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2/22/17 08:53 pm - New language?

There's a beginners course in Italian starting next week, and I'm thinking about doing it. I've always wanted to learn another language.

I also found this duolingo-app that pretty much works the same way Rosetta Stone does. Only it doesn't cost a million dollars... Rosetta is ridiculously expensive. I would be willing to buckle down and do the work at home. But a course might be a bit more motivational. I'm trying to get my mother to go with me, I think she would enjoy it a lot. We are going to Italy together. We went together last time, and we'll probably go together the next time.

I enjoyed being able to order my ice cream in Italian at the end of my week in Venice. That didn't take long to learn. The people who worked at the gelato stores did not speak much English (if any), so my crappy Italian and their crappy English got me the gelato I wanted without too much sign language. I'd like my crappy Italian to be less crappy. That is, it will be crappy for a long time, but less crappy would be nice.

I can do this!
(See, motivation!)

2/21/17 06:14 pm - The wait has begun

The August vacation is bought. Hotell - check, plane tickets - check.
We've been planning the trip for a year, but now it's suddenly real. The actual waiting can begin.
In 2015 I spent a week in Venice with my mother and a friend. That was amazing, and I've been eager to go back to Italy. So this year my mother and I are visiting Florence. Yay!

The hotel looks nice, and the location is excellent. Close to everything.
Ah, gelato... I've missed you so much.
Having a perfect cappuccino at breakfast... *day dreaming about coffee and ice cream*
I'm basically a hobbit in terms of food.

At work these days, all hands are on deck preparing for the mammoth sale (in Norway, it is the biggest book sale of the year). It begins in a couple of weeks, and the books have started to arrive. The first few days of that particular sale is a lot of hard work, and a lot of fun. I just love it when people leave the store with multiple heavy bags of books. I'm going to try and control myself this year. Only buy a couple of cook books I think. There are a few that I "need".

Speaking about books, I think I need to read some... :)

2/16/17 01:37 pm - A day off work

Seems I'm taking to the shadowhunter books a lot easier this time. I kind of don't want to put the book down for more than a few minutes at a time.

The difference from the tv-series is massive, but since I didn't read the books first, I like the show. Totally understand why fans of the books have issues with the show.
But it's really growing on me. Seems I'm lucky enough to get to enjoy both. All of the pretty people sure helps.

I have the books in Norwegian, but the translation is driving me mad so I've ordered the books in English. I'll live with the translation for now, and just shift to English when my books arrive.

Late last week I had a hunger for old video gaming again. It happens every so often. I wanted to buy Final Fantasy 1 for my iPad, but then I remembered that I already have Final Fantasy Dimensions and I haven't actually played it all that much. So I started a new game and I'm totally hooked. Nothing beats the need for blocky graphics like a little 8-bit adventuring.

And I started listening to Ready Player One, for the umpteenth time. Maybe I should just watch Wargames again too, just for good measure. Sometimes... I can taste my age.

And now a few minutes have passed, and I need to continue reading.

2/14/17 11:31 pm - Valentines?

I've finished Carve the Mark.
It was fine. Not spectacular in any way, but I enjoyed the story. This has more potential than Divergent. I remember really liking the first book, but having to drag myself through book two and three. Hopefully the next Carve-book will live up to the story. More space travel! I want more space and awesome planet descriptions.
Also, I don't know what's coming in this story. There were no surprises in Divergent, none. Carve still has secrets, and I love that. I'll happily read the next book when it comes.
So, since I'm kind of doing this shadowhunters thing, I have started City of Ashes. It's been years since I read City of Bones. I need a new book addiction, so I'm kind of hoping this will just be it this time...

Suddenly iPad!
I bought a new iPad... just because.
I've been yelling at my iPad mini since I got it, and suddenly the glass was full and voila! New!

So many happy couples at the book store today. Love all around. My favorite was a girl who bought Marvel's Civil War 2 for her boyfriend, and the girl who bought The Complete Sherlock Holmes leather bound edition for herself.

2/12/17 11:10 pm - Intergalactic Sunday

Pax magnifica, bellum gloriosum!

Today we played Twilight Imperium.

It was spectacular, it was epic and I still love every bit of that game.
I managed to scrape together quite a few victory points, but a win was just to far off...

We had so much fun we've decided that in no way will we wait another two years to play the game again.

2/11/17 10:47 pm - Eeep, Saturday

Just been reading and watching Vikings. All day.
I've finally started on part 2 of season 4 of Vikings. I always save Vikings, because I need to watch multiple episodes. I totally love Bjørn... and Ivar is totally creepy.

Tonight Morten and I readied my dinner table for an epic game of epic proportions. We're playing Twilight Imperium 3rd edition with two other people tomorrow. We're starting at noon, we have snacks and a pizza break already planned. It's a long game, it's by far the most epic game I own.

This is my table now. Game board is not ready, we've just sorted the pieces and shuffled the decks.
I think I have to skim the rules real quick, it's two years since last I played. Some rules might have blurred a bit.

I am prepared to lose. But I hope I'll manage to give some good competition.

2/11/17 01:12 am - Early Norwegian Mother's Day Friday

We had Chinese food, presents for the mothers and we watched tv together and talked. Just a really good Friday.

I started this day buying her (my mother) a present and a take away latte which I brought home with me and then I watched the newest episode of Riverdale a.k.a. the show that owns me lately. I am all about Archie and Jughead. Luckily my enthusiasm for the show leaked over on one of my friends and she is also completely hooked.

I've added a few board games to the Norwegian math trade on boardgamegeek.com, hopefully something juicy will show up and I'll jump on a trade. Math trades are pretty cool. I appreciate the job the guy who arranges them does.

I am expecting tomorrow to be a day of total laziness. It's what I'm going for.

2/9/17 11:13 pm - Finally Thursday

My weekend starts today!

I ate a wonderful non-meat dinner after work, then games and happiness ensued.
One round of Caverna. Brilliant game.

Then one round of the wonderful mess that is Galaxy Trucker.
In this game you build a space ship out of odd parts, and then you drive it through space and try to deliver the ship (or what's left of it) and cargo picked up on the way. Naturally space is filled with troublesome stuff and asteroids that will pull your ship apart at the seams.
Nobody is good at this game, you're not supposed to be good. It's a laugh.

Mother's Day is this Sunday in Norway, but I'm busy Sunday and my mother is out of town so we're having a bit of Mother's Day tomorrow instead.

The snow let up a bit this morning, but now it's at it again.
At least I was prepared for the cold at work today and a nice combination of wool and a fan kept me warm (or warm-ish).

2/8/17 10:46 pm - Cold as fuck Wednesday

Work today was slow and cold. So cold.
I've spent a lot of today complaining about being cold at work, and when I got home I ate and fell asleep. Because freezing for 7 hours is taxing.

Tomorrow I'm wearing wool under my work uniform, and I'm going to find the hot air fan so it can keep my feet warm at least when I'm behind the counter. Optimistic about tomorrow.

If I'm going to finish reading Carve the Mark by the end of the week I'm going to have to get to it. Two books a month should not be an impossible task. But that means I have to start the next book next week. It can still be done! Carve the Mark is growing on me, it's a bit slow here and there. But all in all I like it so far. It has great potential at least.

Still snowing...

2/7/17 10:00 pm - A snowy Tuesday

I was staring out the living room window while I was drinking my coffee this morning, and I kept thinking that work was going to be very quiet with all this weather.
My prediction was not entirely wrong.
Granted there were fewer people yesterday, but yesterday was a legendary low point.

The thing is, it's snowing ... a lot.
It's still snowing. It's been snowing all day.

If tomorrow is more of the same, I'm going to have to get creative at work.

When I got home I made dinner. Lean meatballs with couscous, spinach and cucumber salad with cottage cheese and tomato salsa.
Then Morten and Siw came over and we played a round of Caverna.
Morten has just bought a Broken Token insert for the game, and it was splendid. Made the game so much easier to get on the table. Caverna has a lot of pieces. It's not a particularly tough game, but there are a lot of pieces - and it can be a bit of a brain burner the last couple of rounds.
I managed an honorable second place.

Prefer Caverna over Agricola, but I think I've decided to give Agricola a second chance as well.

I need to finish Carve the Mark, other books are pressuring me. I can feel them "staring"at me from my shelves. It's quite the rotten move.

Watched the newest episode of Shadowhunters today, and I think it's safe to say that I am kind of hooked on this show now.
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