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add me if you want.

have a nice life. kthnx bye.

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Man Utd vs Arsenal
and.. Man Utd WON!

Woot. Man Utd Won. Arsenal's unbeaten record GONE.
I feel so sorry for my dear friends who are Arsenal fans.
They were grieving in school with the exception of Su Fen and I who were rejoicing!

Last night, I was trying so hard to peek at my neighbour's TV to watch the game but to no avail.
I only managed to watch the boring match between Southampton vs Birmingham in which the outcome was 0-0.
Watched it at a friend's house.

And Amber got her precious Alec Su's album so we're both hyperactive teenage girls for the day. =)
I bet Jeremy is totally devastated by Arsenal's loss. lol.

Added TWO entries of pics here. Mostly what I got for FREE at Queensway Secondary and my newspaper articles on SOCCER. Will post more pics tomorrow. (shots from Summer Scent and ME!)


027 141004 ; Thu ; 18:04pm ]
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Had Home Economics lesson today. We made grilled/baked Chicken Wings. Grouped up with Sharon, Su Fen, Jocelyn and Abigail. At first, we wanted Eliza to come over when she came back from the Maths and Science Camp the next lesson next week.

Tomorrow, we will have inter-class games. My Team will be playing Frisbee and Captains' ball. We played Uno Stacko on Tuesday and tied for win with the team representing 6Q. And my team totally sucks for the most tiring sports of all... Luckily we have Gaille and Sarah. But the whole team must cooperate together, but that's fine, since the other Rachel on my team is not bad at catching the ball, since we all used to play basketball together when we were in Primary 4. Sharon, the 'Small Thing' as addressed by Shimin, is great at catching balls when they drop onto the floor.

I need to do something with /08. I think i got a name for it. retrogressive. I'll put up the layout later, I think. It sucks horribly, considering I made it like AGES ago and it needs some editing. I'm in the midst of another layout, where everything is like firey RED.

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