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Got some needs yeah, I need to shake it

And I can razamataz you honey, if you want me to

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In summary: 18, nail biter, pierced, angered too easily, opinionated, OUT, singer, rainbows, stars in the sky, probably crazy, sex & drugs & rock n’ roll.

If you like to read these things: My name is Alexandra, but everyone's been calling me Alex since before I can remember. I like it that way. My favorite colors are bright violet,lime green,sangria pink and black. I'm bilingual but I'm not very good at holding up conversations in either language. I'm pretty shy at first but once I open up, I'm extremely open. Sometimes I'm a little too open and that makes people uncomfortable. I like to dye my hair a lot and I'm really hygenic.

I'm QUEER. Queer as in queer. Not bisexual, not a lesbian, not confused... just queer. I like it that way.