red, too. But then again, he claims he's impossible to embarrass. So it must be the lighting.

He's showing me the state of his zipper. Dear readers, you all just leaned closer to your monitor, didn't you? CONFESS. (Before you start enlarging in Photoshop, you really can't see anything but his zipper. Not that I checked or anything. Hey, I didn't. Much. :-P)

ETA (9 Aug 2013): James just did an interview. Check this part out: "People that I think are attracted to some of the projects I’ve done, I find that they have a great sense of humor. They don’t take themselves overly seriously. And they give great presents." Well, hello. Someone loves his zipper ring thingy. ;-D

Later on at the auto table, I noticed James had just been telling a fan about how his girlfriend directed the kissing scene in Torchwood, asking for take after take. He tells this story often, and it's cute and funny. The fan left, and I decided to tell him about John Barrowman's version of that story. I said that John tells quite a different story, and says that he's the one who kept asking for more takes. At this point, James is laughing. A lot. But then he got kind of subdued, and seemed a bit unsure. He said, "Well, he sure was subtle." I said, "Yeah? Well, he really enjoyed shooting that scene." lol (John's hilarious version here.) Aw, I hope James was flattered. I think it's entirely possible that both John and James' girlfriend were asking for more takes. Between the two of them, James didn't stand a chance. ;-D

And speaking of John, here he is at his SDCC panel, where he did not discuss the kissing scene in Torchwood. He did make mention of the effort that went into getting a panel all for himself, which I thought was interesting and lends credence to my theory about what happened at last year's DragonCon. Which was that James was kicked off a panel at the last minute so that John could have said panel all to himself, his hubby, and their superhero undies. Read about it here.

A woman asked him how he'd gotten his own panel, and why was he so special. Himself was not amused. But it was a fun panel. John does bring the laughs.

Oh wow, pardon the side-trackiness of that John Barrowman stuff! Back to the autograph table, for we are not done!

Laughing with a fan:

Lots of posing with fans. This time with the lovely and talented oanimation.

Free guitar lessons for me! Not really! But I told James about how when he was showing me how to play Over Now on my guitar (this was at Grand Slam earlier in the year) I accidentally wasn't recording it. He looked around and said he wished he had his guitar. Then he picked up a piece of paper and started writing down the chords. Charlie Instagramed it. (Sidenote: Notice that James has his iPad out, showing who he is):

I was really amazed that he was taking all the time and effort to do this for me. Sullivan and Charlie helped too.

There was AIR GUITARING of OVER NOW. People. How awesome is that?

I heart this pic so much. To me, it epitomizes just how kind James is. I didn't ask him to do this, but he spent a lot time working on it, and was so happy to help me out.

All right, so later that night was the GotR concert at Claire de Lune's. I was invited in early and got to see the soundcheck. They were doing David Letterman. That was fun. And I found a good seat (ah...chairs after a long day at a con, thank you chair gods). Bought a little band merch, one of which was this adorable hand-painted GotR vinyl toy. Later I had all the guys sign it.

The concert was a lot of fun! I recorded the whole thing for your viewing/listening pleasure. Here on YouTube.

This is one of my favorite pics from the concert. Sullivan's reaching out to play his Dad's guitar. :-D

After the gig, we went upstairs for a VIP party. That's when I saw a tender moment between father and son.

James was making sure he spent a little bit of time with everyone. I saw one woman take a pic with him, then grab him and kiss him on the cheek, causing him to lean as far away from her as he could. Sometimes, you know, it can't be easy being him.

Anyway! I got him to sign my cute little Robot toy, and we posed for a photo together. I was curious about whether he was hugging fans again (remember earlier in the year, he was refusing to, saying his wife didn't want it), so I asked him. All of a sudden he was hugging me like he's never hugged me before. Really tight. (Alrighty then, James is hugging again. ;-D) That was a lovely way to say goodbye. It was a wonderful evening...

...then unpleasant stuff happened.

The next part of the story is strange and off-putting, and not the usual thing I have in my reports. I thought long and hard before including it. But it was so upsetting and PUBLIC, and affected me so greatly, I feel I have to speak out about it. I was standing outside of Claire de Lune's after the gig, my friends and I were waiting for our taxis. Close by, James and the guys were loading their vehicle, preparing to head home. We were all happy and enjoying the after-gig glow. Then a fellow fan, Patti B., came up to me and let me have it with both barrels, making accusations against me. When I tried to deny her accusations, she covered her ears and yelled at me. She told me that none of the guys in the band wanted me in the fandom anymore. (WTF) At this point, I told her to leave me alone. She kept yelling, and I kept telling her to leave me alone. Finally Charlie said, "Not here." (Yes, James and Sullivan also witnessed this. Only Charlie acknowledged it.) And Patti turned around and walked away. The taxis came, my friends and I got in, and that was the last I saw of Patti.

She wrote a report afterward which she posted online. The last line says how she floated home after the gig, a very happy Patti. Well that's great. Because I sobbed all the way back to the hotel. And then sobbed some more after that.

My awesome friends have been supportive and amazing about this. THANK YOU. And no, the guys in the band don't want me to leave the fandom. That was a bunch of hooey.

Um. So.

*deep breath*

Perhaps it's time to talk about the weather. Here, have a pretty sunset. This was right outside the Hilton Bayfront, where I was staying. Gorgeous.
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I hope you all enjoyed the happy parts of my report, and the pretties. As always, any comments are welcome. Thanks for reading.

If you'd like to see more concert pics, please visit my Facebook photo gallery. I'll be adding pics from around the con too, on FB. (And hey, if you're on FB and we're not friends yet, feel free to add me if you want.) If you don't have a FB account and can't see the gallery, I do plan on uploading my pics to my website soon, and you can catch them there. Please, no posting of these pics elsewhere. Thanks!
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