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I am lazy as hell lately. I know I have some mystery shops tomorrow, but I don't even know what they are. I have a fitness club shop I have to do soon. I take three personal training sessions. That should be interesting. My last personal trainer blew, so I hope this one has some interesting things to tell me.

I've lost nine pounds in the past week and a half. When I get serious about losing weight I can really do it. That's the only benefit of being nauseous as hell the past couple days - I have no appetite whatsoever. Except for ice cream. I had Baskin' Robbins today. Kids Scoop. 200ish calories. I plan on drinking Gatorade for lunch.

I found this girl that I used to work with in Missouri at Chili's. We were kind of friends, except she was a bitch who treated me like garbage. She was always feeling pity for me for everything, and she was the Chili's Hoe. She slept with almost every manager and half of the employees. All she ever wanted to do was brag about it to me. I was reading some of my old journal the other day, and I actually forgot a lot of the nasty things she did.

So now I find her on Facebook, and it's quite shocking. She is morbidly obese, as pale as a ghost, and still lives in that filthy little house. And as I recallll, she used to feel so much pity for me because I lived in a tiny apartment and didn't make much money. Oh, what a shame, what a shame.

I know I need to let go of the bitterness. But sometimes I find it fun. I suppose I also don't like to be pitied.


I just made a topic about this. I find people I haven't seen since high school, and they've usually gained quite a bit of weight. It's pretty disgusting.
I love being better than people who were all high and mighty back in the day. it's great!

dood find me on face book! mstopvega@gmail.com
Facebook's search engine blows ass. What's your link?

November 2013

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