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look at her, she's wicked

the musical, Wicked

no one mourns the wicked
19 July

im molli! umm im 13 & in 8th grade at M2M3
umm feel free to comment or ask to be added. i'll respond unless something weird is goin onn

I love singing, dancing, acting, talking to my friends, drawing, shopping, playing games on the computer, chatting, blogging, making graphics, designing websites. I also love umm my cell phone, my cats, my hampster, my computer, my best friends & a ton of other things.
i hate rude people, annoying things (people, bugs, sounds, etc), spiders, thunderstorms with lots of wind, uniforms, total blackness, & steep heights. yeah im a scaredy cat lol

MEGAN - best friend forever, is really awesome, knows how to cheer ANYONE up. very, very friendly & sweet shes thats_nobby on lj =]
MEGAN - my other best friend, super duper funny really awesome knows mee waaayy too well. shes ____onlyakiss__ on lj =]
some other awesome friends...tara, molly, emma, rachel, kelly, jessica, carolyn, hannah, brooke (brd), allison, erika, katie, ashley, umm there are lots more but @ the moment they either hate me or i just cant think of them

i make icons @ icons_plus =]
i also own alexa nikolas fans


layout: mine
icon: mine

alexa nikolas
matthew underwood