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I'm getting annoyed by everything about me why.?

Because there all talking about the same things or how there the same things I'm not going to make myself sound like im a god or how I hate anything I see

I'm young and old people freak me out I want to be known as the sweetest person alive but you all wont let me be that

people say I can be really mean or that I'm really nice but then again nobody in this world knows how to peak the truth so I dont really pay attention to anything anybody says or does

talking shit is just a game and theres never an ending so I've learned to love it.

these holes in my socks were ripped by me because I think there the cutest ever like that.

I like to paint my nails all different colors not just black or some ugly dark color

people seem to think they can walk all over me just because I'm a little nice I think thats why we all try and act like were intimidating to get some respect

I'm boring and I swear you'll get annoyed by me fast which is ok because I've learned to love to be alone but at the same time I hate it.

my mind is a very difficult concept to understand. I dont even get myself but then again I dont really get much of anything cuz im just a dumb little girl that likes to shop and cuts her hair into a fashion mess

anyways I realized that love is a waste of time and emotion so if you think you want a relationship with me those hopes are pretty much dead unless i might like you back because you're special or really cute. And then agian my hopes are so high it kills me.

I dont think I've really told you anything about myself really I could write my age how i love my friends but I change into a new person everyday

maybe one day I can actually be happy with who I am and stick with it but for now heres some advice for all of you.

shut your mouths and open up your mind you'll be surprised by the results. :-)

friends that can withhold a friendship and not hang up the phone and tell everybody my secrets right after talking to me.

you dont deserve to be called a human being unless you can be a loyal friend. thats how I see it.

thats just how it goes it happens all the time. But I'm not worrying about that. You'll be back. Say how much you missed me&of course I'll say the same.

I'd like to meet a boy with low standards amd high potential.