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fame, fortune, platinum records: it's every girl's dream

isn't it fun how music makes your lips numb?

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friends only. but most likely, if you ask, i'll friend you. it's not like there's anything much exciting in here anymore. it used to be a lot of covert, yet justified, bitching about my ex. but that's over and done with.

howie day is (i just wanna taste your) love

i sing better than you (you think i'm kidding? try me). i'm a recruitment diva and an administrative goddess. i'm dating the most awesome guy in the universe. i'm 32, but don't look or act it. i get obsessive crushes on boys with guitars and boys in bands. let the fun begin!

diagnoses (official)
1. borderline personality disorder
2. major depression
3. attention deficit disorder
4. obsessive-compulsive disorder

i'm beginning my life - again - for the 433rd time. living in san diego, california - one year and counting. however, you can take the girl out of Jersey, but you can't take the Jersey out of the girl.

this is just one of the many online journals i keep. yeah, i talk alot about myself. if i don't get it all out, i'd explode. or implode. or something.

i'm also at phillyword, as well as . click and love!

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Get ready to match the stars!
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