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Activity Journal - February/March [05 Apr 2007|06:57pm]
I found this in my giCollapse )
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November Activity Journal [12 Dec 2006|08:20pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I was cold and lonely
Until I found food
And Renji discovered some, too
Then we found Tatsuki, who needs a gang
(and can open those invisible boxes that trap berries)
-and who introduced me to shrimp crisps.
We found a crystal blue lake
Then met a kind, quiet man
saw a beautiful blue orb
Then saw another shiny blue human
and a joyfully scattered girl
who is afraid to show pain.

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October Activity Log [02 Nov 2006|12:04pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

But you're smart enough to figure it out, aren't you?

So as you can see, the top left picture is of me in my wedding dress. I would have enjoyed it a lot more if the circumstances were different. Still, Ishida Uryuu should feel very proud of himself - I felt like a pretty pretty princess. No, really I did.

Then Ichigo made up some story about his tux unravelling, and Uryuu was more than prepared to help him. Riiiight. Why won't these two just have sex and be done with it?

Then Ishida-sensei burst in yelling at them to stick to the plan - but then he got very sick. I'm a little worried for him. Actually, more than a little worried.

Then Tatsuki came in, looking very unhappy.

So then we decided to re-decorate the church. Luckily I had this handy thigh holster for my markers. I wonder why this is part of a wedding costume? Do the bride and groom draw together as part of the human world wedding tradition?

When Nii-sama showed up, it was time to start the plan. Standing next to him like that made me feel stronger, although I was ready to kill whatever brought us to this place as it was.

Then Renji made this face when he saw me. Stupid Renji. But he was so cute.

Too bad I couldn't enjoy it more, because then the explosions happened, Aizen started singing, Yoruichi started blasting him, and I shot everything I had at him until my hand hurt - then I shot at him some more.

And of course I couldn't draw the last part, because I was asleep. Those cowardly bastards.

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Activity Log - September [25 Sep 2006|11:35am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

I'm so pissed off right now, I need to kill something.

Let me draw it out for you:

This is me, having a nice massage (1). Now here's me getting molested by some guy who ISN'T Renji (2). This is me killing him (3). Then I tried to relax by getting drunk, and finally, this is me, trying to kill Ikkaku because he nearly killed all of us (4).

Who let him drive, anyway?

THEN, I see Renji and Rangiku trying to look innocent when there's cake on his hair, and on her boobs (5). So I grabbed Ichigo, who was all upset about being in love with Ishida, so here's me generously sharing with him some ideas from the valuable and educational manga I read (6). And this is us being killed by that idiot Ikkaku (7).

Ichigo, you're not the only one who's dying as a virgin. You should really shut up about your love problems, because you've only had them for a year, while I've got you beat by over FIFTY.

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What a horrible way to start a fake marriage... [28 Aug 2006|04:47pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]




GYAAAAHHHH I'm such a loser, that's why.

And it really doesn't matter what Renji's doing right now that idiot I honestly don't care much, but I did expect more from myself. I should have at least seen it coming, much less fall for it so easily.

OK, back to reality. Let's forget all this nonsense about massages, hot tubs, yakuza and plastic eggs. We need to get out of here. I should never have been detracted from that truth.

But first I want to kick Sven's ass some more, so our captors know a little of what suffering they'll face when I find them.

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Journal - stained with ice cream, written in an angry scrawl [19 Jul 2006|10:54am]
[ mood | irate ]

1. It's impossible to commit suicide on a rubber knife.

2. Uryuu, I would never "rape" your father. He's a little cranky for my taste

3. But he's also not the ogre I once thought he was.

4. I really should be less cowardly and open up to nii-sama more.

5. Renji, Renji, Renji. Let's kill Ikkaku together. Then we'll see if I let you live.

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Journal #4 [22 Jun 2006|03:46pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

I really hope no one's reading this.

Since my last entry, we were all brought together by Aizen's reiatsu. He was a bumbling idiot in a large helmet, but even with all our efforts, we were unable to kill him. Then, in the midst of this horribly executed battle, something unexplainable happened as we were sucked out of this world, and thrust into another.

This world was closer to the living world than the one before, and that brought some measure of comfort. I also had a sweet little adorable bunny in my arms, which made it even better than even the real living world. But all that disappeared the moment I saw my - situation. I had commanded and oversaw the brutalization of a man who, while he may not have been innocent, certainly didn't deserve that kind of savage treatment. Also, it seems there's another person inhabiting my body, a yakuza named Chappy. I know all this sounds insane, and anyone who reads this will never trust me to make even the most basic decisions again.

Soon afterward, nii-sama (who sometimes goes by "Cherry Blossom" in this world) appeared, and Ichigo joined us. They nearly got into a fight and exchanged some very STRANGE words. Ichigo apparently works for us and called nii-sama "oyabun", which is just - I just can't comment on this. Nii-sama suggested summoning our zanpakutou, and that helped control the other identities - not completely, though.

Or now we've just armed our yakuza counterparts with very powerful spiritual weapons.

The one bright spot in all this happens to be Renji. Stupid, wonderful luscious idiotic Renji. Ichigo led us to a mansion, where we found Tatsuki-chan, Orihime, and Ukitake taichou. Ishida Uryuu was supposed to be there as well, but wasn't present when we arrived.

So, after a while, his kisses make me tremble MORONIC Renji showed up, and of all things, told me not to get married, and then presented me with an Easter egg - which seems to be an ominous calling card of Chappy's how can she defile something as wonderful and pure as bunnies, and have them signify violent death? HOW COULD SHE? While I told him what I knew of my identity in this world, I feel he's holding something back from me.

We stepped out into the mansion's garden to speak more privately, and this is where I found the hot tub which I will remember forever, which I quickly stepped into because after all I've been through, I should at least deserve a good soak. Stupid gorgeous Renji ruined it slightly by getting in with me. I should have pressed him at that point to tell me what he's concealing from me OMG he wasn't concealing anything, and I will remember THAT forever, too. Instead, I was - distracted.

For some reason, Renji said all these things to me. I'm not sure I can explain this, but I had no idea he felt this deeply about me, or that I had all these feelings for him. We kissed, he held me in his arms. It was as if two halves had finally come together joyfully and it was better than any manga I read.

I was about to reach down and STUPID RENJI! That's how nii-sama found us. I thought he was going to unleash Sebonzakura on Renji, so I stopped him with a binding spell. Of course I didn't expect it to hold for long, but just long enough for Renji to flee and save himself. Instead, this made me love him even more like an utter fool he stayed around.

I apologized to nii-sama, although I don't expect he'd ever forgive me. He seemed ready to, at first, and then he announced that Renji must marry me.

I can't tell if this is nii-sama, or Cherry Blossom. Either way, in either life, I am under his power. And even if I should want to marry Renji, this is certainly not the way I'd want it to happen, as if it were a punishment. I feel so humiliated. I can't help feeling that our - experience - has now been twisted into something ugly, when truthfully, it was possibly the most beautiful fifteen minutes of my existence.

I suppose I should go wedding dress shopping. I'll check if Ishida Uryuu is free - at least one person should get some joy out of this.

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Grrrrr..... [04 Jun 2006|09:55am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Just tell me why. WHY?!

As if plans hadn't become more complicated than they really needed to be, I should reappear in a place that's clearly not Soul Society wearing an execution gown, and donuts for hair! Then nii-sama, after saying all those nice things, should become even colder and more distant than ever. Is he in on a plot to drive me permanently to insanity, or utter, indiscriminate violence?

At least Ichigo turned into a girl, and that made me feel a little better about my situation. But he also became completely useless, as he was totally unwilling to do much more than fondle "Zangetsu" and take forever using the bathroom it's not THAT complicated, Ichigo!.

Also on the bright side (if you could call it that), we were able to find Ishida-sensei, and for a short time, Ukitake taichou. The man is still as insufferable as ever, and I'm bound by a pledge to that Ryuzoji-san to protect him.

I must be in hell.

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Disgruntled Seireitei Employee [03 May 2006|04:21pm]
[ mood | Pissy and tired ]

First, I need a LOT of sake. A lot. And then a nice hot bath.

I finally had that talk with Daddy-san/Kurosaki-sensei/ Ryujozi taichou. Shit, the fact that this man has three names should tell you right off what kind of night I had. Yes, everything OK well not everything is out on the table. Basically, as it turns out, Ichigo is the only one in the dark, and I just know he's going to think I told Ryu Kuro *facepalms* his father.

Then, that man and I head out to find Ishida Uryuu and his father. As it turned out, they were staying at his father's house, and that mortal had the nerve to assume I would have cookies for him. He should know that except for Ukitake taichou we carry zanpakutou, not snacks. He was most uncooperative. Luckily, that man was with me, and we were able to subdue him with tranquilizers. Uryuu, however, put up a fight. In the end, though, he was along, if only because we had effectively disabled and kidnapped his father. I sincerely hope he will come to understand, if not forgive, these actions.

Afterward, when we returned to the Kurosaki Clinic (yes, that's the name of the clinic), Ichigo was already up. That idiot was ready to beat up Ishida for this wound, when really anyone would have reacted that same way if their family member were in danger. Still, I was surprised he did it. I thought he didn't fight girls? Ah well, maybe there's a limit after all. Thank you anyway, Ichigo. But my official statement is still that you are an idiot.

But that's not all. No sooner did we get somewhat settled, did Nii-sama arrive! He must have been tired, because he said some of the . I sincerely hope he meant it, anyway.

So the sun has just risen and we're on the clinic rooftop. Ichigo's father has Uryuu's father draped over his shoulders what is it about the way they look that makes me think this is something romantic? I think this exact scene was in one of my books.

We're ready to open the Gate. I'll be able to rest in four minutes. I can't wait.

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Of course it couldn't avoid being complicated. [02 Apr 2006|04:32pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

I moved back into Ichigo's house, but this time I wasn't hidden away in his closet. Rather, I had my own bed in his sisters' room. I told his father that I was a poor little girl with no family and no means to support herself. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and worked so well, too men can be so defenseless against a woman's tears, even if they're fake. I stupidly thought this would make things easier, as I wouldn't have to sneak around anymore - but I couldn't be more wrong.

Now that I have dinner with them, do chores with them - now that I live with them, if only for this brief time - I'm afraid I've become rather attached to this family. I've never felt so openly welcome before, and it should be an entirely good feeling, but I feel that I've tainted it. Now it's unavoidable that I see the anguish and worry that Ichigo's family goes through when he's unaccounted for, especially how it affects his father.

This certainly makes the impact of our current mission weigh on me more than I wished it would.

So the morning after the night the Arrancar attacked, Kuro - er, "Daddy-san" sent me to school with two lunchbags such a sweet, sweet man. I kept getting reports of Hollows and other beings with strange reiatsu. However, every time I'd try to chase it down, it would disappear instantly, and reappear somewhere else. I wasted entirely too much time that morning.

Then I heard nii-sama was at school. What was that about?

We were able to get several humans with reiatsu to agree to evacuate to Soul Society: Inoue-san, Tatsuki-chan, Keigo-san, and Sado-kun. This was positive. I still need to speak to Kur- "Daddy-san", about evacuating his children. Luckily, Hitsugaya-taichou agreed that "Daddy-san" could accompany them to Soul Society, even though he has no reiatsu at all.

Then, complicate matters even further, that idiot Ichigo was contacted by the vaizards, and disappeared with them for an entire day in hopes of learning how to deal with certain issues. His efforts were fruitless, and now we know there are eight vaizards in the area. I'm awaiting orders on how to deal with this new development.

Finally, I received that ridiculous message from Center 46. This is about all I can take. DO I LOOK LIKE I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW? I swear, I'm tempted to go in and slaughter them myself.

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