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19 February 1988
London, United Kingdom
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agatha christie, andrew lloyd webber, ang lee, anne of green gables, art nouveau, bach, barcelona, beren and luthien, blackadder, books, british actors, british comedy, brontes, camelot, castles, children's literature, classics, communism, daniel day-lewis, david eddings, doctor who, english history, english literature, enid blyton, ethics, europe, fair trade, fairies, fantasy films, fictional characters, free thinking, freedom, gaying up classics, girls, grammar, greek mythology, gwen/morgana, gypsies, harry potter, heathcliff, hitchcock, hunchback of notre dame, iron maiden, irrelevant lesbians, j.k.rowling, jeremy irons, kheldar, kindred spirits, klimt, literature, london, lord of the rings, martha jones, merchant ivory, merlin/arthur, mickey smith, miyazaki, music, musicals, narnia, period films, peter weir, philosophy, plays, poetry, politics, pre-raphaelites, pronunciation, puppy love, qi, ralph fiennes, reading, remus lupin, remus/sirius, revolutions, ron/hermione, rose/martha, rose/mickey, sangria, shakespeare, singing, sirius black, slash, socialism, stephen fry, suzie costello, ten/martha, the beatles, the doors, theatre, tolkien, torchwood, travelling, victor hugo, virginia woolf, wine, woodstock, writing, wuthering heights

Just another Lit. grad looking for ways to make life interesting.
Mooches around in London; works best in the warmth.
Reads children's books for a living. Will hopefully wind up writing them.

Gets quite distracted by Stephen Fry, long haired heroines, and other such pretty things.
Tends to dip toes in the vidding/ficcing/iconning pool of life.

Always dewy-eyed about Doctor Who.
Has constant feelings about Merlin and all its slashy, femslashy, vaguely mythical properties.



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