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[01 Aug 2007|08:33pm]
Hi I no longer work for U-haul and I deliver packages. I start on Tuesday. It's a huge raise :)
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[10 Jul 2007|04:42pm]
Sitting outside here on our patio, it's such a nice day. A Bright and sunny 75F day and I'm not sweating my ass off wishing I was dead. We went to the beach today, no more worrying about how much bacteria is in the water.

Took a few pictures.

We start work on Thursday. Work 4 days straight with 3 days off.

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New apartment [04 Jul 2007|01:16am]
In Vancouver now. Awesome new apartment. I'll post some pictures tomorrow. I can't believe we just left crappy Windsor, have the same job here that pays far more.

I love it here so much.
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[01 Jul 2007|11:42am]
We stopped early in Butte Montana. Took a few pictures.

The roads are so insane and these Americans just fly down them at 120kms.

Beer here is so fucking cheap. A 24 case is $17, where back home its $40. Isn't coor's light imported from Canada?

Oh and the Jeep started making a funny gurgling noise. I hope it's just because the air was on for about 4 hours.

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Rapid city sux [30 Jun 2007|12:50pm]
We are in Spearfish South Dakota. The drive here was so bland, open flat fields for hours. The huge tred on my jeeps tires prevented me from getting any sleep while Tam drove.

It's weird in the middle of no where hotels are around $90-160 a night even if you are checking in around midnight. Rapid city was bullshit. There was about 10000 people in this small city, no attractions. People just coming up for no reason. $160 a night, I drove another 40 kms out and ended up in Spearfish SD, still too much for a room but $89 still saved us a lot of cash.
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U-Haul [19 Jun 2007|02:11pm]
Shari Richards came in to apply to u-haul yesterday. Before I could tell my fellow employees about her, they busted out laughing about how thick her moustache was.

I'm so glad I was working.
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[22 Mar 2007|05:38pm]
My mod chip for my Nintendo Wii was out for delivery. I woke up for this at 830am, waited with my cordless phone near me all morning. 1pm rolled around and I was getting a little tired of waiting. I went downstairs and checked my mailbox.

Delivery notice: Did not answer.

Now I had that phone in my hand waiting for the buzz. Fucking lazy postal workers. When I used to work there, tons of people would pull scams like this. A few of them refused to deliver mail to peoples address because the mail box was too high for them to lift the mail into the box. Some of them would fake injuries that was caught on film, just for the day off.

This scam is, they go into work. They know I live in an apartment. They think to them selfs I will have to go in an elevator and have him sign for this package. Before they even start their job the "did not answer" tag is already made up and waiting to be put in my mailbox.

The carrier also checked off, pickup available after 1pm tomorrow. So on top of being so lazy he couldn't get in the elevator and come up the 10 floors and have me sign, he was also too lazy to drop it off that night, not even a block away from my building. Now I have to wait till tomorrow to mod my wii :(

Fucking lazy people. Since I used to work there, I know all the unlisted phone numbers. I dialled up Steve, transportation manager. Explained to him what had happened. Who ever was the carrier is probably going to be suspended for 3 days.
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Jobbie [10 Dec 2006|11:29pm]
If any of you bums are still looking for a job and can work weekends with a little bit of psychical labour. Has a clean driving record with a G2 or higher class.

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I love you itunes 7 [02 Oct 2006|02:45am]

Once I had a date with a girl that looked exactly like this. Of course I didn't know how tall she was. I lied about the hideous shirt she was wearing, which I think she said she made on her own. It was made to look like she was wearing a huge fabric watermelon.

We went to starbucks and I bought us a tea. In the end she shot me down and told all her friends I was a loser.
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Friends only... [28 Sep 2004|03:43pm]

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