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One Hell of a Bad Day.

Det. Lt. Jack Rafferty
19 February
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Hey, how you doin'. Mind if I smoke? Thanks.

Name's Jack Rafferty. Yeah, I'm a cop, and a damn good one at that. First in my class at the Academy and that gave me a hell of a jumpstart to my career. PD's across our entire great nation were casting their bids for me when I graduated. Basin City's price was right. Police department 'round here'd been in a shambles around that time, one scandal after another, and when my time was up at the Academy Basin City's police chief figured he'd play up the "home-grown hero" angle with me. I didn't protest. Neither did my bank account. I've been here ever since.

I started out as a regular officer, writing parking tickets and responding to domestic disturbances. Then I got bumped up to detective and I worked the narcotics beat. It was an alright job -- got to shave a little off the top but it didn't hurt no one. My style got me noticed by the homicide department and so after workin' narcotics for about a year I got moved into the homicide division. Cracked a cold case of a surgeon dicin' up folks for their organs and sellin' 'em on the black market and voila: I'm detective lieutenant. Everyone worshipped me after that. Newspaper types dubbed me "Iron Jack" Rafferty. Heh, it's an appropriate title, if you take my meaning -- and I think ya do.

Livin' in Basin my whole life, I married my high school sweetheart, Jennifer, who's fucking our 18 year-old neighbor -- she doesn't know that I know, though, and moreover it don't bother me much. We have two daughters, Angela and Allison. We got a nice house in the suburbs, luxury cars, a swimming pool, you name it. Who said money doesn't buy happiness? They obviously never visited Basin City.

The wife and I are together 'cause it's easy, and for the girls, and 'cause, well, underneath it all I love her. My children will NOT be raised in a broken home. It's no issue that I fuck who I want when I want to 'cause I'm still a caring husband and father, and anyway, it's just a part of bein' a Basin City cop. You put your neck out there to protect and serve and you get your goddamn reward and you take it. Ain't nothin' wrong with that, is there?

So, I enjoy myself. So what, maybe, MAYBE I have a little too much to drink once in awhile but we all have our vices. Those rumors you hear about me aren't true, I swear -- I do NOT hit women. And I won't take shit from anyone who tries to fuck with me, so remember that if you and I ever meet, got it? 'Cause I'll make it my personal mission to run you into the ground -- you know who I am, you know what I am, and you know what I can do.

See ya around. We're bound to meet up sometime.

Name: Jack Rafferty
Rank: Detective Lieutenant
Badge No.: 9586
Age: 38
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180#
Married to Jennifer Rafferty with daughters Angela (15) and Allison (4).
Armed with a 1911-A1 black stainless steel pistol, .45 ACP, Springfield Armory issue.
Behind the wheel of a 1957 Chrysler Imperial, robin's egg blue.

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