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my love settles in the cracks

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[13 Mar 2020|11:44pm]
MOSTLY FRIENDS-LOCKED NOW. Leave a charming comment if you want an add, or if you're just passing by. :) I love new friends.
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[09 Feb 2013|02:33am]

I wish I could extract proof
from my memory,
press our walks like dried flowers
between the two gates
of that little village,
always remembered differently,
always a different shade of green.

Now, I worry about thieves
and my parents' age, and the cost
of raising a child.
I worry I'm starting to forget.

At Chernobyl, more people died
of radiation poisoning
than from the explosion itself.
And when the atomic bomb was dropped
on Hiroshima,
people say shadows
were burned onto the ground,
both Japanese and American.

I can no longer draw you from memory
but I am writing you this poem
to fashion you a soul
and burn it hard
onto the world.
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[09 Aug 2012|11:43am]
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[05 Jun 2012|10:47am]
It's so hard, being the eldest child in a warzone.
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[19 Apr 2012|01:14am]
As steeped as I am in career confusion and quarter-life crises, this is the farthest from wanting to die that I have ever been. :)
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[21 Jan 2012|08:32pm]
I was in love
but that was yesterday.

One of my former professors married her girlfriend this morning. It was a sunny garden wedding with picnic mats, garlands of flowers, and champagne.

I hope I get married someday, but loneliness always feels like a hundred years old.
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Writer's Block: Words to Live by [04 Jan 2012|09:43am]
"Perhaps everything terrible is, in its deepest being, something that needs our love." -Rainer Maria Rilke

"The world owes you nothing. It was here first." -Mark Twain

"I tell you this to break your heart, by which I mean only that it break open and never close again to the rest of the world." -Mary Oliver
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[18 Jan 2011|11:57pm]
Edith Tiempo

All that I love
I fold over once
And once again
And keep in a box
Or a slit in a hollow post
Or in my shoe

All that I love?

Why, yes but for the moment-
And for all time, both.
Something that folds and keeps easy,
Son’s note, or Dad’s one gaudy tie,
A roto picture of a young queen
A blue Indian shawl, even
A money bill.

It’s utter sublimation,
A feat, this heart’s control
Moment to moment
To scale all love down
To a cupped hand’s size.

Till seashells are broken pieces
From God’s own bright teeth,
All life and love are real
Things you can run and
Breathless hand over
To the merest child
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[15 Jan 2011|02:06am]
how i feel about writing school

They will want you to write non-fiction about family reunions and summer vacations, when all you want to write about is the emptiness of airports and the height of the sky.
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[03 Jan 2011|11:00am]
Brett Garcia Myhren

I'm reading on the couch
when she calls, asks for me by name.
I smile at her scripted intimacy,
imagine her cubicle with photos of pets,
the long bend of light
on her lacquered nails.

"Listen to this," I reply,
"David kissed the soft inner banks
of women’s thighs."


"Oh, there's more," I say,
"Thighs like loamy earth
that cup the rivers, or lilies
blooming in rose and mint."

"Is this a bad time for you, sir?"

"Is it for you?
Tell me something," I insist.
"Tell me anything."

A quiet unfolds between us
as though we'd spent our breath
on withering arguments
or lost it
in the scented air of sweat.

Finally she says,
"I'm in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Outside, leaves are turning
in the cold."
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[01 Sep 2010|12:58pm]
Life happened while we were away

I wonder if anyone still reads this. I miss this place, so I'm resurrecting my livejournal.
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[05 May 2009|09:34am]
I hate raw carrots (and life sometimes).
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[24 Jan 2009|01:50am]
spin dizzy carnival

it's all in a heap on the floor. they're all really a size too big--some catch air and balloon in all the wrong places. somehow, you never look as good in the morning.

it's the light, it's the light,
you say;
the moonlight was made for
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[12 Dec 2008|10:40am]
close your eyes, clear your heart. cut the cord.
are we human or are we dancer?

our metallic suits make crunchy noises and our boots squish around in the dew of the morning. the big, orange sun's about to eat us up, it's rolling through the woods and it's playing music, but our hearts are all still -- not like the tormenting music they played in baghdad. there is no torment, just stillness and everyone only remembers their first times for everything, whatever that means, and we are all dancing. everything is new, everything is fresh and crazy electric. i can see the electricity in the air, in the tips of our fingers, in your hair. the sun is rolling down the hill, it swims across the ocean and it sits and watches. we're all out of our houses, our shells and our caves, and we've peopled the hillsides and the fields. nobody can dance indoors, even the high ceilings are too low and the walls shut out the music that gets us all so wet inside. our metallic suits fold and keep us warm from the cold of the midnight, but we are dancing and that keeps us warm in the bones. then the sun speaks, and we freeze in black and white and silver, in unison, choreographed, and crack and shatter into a million pieces, like porcelain, like china. the fields stand brown and dry like hay and weedful; the dancers made them green. we always knew the dancers weren't human; the humans, they died a million years ago. the dancers-- they did maybe kill them, but sweetly
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[15 Nov 2008|09:30am]
I'd do this all again
Hot air balloons for national security

I'm going to start living in the present. I'll see my future someday anyway.
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Drop it, doe eyes! [29 Oct 2008|11:30pm]
Stolen from everyone.

So, here's how it works:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend your cool... and alot of the songs fit with the setting

Math, math, and a really unfortunate funeral song. Lol.Collapse )
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[22 Sep 2008|12:05am]
The bird and the bee were talking by a tree.

"What do you do for a living?"

"I wipe off people's literary shit."
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[15 Sep 2008|11:18pm]
you will eat all your (s)words.
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[04 Aug 2008|12:13am]
the ice is getting thinner, under me and you.
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[12 Jun 2008|11:05pm]
4 3373783 76 6824 6673 8426 8447.
a suitcase, my passport, and a one-way ticket to anywhere but here

how could i have been so wrong about something, someone, for so long? people are all the same. whether they plan to or not, all they do in the end is fuck you over. i'm sorry if you disagree.
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