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TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Friday
July 29th @ 8:00PM]
[ mood | excited ]

yoooooooo soo i haven't updated since the 14th according to kd mazin... so i will NOW. ummmmm dont remember much ... field hockey was cool we beat a team 2-1 and i scored the second goal =] yayy... ummm wow TUESDAY NIGHT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! i went to the yankee game with my lovessssssss marisa rebecca and dani!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yayyy ... yea so it was actually so much fun and the sheffield guy was hott and was hitting on us hahaha. there is WAY too much to write about that game since it was just so much fun. the seats were amazing, and the yankees won 4-0!! the game was sooo short tho it started at 7:10 and ended at like 9:39!! but we didn't get outta the stadium till about 10:30 or 11ish or something...so much traffic gettin outta the parking lot!! we took a pic of these kids drivin too wow madd funny...ummmmm yea i love you girls!!!!
today was pretty funnnnnnnn man...jaime brought me munchkins 2 camp!!!!!!!!!!!!! awww yayyy thanks jaime :-D ur the best!! one of my girls, allison, put chips ahoy in like a tin baking thing hahaha...thought that was funny ... another girl brought like milanos or something ... and faryl baked me brownies :-D!! yummmmmmmmmmm!!!! ummm i ate soo much today haha. me and rosanna ordered pizza too :-D!! yummm. ummmmmmm marcus called me before :-D yayyyy love him. hes in VA but he'll be back in time for tomorrow!! wooo...can't wait for tomorrow. gunna be AWESOME ... well im like REAL excited so im guna gooo man ... peace+love...1!!


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i got no pickup lines, i stay on the grind, i tell the hoes all the time, BITCH GET IN MY CAR!!!! [Saturday
July 23rd @ 12:19PM]
[ mood | bored ]

yooooo...my birthday is in A WEEK!!!!!!! wooo.
umm yeaaaaaa soo basically ive just like been gooin 2 camp and playin fh and chilllllin. umm last saturday i went to emily's house!! we watched anchorman and had lots of fun!! haha. ummm i slept over there then sunday i woke up and came home and got ready and stuff and peter came over!!!!!! YAY!! we chilled and went to the mall to get my antenna fixed ... then we went to the movies with michelle and mag and joshhh!! fun stuff. we saw charlie and the choc. factory. it was weird haha. ummmm this week was visiting week. stupid parents haha. umm monday FH was cancelled and dan came over!! he met my mom hahaha...we chilled for a while and talked nd watched tv. gota love my best friend :-D!! wednesday mommy and valerie picked me up from camp and me nd val went to the mall to get ringtones for val. valerie met marcus hahaa ummm yea funny ass shit. WU-TANG, WU-TANG!! hahahahaha. FAT ASSS lolol. i love itttt. i swear we both got like 3 million ringtones haha...then i had fh and we played hen hud aka xtina's team lol...we seriously won like 30-0 but they stopped countin at 10 lol. i scored two goals tho haha. ummm thursday i freakin DROVE AROUND MY ROAD haha...then i went to vals nd we swam and watched how high of course!! i been pimpin since been pimpin since been pimpin since been pimpin SINCE BEEN PIMPIN!! hahah. ummmmmmmmm yesterday i drove around my road again be4 camp lolol. last nite just chilled and today i think im goin to gay town day with valerie :-D!! woo. then she goes on vacation tomorrow :-( im guna miss her!!!! TUESDAY = YANKEE GAME WITH MARISA REBECCA AND DANI!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CAN'T WAIT!!!! guna be awesomeeeee. SATURDAY = MY BIRTHDAY AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT EITHER CUZ ITS ACTAULLY GUNA BE AWESOME k thxxxxxxxxxxxx...im out peace+love...1!!

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I'm in a good mood, ya'll lucky, I got a good groove [Thursday
July 14th @ 6:31PM]
[ mood | good ]

oh hiiiiiiii! ha wow its been madd long since i wrote hereee. ummm basically nuttin big has happend. i went to the mall one day with my loveee rebecca and she met marcus since he works in macys haha. we talked to him for a while =]!! and i bought josh a bday present haha. ummmm then we went and visited michelle at mama bravaaaa or wtvr tht pizza place is called haha. then we saw jeanne in pacsun and we saw like 15 million other ppl while we were at it. umm then on the way out we saw marcus again haha. ummmm camp has been goooooood. my girls are annoying but the people there are pretty cooool =]! ummm i've had 3 FH summer league games! we won all 3!!!! one game we didnt have subs and it was like reallllllllly hot out haha that was umm fun...i scored in that game YAYY haha. ummm idkk i guess im guna goooooooooo now cuz i dont feel like writing anything else haha... peace + love...1!!!!

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Happy 4th of July... [Monday
July 4th @ 1:12AM]
[ mood | upset ]

ummmmmmmmmmm sooooo tonite valerie and my tagteam nigguh andrew came overrr again lol. we chilled nd watched how high AGAIN lol...then we juss chilled and watched more tv. justin was supposed 2 stop by but he didnt :-( oo well lol. um dan came over at like 11 for like an hour cuz yeaaaa idk but i love tht kid so much!! yea thts all ima say. oh and i can't stand it wen hes upset cuz it makes me so upset. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm today fam is comin over nd val too of course lol and then idk wat we're doin maybe fireworks idk mayb chillin at canopous with justin nd other ppl cuz justin wants 2 chill. idkkk man iight so i'm out peace + love ... 1!!

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The game it ours, we never foul out ... [Sunday
July 3rd @ 1:08PM]
[ mood | happy ]

waddddddddup!!!! wellllll im sittin outside rite now by my pool and its madd hard to see what im writing lol. ummmm its really hot out too lol.
sooo last nite was pretty interesting lol... me val andrew justin nd mark went to the movies ... well sorta. first we were guna go see batman but then it was "too crowded" in that theatre lol so we went into rebound. umm like 20 mins in me and justin walked out cuz he needed a ciggarette lol. he got one from some old black guy sittin outside of walmart lol i was scared haha. ummmm yea so then he smoked that then we were just chillin out in front of the movies talkin...then we went back in to the movie theatre and returned our tickets and got our money back...then justin wanted nathans so we walked there and he ate and then we went to the car show thing that they have at mcdonalds. tht was pretty cool i guess lol...then we went back to the movie theatre and walked thru it to the back and sat on the curb and waited for the movie to be over so val andrew and mark wud come out. ummm then wen they came out we chilled for a lil bit then we went to mcdonalds and andrew had like 3 million chicken nuggetts tahaaaa tagteammm nigggggguh!! lol the roof was leakin then all of a sudden it was like a fuckin waterfall coming outta the ceiling hahahaha tht was soooo funny dude. umm then it stopped so we went back in and val got fries but they were too salty lol so she went back in and and got less salty ones but then they had no salt on them so she hadda get "portable salt" hahaha aka the lil packages of salt lol. then justin lefttttttt but he told us there were supposed 2 b fireworks so we were lookin for them and we herd them but didnt see them lol. oo well. umm then the rest of us just walked around the ctc for a while. we went into walmart and stuff then we got picked up lol. tht was a pretty fun nite i guess lol. ummmm sooo yea now im really hot and my laptop i s like burning up soooo i think im guna go put it inside lol so im out peace+love...1!!

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I LOVE VAL [Saturday
July 2nd @ 12:16AM]
[ mood | hyper ]

whatttttttt uppppp ... lemme juss tell u that val's legs are red haha. yea umm so wats really good kids? yea im pretty hyper rite now tahahahaha ummm i havent updated in a while i guess umm camp is goin pretty good. my girls are iight. i miss my girls from last yr tho =[. lol umm last nite was fun i chilled wit xtina and rebeccccccccccca haha madddd fun at xtinas house. we rented team america and watched it lol it was mad retarded but it was funny haha with the songs and stuff and all the weird fucking and shit hahahaha wtf. umm then we were playing pool and rebecca wanted to turn it into ping pong so she yelled into like a lamp nd was like PING PONG HAHAHAHAHAH that was hilarioussssssssssssssssssssssssssss omg!! lol yeaaa tht was fun stuff.
oh shittt tonite was awesome yooo it was madd fun haha. first val came over and we started watching how highhhh haha best movie ever. and we kept playin like the same scene over and over haha. "that shit on ur lip got some shit on its lip!!" hahahahahaha omg awesomeeee lol. i swear we watched that part lik 97 times lol. and wowowow shes listenin to it rite now cuz she recorded it on her phone hahaha!! ummm so thennn andrew came overrrrrr oh man that kid is madd cool!! lol we ganged up on val and were like slapping her hahahahah her legs turned maddddd red haha. aww justin came over too. gota love that kid =] haha. ummmm we watched how high hahaha. yeaaaaaaaaa we're awesome haha ummmmm i had fun hahaaaa. ummm too bad we cudnt go 2 fireworks but oh well haha. yea soooo me nd val are tired so we're outttttttt peace+love...1!!!!

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nabby tomorrow WOOO!!!! [Sunday
June 26th @ 8:54PM]
[ mood | good ]

whoa its been mad long since i updated. umm yea so basically school is done. finals were okayyy i guess. all regentses...i got in the 80s on all of them exept spanish i got a 93. math mite get curved so maybe i'll get higher. ummm yeaaa sooo nothin really happened. had a soccer dinner tht was soo long. cohen made a 2+ hr video of our season haha. umm i had a nabby meetingggg which was pretty boringg lol. ummm i had errrrrr's grad. party it was pretty cute lol.
yesterday i went to jeanne coppa's grad party. it was fun too. i left at like 5ishhhh then i came home and watched hitch with jurdy haha. umm then at like 8ish i went to michelle's. it was really funn. a bunch of ppl just chilled there for a while. then ppl left to go to kinsleys...then they got kicked out and came back to michelle's haha. funnn stuff =]. me and chris moljo were looking for the big dipper and then john was like "i can show u the big dicker" hahaha how lame. lol tht was madd funny tho. ummm maggie loves her merlot haha. OMG michelle made the best brownies hahaha yummmmm. i love those girls lol they are awesome!!!! ummm yea soo me and mag and kelli and amanda and rachel all slept overrr. fun stuff!!
ummm then today i woke up came home showered and went to dani's. we watched the notebook which was good. then we went to the nabby staff meeting. tht was sooo long. and it was sooo hot out lol. camp starts tomorrow =]!! thts exciting haha i get to see everyone :-D!! umm soo yea im out...peace+love...1!!

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FUCK RYE!!!! // Happy Birthday Dani, Rebecca, and Krystina!!!! [Sunday
June 12th @ 12:19AM]
[ mood | HAPPY // HYPER // AWESOME ]

yooooooooooooo wats up mannnn!!
im like in a real good mood rite now haha wowww.
lets seeeeeeee mondayyyyyy was like crazy cuz we had soccer practice at y-town high school cuz they have like mahopac turf or wtvr but we got there and it was like a tornado so we sat in the cafeteria of the hs and we just like sat there for mad long. then we just left and we didn't practice. tht was real cool considering we had sectional finals the next day. speaking of sectional finals... FUCK RYE!! i swear all those girls were on steroids. def not cool. yea so we lost which was really sad and upsetting and like not cool at all. aw but rebecca and fred came to my game. thanks guyss. sorry i was like real upset and didnt talk 2 you too much :-(. ughh but i love pv soccer and we had an amazing season so wooooo. FUCK RYE!!!!
umm the rest of the week was real boringgg. we made peanut brittle in chem which was pretty good lol. umm i tried out for cortland vipers on thurs. i suckeddd. oo well wateverrr. ummmm dont really remember anything else from this weeeeek.
friday i was supposed 2 go 2 rachels or something but i figured it was pointless cuz i wudnt b there for tht long. so i just went to the soccer awards thing at 6:30 or wtvrrr. it was pretty good. cohen made us shirts tht say league champs. cuz we're nice like that. amanda made us all copies of our warm up mix =]. i've listened 2 it so many times haha. next year is guna b sooo sad and different!! ughh. hmm after the dessert thing i just came home and chilllllllled.
today was freaking awesomeeeeeeee. i woke up earlyish thinkin i was guna go 2 the mall with dani at like 12:30 lol we didnt end up going til like 2 haha. we got rebecca her present and stuff and we did some other stufff. umm then we picked up rebecca and came back 2 my house and we gave her her present and me and rebecca gave dani hers. they liked their stuff so much!! yayyy!! ummm then they had to leave because i had to go to tryouts for jags. i didnt do too bad tonight. i really wanna be on that team but i don't think its gunna happen :-(. umm after jags i went to COLDSTONE with REBECCA. aww BEN drove us. it was soooooooooooo fucking fun/funny/retarded hahahahaha. people in this area are real weird. some lady was like staring down ben in the car. and some other girl was like smiling at us like real big and scary it was sooo fucking weird. oh man the people in cold stone are so f'n weird too. oh and we cudnt even wait online inside because we had to keep the doors closed so the stones didnt melt haha. yea but then we were like ordering and stuff and the kid helping rebecca was like YOU GET TWO SCOOPS BECAUSE YOU ORDERED DOUBLE WHITE CHOCOLATE or something hahahah oh man. then the girl helping me was like COME WITH ME IF YOU WANT TO WATCH ME MAKE UR ICE CREAM! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA omgggggggggggggggg ben kept immitating her and he did it like perfectly haah i swear i was laughing so hard i almost fucking choked hahahahaha. we just sat out at bens car and made fun of the people for mad long hahaha it was great. we made fun of their singing too and haha ben was like i think i just wanna stand there with a jar of pennies and keep putting one in the tip jar and as soon as they finish singing i'll put another one in hahaha. sooo hilarious. then ben drove us to krystinas house. he was freaking out about all the huge houses we saw. wen we got to xtinas he was like SHUT UP NO WAY THIS IS NOT HER HOUSE haha hes like omg is there a sniper that is guna like shoot me...yea im lettin u guys off over here i dont wanna like hit the nice cars hahaha omg it was so funny. i wonder if he got outta that place without getting lost hahaha. oh man wat an awesome time. then at xtinas me and rebecca just sat and talked 2 her for a while and it was hilarious cuz xtina is just the funniest girl on this fucking earth hahaha. oh man i had such an awesome nighttt lol. okkkk well this is like real longggggggggg so i'm gunna stop nowww lol ok peace+love...1!!

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June 5th @ 12:19AM]
[ mood | happy ]


ok anywayyyyy umm lets seeee hmm last sunday me and val went to go see the longest yard...yea just the two of us cuz we're cool. you got a problem with tht? haha wow tht movie was great omg i loved it.
monday i didnt do shit exept go 2 soccer i think haha i dnt remember but watever ... the rest of the week was boring ... we got our yearbooks and stuff so thts good shittt ... hmm wednesday had quarter final game vs eastchester we won but we played like complete shit hmmm oo well cuz then friday we played pleasantville and we won and now WE GOIN 2 THE SHIPPPP yeaaaaa girlssssssssssss haha i love you guysss!!!! ummmmmm after we won friday a bunch of us went to wendy's!! good stuff.
today was an awesome day ... umm this morning i had to take the damn SAT II's in chem. those sucked some cock. i was up to #30 with like 20 mins left and there are like 70 questions. but im so amazing that i actually finished ... not like i skipped any questions in between or anything haha. oo well watever. umm after that i went to JV bagels with krystina then we came here and ate and tht was good stufff. ummmm then i went to the mall with rebecca. wow we were actually in hollister for like two hours...wow dani you owe us hahahaha. we loveee you. umm yea so tht was interesting haha then after that we went to pac sun to look at stuff then down 2 macy's to smell the burberry touch for men cuz im addicted haha umm then we looked at flip flops and we realized we fuckin lost the hollister bag. rebecca started to run back to pac sun but then i found the bag haha omg we're spazzes haha. then we like bought stuff and payed and forgot to take with with us ahahaha. oh and i kept giving the cashregister ppl wayyy too much money hahaha oops!! oo well then we got stuff from fye and hallmark and we were liks itting in the mall wrapping presents haha we're amazing at life. umm then mommy came and she bought me HOW HIGH WOO BEST MOVIE!! gota love it. umm then we dropped rebecca offff. after that i came come and did nothinggg.
finalllllllllly it was time to go 2 christie's sweet 16!!!! woo caito picked me up and we got there and got like mad lost the place was like impossible 2 find haha oo well. umm it was sooooooooooooooooo fun omg. one of my nails fell off haha ... oo well i just took the rest of them off anyway haha...i made new friends woooooo!! michelle tagliamonte is like the nicest girl everr omg i <3 her!! and of course dara and carly too!! omg i loveeeee them!!!!!! haha they made me danceee omg haha...me and carly can't do it haha!! omg and i <3 maggie flor too shes cooool!! aww yes i love meeting new ppl its so exciting!! haha im so fuckin retarded. ummm yea awesome niteeeee exept josh is gay and doesnt dance hahaha oh man. oh ps christie looked BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!
welllllll this is getting fucking longggggggggg and i need 2 go cuz i have soccer at 9:30 tomorrow and then i have a game at 4 and then tryouts at 6 wowwww this sucks haha ... umm yea im outtttttttttttttt peace+love...1!!

ps 3 bdays this weeeeeeek ;-) dani-wed june 8th, rebecca-thurs june 9th, xtina-fri june 10th!! love you girlsss


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More lies than truth definatly more rumors than reality... [Sunday
May 29th @ 3:18PM]
[ mood | good ]

yoo what up.
this week was iight...only had practice mon tues and wed. wasnt badddd. ummm thursday i went to a cortland vipers practice 2 like tryout for that team. i guess i did good idk...we'll see. after that it was mad funny cuz i looked @ my phone and jamal called me and i called him back nd we talked nd then we hung up nd then i was driving thru peekskill cuz i hada get from camp smith to john jay for the boys lax game ... and i saw jamal walkin on the road ha i thought it was prettttty funny shit!! ummm then i went to the lax game and ughhhhh the boys lost 2 RYE by 2 FUCK RYE FUCK RYE FUCK RYE FUCK RYE!! ughh they soooo cudda won sectionals again :-\. oo wellll man.
fridayyy i went into school like 2nd period...even tho i wanted 2 go in 3rd cuz i wanted 2 skip the honors breakfast but there was no1 to drive me in but its a good thing i went in 2nd cuz there was no honors breakfast so we had chem and good thing i didnt miss that cuz ms lee wudda ripped my head off. umm then i left after 5th period haha. no1 was in school anyway. it was actually pretty cute how everyone just decided not to show up lol. ummmmmmm then i just came home nd chilled for the rest of the dayyyyy cuz thts just how i roll.
saturdayyyyyy was an awesome day. hadda wake up kinda early 2 get to josh's at like 10 to go 2 the girls softball game. they won 6-0!! yeaaa girls!! section 1 class B champs!! awesome jobbb. umm yea so anywayyy they won it was awesomeee nd then after the game i came home nd chilled and then at like 5 i went to go pick up bari to go to NEW ROC CITY!!!! WOOOOOOOOO omg it was awsome!! we had sooo much fun. first we ate at some place called zanaros...even tho we put our name on the applebees list hahaha. umm after that we did mini golfing in this awesome like glow in the dark place. then we did go karts and we are like the only two people who crashed haha omg it was hilarious!! lol but omg it was sooo fun. umm then after that we checked out the movie theatre it was pretty cool...we wanted 2 see a movie but didnt really have time. umm then we got ice creamm. then we walked along the cool bridge lol. then we went bowling. omg tht bowling alley was soo freakin awesome it was all like glow in the dark and stuff nd it played madd good music haha oh mannnn good shit. ummm after bowling we just walked arounddd a lil and waited for bari's dad to pick us upp. omg we went into the movie theatre again nd we had pretzels and it was mad funny some girl was like excuse me i like ya hair color and then this other girl was like no she dont, she juss want a piece of yo pretzel i was like ummmmm ok and me and bari walked away and like got out of there hahaha. then we just sat and talked and then her dad picked us up. thennn we went back to her house and then her mom drove me homeee woo!! sooo much fun :-D!!
hmmm today im home alone like all dayyy lol umm i sat outside for a while nd juss chilled till it started 2 like rain lol. umm i think im goin 2 the movies later to see the longest yard with jamal and val and idk who else but watever its alllll good. everyone else is like goin 2 razzous...hmmm. cool. umm yea soo im outtttttt peace+love...1!!

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lets go yankeees!! [Sunday
May 22nd @ 3:17PM]
[ mood | pretty good ]

wow havent updated in a while. and last time i updated i forgot to mention the pep rally we had last friday haha. that shit was madd funny. kids were dancing with teachers nd like piking teachers up and dragging them out to dance haha woww. funnnnnnnnnnny ass shit.
anywayyy PUTNAM VALLEY VARSITY GIRLS SOCCER 2005 = LEAGUE CHAMPS!!!!! what the fuck do you know about that?!?! haha we are amazing. i love my team :-D!!!! next up: sectionals!!
ummmmmmm this week was pretty borin juss had games and practice and stuff. my dad got a new car. its pretty hottt but anywayy i just wanted it to be friday all week.
friday was dustin's birthday. rest in peace<3 i love and miss you sooooo much. watch over us<3
i had practice and then i came home and waited for jurd to come home and for josh to be done with practiceee. aww jurd came home that was good :-D!!!! thennnn at like 8ish i went to pick up josh to go to the cemetary to visit dustin<3. it was soooo sad :-(. we stayed there for a lil bit then we came back to my house and just chilled downstairs and watched the yanks vs. mets. yanks won woooooo!!!! ahh i love how me and josh are now. its great. i love that kid so much!! umm yea but anyway after he left i just chilledddddd and shit.
saturdayy i woke up and ate then i went to go get my nails done. i went to allure and some guy did my nails haha. i got tipsss woo they are soo annoying!! haha. they look pretty good tho. ummm then i came home and just chilled all day then i started gettin ready for marisa's sweet 16!! woooooo. at like 6 i picked up rebecca and then she came back here then we waited for jurdy to get home 2 drive us. we got there at like exactly 7 haha. we were like the first ones there. marisa looked soooo beautiful!! her dress was awesome!! ahhhhh i saw bari who i havent seen in like 10 years!! woooo. shes awesome!!!!!! i sorta met tara too haha didn't really talk to her tho :-(. ummm then aimee got there!! aww shes awesome i love her!! thennn mike dorrien came. wat a cool kid!! then lucy and then finally xtinaaa haha woooooo. umm some interesting things were going on hahahahah wowwwwww. umm yea it was sooo good to chill with my nabbbbbbbbbbbbby girls :-D. i love them sooo much!! omg ossining kids are crazy!! all the guys were like crowd surfing and this kid noah was breakdancing!! it was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! hmm i had a great time and it was just awesome :-D!!!!!!
today i had a soccer game in mamaroneck at like 10 am. we lost even tho the team sucked. i scored tho haha. ummmmmmm me and bev have like the best time wen we play on this team hahahaha gota love it. umm after the game i got AWESOME pizza with tara caito and nicole. yummmmm. umm then i came home and im just chillin. i updated my webshots and talked to marcus a lil. good stufff i guess. welllll im out. peace+love ... 1!!!!

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And when the things get for real my warm heart turns cold... [Saturday
May 14th @ 5:42PM]
[ mood | good ]

wow havent updated in a long time. oh well. umm yeaaaaaaaa lets see nothing much has been going on really. soccer is goin madd good ... our record is 14-1 ... i scored in our last two games (vs dover and westlake) and we have to play pleasantville and briarcliff on monday and tuesday. those are our last reg. season games. we basically won league and if we win monday and tuesday then we stay undefeated in league :-D!! woo.

me and josh are like getting madd close again ... like how we used 2 be. its gooood stuff!! me nd val went over his house yesterday after school 2 get food and stuff lol...then we were walkin back to the school but got really lazy and anthony cortina drove us up the driveway of the school haha ... umm marcus came home last nite but idk when im guna see him or if im even gunna see him cuz hes really cool and stuff? riiiight. umm last nite i rebecca and xtina came over for a lil bit...i got to see ben cuz he dropped off rebecca. good stuff. they are comin over again tonite i think.

today i went my friends sister's bat mizvah. i met some of her friends and they are really cool. ummm tomorrow i have a soccer game and thats about itttt soooooo im out peace + love ... 1!!

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You be hatin and i see why, cuz you don't know me... [Monday
May 2nd @ 9:50AM]
[ mood | hyper ]

okay so its been mad long since i've updated. oh well.
umm LASTTT saturday was pretty awesome!! first i hadda go help at the special olympics with the soccer team. that was iight ... then i came home and juss chilled for a while. then we had a passover seder ... well sort of haha... then me and krystina decided to chill with risa and lucyyyy. but then xtina called me and said that risa was gunna dick us over and chill with her other friends. not cool. but then xtina shows up at my house to pick me up and RISA POPS OUT OF THE CAR!!!!! WOOOOOO OMG IT WAS AWESOME!! then we went to blockbuster. wow i think people wanted 2 like kick us out and stuff cuz we were like really obnoxious hahahaha. we were there for mad long too and it was really hot in there haha. and the black guy at the register was really hott too haha. we asked him why it was so hot in here and he sed cuz of the coke fridge thing we were like riiiight hahah...and then risa was like are u hot? hhaa it was funny oh man good times. anyway then we went to xtinas house and we chilleddddd. it was lots of funn. we raided her pantry thing haha. i messed up and ate chips and oreos and stuff even tho i wasnt supposed 2 haha. ooops!! anyway then we went downstairs and started to watch thirteen. good stuff. then lucy cameeeee. then we just chilled and watched thirteen. awww i love my nabby girls!! :-D!! blahh then my mom came and picked me uppp... and then i came home nd just chilled.
sunday i did my research paper all day. woo good stuff...notttt.
umm monday and wednesday i had games. i dont remember who we played monday but we won haha. maybe dover? idk. wednesday we played briarcliff and beat them wooooo WE MESSED UP THEIR UNDEFEATED RECORD!! WATCHU KNO BOUT THAT HOMIE!! haha. umm friday and saturday was the dustin strumke memorial tourament. friday we went to cohens room at 4:15 and had a bagel wedge thing. it was good lol...kinda small...but good. then at 5 we went out to set stuff up of the tournament. i saw xtina haha. good stuff. hen hud lost to fox lane 2-1. then we played and we beat ardsley 6-1!! it shudda been 7-1 but the ref was a jerk and didnt give ashley the goal cuz "time ran out" riiight. oo well. umm then saturday we got there at like 5 and set up. then hen hud lost to ardsley. sorry xtina!! (i hope ur head is ok cuz that girl def fuckin kicked u in the head at the end i was bout to run out there and beat her ass for u). umm then we played and we beat fox lane 4-0!!!!!!!! HELL YEAHHH!! it was awesome!! then after the game tina spoke. it was so sad :-(. umm after the game i just came home nd chilled.
yesterday was risas birthday!!!! yayayay happy sweet 16! i love you!!!! umm i had anotherrr game for yorktown. it was okayy. we tied 1-1. me and bev were like dead haha. after that i got carvel omg it was so good lol then i just came homeee.
today was awesome. global was boring but there was an announcement that the water is like fucked up and shit. then gym was fucking awesome cuz we had a sub and we played pillo pollo lol and jamal came back so hes in my gym class now and me and bev played his team omg it was soooo fun!! hahahaha that kid is hilarious. and me and bev just like to laugh for no reason too haha. good shit. umm then we went to chem and we learned for a lil bit. then cooper came on the announcements and was like since the water doesnt work, ur goin home! wooo thats fucking awesome. mrs. lee was like partying haha. umm i still gota go back for soccer but its all good!!!! oh man it wud b awesome if theres no school tomorrow haha!!
anywayyyy i got home and like 9:45 and now idk wat ima do ... i wanna sleep but im mad hyper wooo ... PEACE + LOVE ... 1!!!!

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Do he write his own rhymes? well sorta, i think em tht mean i 4got better shit than u eva thought of [Friday
April 22nd @ 8:46PM]
[ mood | bored ]

ayo wat up. its been a while.
umm sunday my game sucked we lost like 3-0 idk. the sweeper on the other team was really nice tho, i talked to her the whole game hahaaa.
monday i dont remember what i did haha thats awesomeee...
tuesday i had soccer bright and early at 8:30 am ... it was HOTTTT out yo...umm after that i came home and worked on my research paper shit.
wednesday was pretty much the sameee plus it was my moms birthdayyy
thursday had soccer then worked on the research paper then DANI CAME OVER!! wooo she drove :-D!! then we went to get pizza and we went to this weird place and the guy was so weird and it was really creepy so we like ran out of there and drove away fast haha. umm then we went to the baseball game which was boringgg ... then we left that and drove around pv then we came back 2 the game nd it was in like the 6th inning so we just stayed for the resttt. then we came back to my house and we were gunna make cookies but dani hadda leave :-(. not cool. umm thenn i made cookies after she left and then i juss chilllled.
today i had soccer then team bonding at co dawg's! we tie dyed more shirts wooooo fun shit...i tie dyed a short sleeve a long sleeve and a sweatshirttt wooooo. ummmm then i came home and did some work on my paper and then JURD CAME HOME!! woo fun stufff. umm now i'm juss chillinnnn...

blahhh so yea i wanna find josh mendezzz i miss that kid so much. if anyone knows where he is tell me haha wow i HAVE to find him!!!!!!!

99 days till my birthday!! wooooo...ummmmmm yea so im out...peace+love...1!!

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The calmest cat trust me when I palm this gat kill your mind body and soul push your conscience back [Saturday
April 16th @ 11:53PM]
[ mood | hyper ]

ohhh shit what up kids. updating 2 days in a row whoaaa!!!!
today i woke up and my mom was like we gota leave in like 40 mins to go 2 the eye doctor i was like wtf?! so i got ready mad quick...my hair looked retared hahaha...and i stopped to get breakfast then i went to the eye doctor. i was there for like an hour. then i went to the mall to get shorts and soccer socks and stuff...exept i didnt get any shorts. then i went to modell's to look for shorts but didnt get any. then i came home. i talked 2 kd mazin and we decided to go to the turf. so me kd mazin tara and caito went to the turf to play fh. then bev and rachel were there so we played soccer with them. then kim showed up juss as we were bout 2 leave and me kd mazin tara caito and kim all came back 2 my hous eand chilled and ate pizza. then we went to carvellll yumm...then we went to the lax game. THEY BEAT RYE 9-8!! WOOOOOOOOOOO I HATE RYE!!!! anywayy after the game me kd mazin tara britt kniz caito kellie kim josh and ray all went back to kd mazin's house. we watched white chicks and chilledddd. me and kd mazin and josh went outside on the trampoline. tht was fun. haha omg i was doin a toe touch and i fell foward and my head hit josh's knee haha ouch. umm so we jumped around and juss chilled for a while. i called marcus and he answerd haha i was like watever i'll juss call hes not gunna answer and then i was like wow i bet hes gunna answer since i sed tht and he did ahhh it was awesome. he's supposed 2 call me back but yea thts obviously not happening ... i mean why would it?! lol. umm then i was gettin off the trampoline and i made josh get my shoes for me haha. when he was doin that his head went into my knee haha. thts so weird cuz my head went into his knee be4 haha. umm yea then everyone left and me and kd mazin juss chilled for a lil while we were waiting for my mom to come pick me up. aww i love kd mazin!! haha we are so awesome cuz people are jelous ahhahaha omg kd mazin is my heroooo!!!! hahaha good times. umm yea so now im home and im juss chillin ... i got a soccer game tomorrow ... bev's not going which sucks. umm anywayyyyyyy ... i'm out peace+love...1!!

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Niggas phony so I only got a couple of homies... [Friday
April 15th @ 10:22PM]
[ mood | HaPPy and LoVed!! ]

ayo whats good. im mad tired right now. blahh
anyway...sunday was pretty awesome...sorta. i had a game and we won 3-0. i scored 2 goals and sarah scored one. woo good stuff. then i went to carvel after :-D.
monday was iight i guess. i had a game but it kinda sucked cuz it was vs. rye and they came late and we lost 2-0 ughhhh. oh well rye is good what can i say...thts def the toughest game of the season...good thing we got it over with.
tuesday i had a chem testtt i got a 97 on it woo!!!!!!! umm anyway i had practice till 4:30ish...we played world cup and me and michelle won for the first time this season wooo!!!! we r the best. umm then after practice i came home and juss chilled.
wednesday i had a game in hastings. it was pretty good. we won 2-0. yupppp. then i came home and worked nd stuff u know.
thursday in chem we made ice cream!! that shit was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! serioulsy haha it was so cool. and it tasted madd good too. woo umm then i had a math test which i got like an 80 on. ugh watever thts better than a 76. ummm then i had practice till 4...easy shit...then i came home and chilled. oh yeah and i finally gave in a got a myspace. my boycott lasted long enough haha. so many people have it!!
today i had a global test ugh. who gives a test the day be4 break? oh yea mrs. greenberg does too, but hers wasn't bad cuz she didn't give a shit she was like "i'm already on vacation, i dont care bout these tests" haha but we also all did this extra credit thing that gave us 100 on the quiz so she like doesnt even have 2 grade it anyway. ummm after school i chilled wit krystal. then she left and i went to see chernick 2 find out bout yankee tix. we juss chilled for a lil then he went to work out and i went wit ppl from my team. then i had my game. it was aweome. i started and i played really good. well at least better than i've been playing. it was awesome. i amost scored a few times. one of my shots went right off the crossbar UGH I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS!!. anyway we beat JFK 5-1!!!!! woooooo. katye had a hat trick, amanda scored, and bev shot and some kennedy girl like kicked it in haha OWN GOAL!! hahahaha omg we were cracking upppp!!!!...but watever we beat them nd it was awesome...it only took like 7 yrs to do haha. bev almost beat the SHIT outta this girl haha tht was mad funny. umm after the game i went to wendy's wit er, meaghan, britt and katye kinz, amanda, stoi, and dayna. haha it was mad hot in there so we took our food (and trays) outside and people were lookin at us like wtf are these girls doin? haha. awesomeee. anyway then amanda drove me home and now im juss chillin. yeaa so im out...peace+love...1!!

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Happy Birthday Louie!!!! [Sunday
April 10th @ 12:18AM]
[ mood | tired ]

aww its 12:20 right now, which means its sunday, which means its louie's 16th birthday! aww yay. happy birthday homie!!

anywayyy monday um i dont even remember...shit ummmm i was tired all day and stuff cuz i like don't sleep. but yeh i stayed after and chilled wit like vinny c. for a lil and then with val. then i had practice till 4 i think. then i guess i came home and chilled. seriously don't remember haha.
tuesday FADE TO BLACK CAME OUT ON DVD!!!!! right after practice i went straight to the mall and bought it. then i came home and watched it. ahhh i loved it. I LOVE JAY-Z :-D:-D!!!!!!!!!!!!
wednesday same shitttt...school and soccerrrr...
thursday i had a game vs irvington. aww chernick came...but it was so fuckin homo cuz the other team showed up seriously 2 hrs late. so he had to leave and didnt get to watch the game. i felt soooo bad!! also we were all like not focused. so we played like shit. we almost lost...but we didn't...cuz we don't lose haha.
fridayyyy i had no practice or nuttin but i stayed after with val and justin and then me and val went to visit chern haha. tht was fun!! he wudnt let us leave hahahahahahahaha right val. hmmm then i left and went to wendys then i got my nails done, they came out really good...and then i came home and fell asleep. then i woke up and got ready for dana and nicole's sweet 16. then i went to that. it was fun!! hmmm then i came home and chillllled.
saturday i hadda wake up early and go 2 soccer. too bad my coach sucks and gave up like a gillion goals. anyway after soccer i went and got my haircut...just a trim tho so its not really different. umm then i came home and started workin on my research paper. hm then i didn't kno where val was cuz we needed 2 make plans so i was like ughh. then i talked 2 justin and he didnt kno where she was either. hes a really cool kid tho...anyway then he left and she came on...so everything was really messed up UGH!! so tonite me val krys kenny and this kid andrew went to the play...it was so weird tho cuz just as me val and krys got there dan was walkin in. so i was basically with him the whole time. me and him went in and sat and val and krys waited for kenny and andrew. they came into the play late. then they left at intermission. wateverr idc cuz at least i got 2 sorta chill wit dan for once in my life haha...mvp =]...anywayyy then i came home and now im juss chillin...
i got a soccer game today...in like 9 hours haha and i gota write like 2 1/2 more pages for my health paper. that sucks...ummmmm i need 2 talk to justin/vinny. yeahhh ummm anywayyy i'm outttttttt peace+love...1!!

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you draw, better be picasso, y'know the best, cause if this is not so, ah, God bless [Sunday
April 3rd @ 5:41PM]
[ mood | tired ]

whoaa im fucking tired.
thursday was like blahhh ... short practice ... we finally played world cup, thts always fun =]... then i stayed for the lax game and froze my freakin ass off. aw i saw joe and frankie bertino ... i talked 2 them for a lil bit with my mom haha. aw i cant wait for the summer. then after the game i wanted 2 say hi 2 matt so i waited but he was like really pissed cuz they lost so we hardly talked. i was like hey good game he was juss like yea watever. awww i felt bad :-\. umm anyway then i came home nd juss chilled and then i was like iight ima go 2 sleep madd early i need my rest ... fucking dan made me take an IQ test that took me like 234234 hours ... i got a 120 which i think is good...dan got a 126 ... damn yo hes smart. but anyway i ended up going to bed at about 1 so that kinda sucked.
friday i was dead tired but watever ... i come 2 school rockin the tie dye shit u kno reppin for soccer haha that was madd funny everyone was like wtf is with the tie dye? umm yea so that day was mad borin i fell asleep in like spanish and business law. oh well. umm then i came home and then went back for our game. omg that game was actually fucking amazing. we scored first making it 1-0 then they scored so it was 1-1 then after that ... in the second half ... OMG WE SCORED FUCKING 4 MORE GOALS!! we beat them 5-1. hell fucking yeah. so i figure ... 1 goal is for the first day we went down there and only played 1/2 of a game then the second goal is for the next day we hadda go back and fucking lose which was unfair... another goal is for the bball team, another for er ( who we missed a lot =[ ) and another for football who like lost to them in like overtime. so yeah basically that game was great. umm then i came home and i juss wanted 2 take a nap but i had 2 like take a shower and eat so then i took at nap at like 8 but then i just ended up sleeping for the rest of the nite cuz i was too lazy to get up and like not sleep.
saturday i woke up and my fucking ceiling was leaking. that was fucking homo because it like woke me up and wudnt let me go back to sleep. then i got ready and stuff and krystina came nd picked me up nd we went nd got wendy's and almost got hit by a car then we chilled at her house nd got ready 2 go 2 lucy's. so we have to go to this restaurant in croton called Justin Thyme or some shit...we have no clue where the fuck we are going and its pouring rain and omg it was insane and we're lucky we made it there alive. we like stopped some random guy in his car and like asked where it was omg that was intense haha. umm then we got there and we didn't know anyone but lucy's friends were really nice and i liked them. so then lucy came and she was surprised. that was cool. so then we ate nd stuff and then we went back to lucy's. krystina drove me, robin aka giggles, jamie and caroline...but we hada like stop at jamie nd caroline's house and caroline doesn't know her right from her left so she obviously can't give directions for shit. yeah and its like pitch black out and raining so that was fucking fun. i thought i was gunna die. we went over this bridge and it was like a scene from like fucking jurrasic park. krystina thought a teridactal was gunna come eat us or soemthing haha. anyway we make it back 2 lucy's and there are like ppl there to do manicures pedicures and facials...and then this really awesome card magician guy came. he was freakin awesome and his tricks were freakin cool. umm yea so we watched him then we got like facials and manis/pedis. woo fun shit. umm then we stayed up madd late. me lucy and robin stayed up till like 6:30 and then we woke up at like 8. wow im like fucking wiped out right now. umm so yeah i started doin this like collage of pics on my desk and i wanna finish but im really fucking tired so ....... idk imma juss go chill or like sleep or idk ... but it doesnt feel like 6:00 and it is so peace+love...1!!

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Funny what, seven days can change... [Wednesday
March 30th @ 9:47PM]
[ mood | good ]

woo today was pretty coooool. ms lee came back and that was awesome cuz we actually LEARNED in chem!! wooooo. i've never been so excited to learn before haha. ummm mrs whiffen makes me maddd haha she talks too much. ugh wateverr man. i wish mrs heitman wud come back. anywayyyy our game today was freakin awesomeee. bus ride was long but wateverrr. we won 3-1!!!! kerry katye and me scored. katyes goal was madd cool cuz someone i htink bev crossed it to her and she like slidddd into the goal with it haha it was hotttt. then my goal was gangsta too cuz amanda took a shot and it hit off the crossbar and i was right there and i headed it in!! WOOOOOOOO!!!! haha amanda like picked me up and spun me around haha that was madd funny. haha omg i <3 katy gigler cuz we are now best friends and we are gunna go live in northwestsoutheastchester where the sun is confused cuz its a different time zone and there are love triangles of planes and ahhhhh ITS CRAZY!! hahaha. ummmm then after the game i came home and did work and now im juss chillllllin.
tomorrow i get to see matty b :-D!! yayyy ahhh can't wait can't wait!!
friday ... pelham comes 2 pv ... awwww shit ITS GOIN DOWN. we don't lose at home bitcchessss especially to pelham. fuck those fuckers we are gunna beat the shit outta them!! wooo... iight i'm outtt peace+love...1!!

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I swear to God I just want to slit my wrists and end this bullshit... [Tuesday
March 29th @ 9:31PM]
[ mood | whatever ]

ayo whats good.
hmmmm sunday was BORING it was easter and im jewish...figure it out. oh and jurd went back to cornell :-(.
monday was pretty cool. amanda picked me up and we went over to Co DaWgS. we ate madd food and chilled. then we tie dyed long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, and bucket hat things. haha cohen is gunna make us wear the bucket hat things because she sed we make fun of hers haha. thats gunna suck. anyway after tie dying we ate more cuz cohen likes to feed us non stop. our scrimmage was cancelled so at like 1:45 we went over to the school to practice till 4. that wasn't too bad. umm then i came home and chilled for the rest of the niteee. me and krystina are awesome at life ... just because we are ;-). aw i talked 2 marcus a little bit. yayyy :-D.
today school was boringgg. had practice till like 4ish then i came home and did nothing. but then i started my dbq thts due tomorrow. i didn't know great britain and england were the same thing. i asked ben and he laughed at me haha :-(. this is why i fail school. ummm now im juss chillin ... i hope i dont have any more work to do. oh well.
supposedly ms. lee comes back tomorrow ... that would be SUPER!! umm tomorrow is also my first game in eastchesterrrr ugh i dont like them haha. AT LEAST I GET TO WEAR MY NEW CLEATS!! YAYAYAY!! im so excited. umm thursday ossining plays pv in lax. i get to see matty b!! YAY im so excited :-D!! ahh friday is our first home game vs PELHAM!!!!!! woooooo i can't waittttt...we r gunna KICK THEIR ASS! fuck yeahh baby. iight im out ... peace+love ... 1!!

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