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A b o u t
Hello and welcome to loveismessage__. This is an iconjournal of veron0611. I am Veronica, a seventeen year old girl who likes graphic design & webpage design. I can't live without music♪. I love 태빈, w-inds., FLAME, Lead, 신화, H.O.T., 周杰倫, 蔡依林, BoA, 東方神起, テニスの王子様, Starbucks, Harry Potter, Black Beat, 비, HUNTER X HUNTER, SE7EN, Seo TaiJi & more.

R u l e s
Just some simple rule which aren't hard to follow. I hate copycats & thieves. So don't EVER steal my ideas or use my icons without crediting me. And DO NOT CLAIM the icons are made by you. I'll kill you.

;& Comment. Please comment if you're taking any of the icons.

;& CREDIT. Crediting is very important, I'll hunt you down if you don't. Credit in the keywords section either to [loveismessage__] or [veron0611].

;& Edit?. NONONO! This is definitely a NO-NO question. Please don't edit the icons and claimed they're made by you. NO. NO. NO. thanks. Also, textless icons are not bases.

;& No direct linking. Same as above, I'll hunt you down if I find it out.

;& Request? Sorry, I make icons for my friends, but I do not take any requests.

;&Ask. Sorry, no, I won't answer any questions about the way to make icons since I have my way to make them. You can check the tutorial from other communities though.

I seldom use brushes. If I do, those are from 100x100_brushes. Credits of brushes/textures/resources are here. If I forgot to credit your brushes, please comment in my latest entry to notify me, thanks!!

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For those who are interested, please feel free to drop a comment here or contact veron0611 <3

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