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I tried to give you up.. [entries|friends|calendar]
..but i'm addicted </3

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[08 Aug 2004|11:47pm]
hi well this is the story of my life...my name is kellyanne rose cable...and i was born somewhere because my mom and dad love eachother and that happens. she lived different places but now she lives here in the VILLE! oh yes. and she is 16 years old and works at a very cool store and she has friends one of which is writing this lovely novel. and then theres her fish. senor chompsky. he is a special fellow. the fish had 5 friends. but he ate them all. in one big gulp. n oit was 4 friends he was the fifth fish.. but yes he ate his 4 friends not all in one big gulp but hes the only one left..yeahhh only one...but hes a real trooper all right! now me and my friedn are listening to our anthem...which is ....702 ..where my girls at yes. aha ....oh theres an igauna named bambi and its a stripper. kellyanne is tired...indeed she is..she is laying on her bed in a quite tiresome manner....maybe she should head off and slumber..because she has a big big big day at work tomorrow! yes indeeddddddddd okay well cheerio!
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[20 Mar 2004|04:34pm]
Hm..I Think I'm guna Make my journal Friends Only for now..
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