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Melissa and I got married March 14, 2009. Within a few weeks her 18 year old son moved in with us. His father was sick of his wildness and laziness. We told him that he had two stipulations of moving in with us. First, he had to get his GED, since he had dropped out of high school at the beginning of his sophomore year. Second, he had to get at least a part time job. After 19 months of failing to get him to do either, he leaves today for Job Corps. A government funded organization that is perfect for him. Over the next few weeks he'll have classes to prep him for his GED test and then the test itself. As soon as that is done he is tested for aptitudes and placed in a trade program. Many of them are construction related - Electrician, bricklayer, carpenter, etc. Right now he's hoping for bricklaying. In any case, none of them are shorter than a year minimum and many are around two years. Better yet, at the end of it, assuming he does well, he will be enrolled in a two year college that will also be paid for.

Best of all? After 20 months of marriage, Melissa and I finally get to be newlyweds! YAAAAY!
Heading to work for my Dad for the next few days. It's kinda nice to go back to my hometown and work for a few days - seeing family and possibly friends, and Dad pays me pretty well. The downside is that I'm pretty much the only one in my family that isn't a hardcore right wing conservative super-christian. So I expect that all I will hear the next few days is how Barrack HUSSEIN Osama has destroyed this country (illegally since he was born outside the US) and muslim, muslim, muslim comments.

Gawd I fucking hate religion and politics...


If someone said they thought you were 'spiritual', how would you think they meant it?

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Party Weekend

Drove up to Alta Vista, IA on Friday night to visit Todd and Amy (he and I have been friends since 17 and he was my best man). We took right off and drove to Minneapolis where we went to the Food and Wine show at the convention center. What a great time. The Food and Wine show was a lot of fun on it's own, but then after we went out with them and a friend Lis and I made online. His wife wasn't available, but he played tour guide to us for the evening. Lots of fun places visited and lots of fun was had.

Unfortunately, today it's back to real life. I'm off to work. Wishing I were still in my kilt, half buzzed and being discreetly indiscreet. :D

Valentine's Flegm

It's starting to look like I'm gonna be getting Melissa the same Valentine's gift as she requested last year - cold meds. Jordan, her daughter, came over the other day and didn't tell us till she was leaving that her kids were sick. So TA-DA! Now we get to share in the fun. lol

So spoiled...

After working my ass off for about 3 months, I've had the last 3 weeks more or less off. Been getting a little done around the house and lazing around with Melissa. So when I got a job for this week, I'm REALLY hating it... I only have like 2 1/2 hours left to do today to get the floor in stain, then about an hour this afternoon to get a coat of varnish on it, but I feel like I have to head into a salt mine for a month. lol

Why can't I just win the lottery!?! lol

Hope the rest of you have something of a lazy day...

Epilepsy day

The ol' brain is shorting out again today, so I'm keeping things pretty low key. I tried to sleep in as long as I could. That will frequently help the seizures to go away, but it did nothing for me today.

What my Szs usually consist of: I will be watching tv, looking at stuff online, hell, just talking to someone - anything... Anyway, something I see, say or hear will suddenly remind me that I'd had a very vivid dream recently on that exact topic. (I didn't really, but at that moment I could describe the dream to you completely). Then I will feel a little dizzy and nauseous. I will usually say 'aw shit, here comes a spell', then close my eyes and bow my head for about 30-45 seconds till it passes. Once it does, you could ask me about the dream and I'll have no such memory of having had such a dream. Sometimes I'll only have one seizure, lay down for a little while and they stop. Today I'm having them somewhat frequently. In the first hour I was awake I had maybe 5-6 of them. They're not severe today, just an irritation. I used to have them so bad that I would occasionally get so dizzy I would pass out for 30 seconds or so. Or I would get so nauseous that I would throw up. It's been 15 years since I had any so bad as that. Melissa watched my worst one I've had since those days. About three years ago I had one where I nearly passed out. She was pretty freaked by it. She worries so much about anything at all that this is something she makes a much bigger deal about than I do. After all, I've had them since I was a teenager and she's only been around it for a little over 3 years.

So that's the 'fun' that I get to experience today. Oh, and I've been soaking beans all night to make Tuscan Bean Stew this afternoon for dinner tonight. Mmmmmmmm! I can't wait!

Elvis mania

Just ate a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich. We're heading to Graceland in a few minutes.

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Decided Melissa needed a romantic getaway weekend so we're in Memphis. Beautiful, lush suite at the Peabody. Walking Beale street right now listening to blues and being lovey. :) Heart is very full at present.

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Cooking Mediterranean Bean Soup in the kitchen while Melissa looks on because of her injured hand. Oh, and drinking LOTS of wine in the meantime... Aaahhhhhh what a great evening!

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