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[21 Dec 2005|12:23am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Happy Holidaysssss and I need to start updating this more often and I need to think of exciting things to write.

But as usual, all I have are pictures.


It makes me sad that Winter Break is eventually going to end and it's going by too fast now.

I'm seeing Daphne Loves Derby on January 20th.

I'm glad that you can forgive. I'm only hoping as time goes you can forget.Collapse )

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The Used should play at the hospital for cancer patients and cure the world of sickness. [23 Nov 2005|04:16pm]
[ mood | sick ]

I'm sick like whoaaalsdfbhkjsdnfkjsd. The Used make me feel better. They work better than medicine.

I had to get sick on the four day weekend, didn't I?

Fever of 100. Last night it was 103. Coughing my lungs out. Sore throat. Lightheaded-ness. More. Okay, I'm done complaining.

Make me feel better and comment and such.

And because I have no life, I took a quiz.

If Columbus was wrong I'd drive straight off the edge.Collapse )

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[23 Oct 2005|12:58am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I haven't updated in more than a month. As a result, I have about 7345672807 pictures to put on. I don't know why I feel the need to put my pictures on livejournal.

Tonight was Homecoming Dance. I went to Spooky House instead. I went to Homecoming game, though, and Mia was a very pretty Homecoming Princess and the freshmen were sluts, and because we are Calabasas, we had fireworks and they looked like stars and I liked them.

My life= not exciting. So how are all of you who haven't completely ditched livejournal?

On to my million pictures of some past weekends:

I'm bleeding and I'm heartless, but I'm yours.Collapse )

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BOREDKJNDFKGJND [17 Sep 2005|01:30am]
[ mood | tired ]

I'm tired. I'm bored. School sucks. I'm not going to homecoming again. I'd rather do something cool.

I'm not a drunk. I'm just random. People don't get that.

I love www.postsecret.com. Go there. I want to submit a secret. I have one and the idea for the card and such but my computer keeps making it shitty quality.


this was pointless.

EDIT OMG PENGUIN!!!!!111!!one!11!!

my pet!

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gahhh [10 Sep 2005|03:22pm]
[ mood | sick ]

So far tenth grade really sucks. I'm failing Physiology but if I drop it my whole schedule will change, so I'll just try to survive it. I like sitting on counters.

The Hidden In Plain View/ The Academy Is.. show was incredibleeeee. The first band and Spitalfield were okay. When Hidden In Plain View came on I worked my way to the front to Ian which made me sweat like I've never sweat before. THEY PLAYED TWENTY BELOW!! I was so glad, I'm obsessed with that song. They were sooo good. I met the singer after the show and told him they were amazing, and he signed my ticket stub. I feel retarded nt knowing names. Oh well.
The Academy Is.. came on last. They are really good live. I went in the pit some of the time and for the rest of the time I was just around the pit. They are so good. Wow.

I woke up feeling really sick. I went downstairs completely lightheaded and I threw up. Which was fun. I'm feeling better now except for a headache.

BATTLE (CONCERT) WOUNDS: Besides my back and arms being sore, someone punched me in the pit really hard so I have a bruise on my cheek/ under my eye and my nose really hurts, but my lip doesn't hurt anymore. A crowdsurfer kicked me in the jaw. I really don't like crowdsurfers. One also fell on top of Ian and I when we were trying to reach the singer of Hidden In Plain View when he was reaching out to the audience. That is all.

I don't feel like posting any pictures, I might later.

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schooool [29 Aug 2005|11:12pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

School starts tomorrow. How depressingggggg.

THE USED CONCERT ON THE 20TH WAS SO FUCKING AMAZING. Bert is engaged! He dedicated Blue and Yellow to his "beautiful fiance, Allison". They played Maybe Memories, The Taste of Ink, Bulimic, Box of Sharp Objects, Blue and Yellow, On My Own, Take It Away, I Caught Fire, All That I've Got, Listening, and Sound Effects and Overdramatics. The opening bands were good, too. I now need the 30 Seconds to Mars and maybe New Transit Direction cds.


Well, while this summer was boring and I was antisocial, I still hate school for than anything. I think I compared scedules with basically everyone, but here is mine:

1. Physiology// Piller
2. Spanish 2// Woodlock-Wa
3. Geometry// Kayastha
4. P.E.// Quigley
5. World History// Reel
6. English 2 Honors// Oritz

I so far have no one in three of my classes. Holy shiiit, I need friends.

I LOST MY THE USED JACKET!!! ::sobs:: I'm going to buy a new one. Or three.

Well, I have quite a few pictures that I don't want to resize and upload on photobucket, but such is life.


And these cold winter nights without you next to me, it feels like twenty below. Frostbite on my heart, this pain and suffering are feelings that you don't know.Collapse )

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livejournal>myspace [18 Aug 2005|12:44am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Am I the only one who still loves livejournal? Myspace has taken over the world. FUCK YOU ALLLL. I'm livejournal-faithful.

This weekend= FUCKING WEIRD AND ANNOYING AND MISERABLE. If I didn't tell you the story about a stalker named Jake that my parents wanted to hook me up with, you wouldn't understand why. If you'd like to know this story because it'll probably make you laugh, ask me. It's painful to type out, haha.

So I went shopping for school supplies, and I realized how close school is and now I'm pissed off. I never understood the people who were excited to go back to school.

I'm living at my grandparent's house starting Saturday for ten days. This'll be fun.


I have no clue what to write anymore. My life isn't exciting.

I love you.

And time for pictures I should have put up a while ago.

We're lost in the moment, our chapters are finished, regret every minute, I miss you so...Collapse )

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[ mood | chipper ]

•Driving school soon.
•My parents think I'm anorexic. They freaked out: "OMG YOU USED TO BE 103, NOW YOUR 102. YOU'RE LOSING WEIGHT!" Seriously.
•They tried to hook me up with John's friend's son. At least he liked The Used.
•My poor summer is over in a month and it's going by too fast.

And that's all that's new.

Look in my eyes, I'm jaded now, whatever that means.Collapse )

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LAS VEGAS PICTURES [20 Jul 2005|04:45am]
[ mood | hyper ]

Why do my parents check on me in the middle of the night? I'm completely nocturnal. I would like to sneak out in the middle of the night but that would be the last thing I'd ever do. I'd be either killed or locked in a closet until my 18th birthday.

Las Vegas was a lot of fun. hahahaha Joe was our room service guy!!! How awkward.

We met an awesome yet insane guy named Jake. He was gorgeous. Until we found out he was 13. weird.
&thank you for coming, Mia!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Take back everything you said, you never meant a word of it.Collapse )

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YAY QUIZ TIME! take it or die. [13 Jul 2005|08:53pm]
[ mood | chipper ]


Step 1: Open up whatever MP3 program you use and add every song in your collection.

Step 2: Put it on random.

Step 3: Pick your favorite lines from the first 20 songs that play.

Step 4: Post and let everyone you know guess what song the lines come from and the artist.

Step 5: I'll tell you when you get them right.

Step 6: For the guessers: DON'T GOOGLE THEM. Don't Yahoo them, don't MSN them, whatever...don't use a search engine. Be cool and actually think for yourself. Don't cheat off of other guessers either.

I'll bold them when you get them right.

My computer made me start this over twice. I'm about to murder someone.Collapse )

& a few picturesCollapse )

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i love my camera [05 Jul 2005|03:55pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Pretty fun weekend. Right in time, I was about to go crazy.

Nothing new, really.

I had a pretty fun fourth of july. The school moved the fireworks so they were behind some trees if you were looking from Mia's house. Still pretty, though. I've come to the conclusion I look too anorexic, enough to maybe scare some people. If I would stop eating ice cream and such this summer someone would probably send me to an anorexic facility.

Took way too many pictures, enjoy.

P.S. Good luck on your surgery, Alana!

Tonight never ends if we never go inside... the moon is always full.Collapse )

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have you seen the boy with my heart on his sweater? [30 Jun 2005|09:48pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

This is the worst summer ever.



ahsatanahsatan.... holy fuck my name has satan written backwards in it, im going to hell.

Oh my, I'm bored. Comment anything random please.

Would I trade it all again to get you out of my head?Collapse )

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[27 Jun 2005|04:05pm]
[ mood | bored ]

The past five days have consisted on sitting on my couch and getting fat.
please please please save me.

I was put under house arrest for a day because i almost went in larissa's mom's car. retarded. it would have been the whole summer but i gave up going to hurricane harbor that day so yeah, only one day. i went to hurricane harbor the next day anyway and it was awesome.


blah blah i dont know what to write.
under the lj-cut: comment statistics and pictures with larissa and neda.

i need friends.

Now I don't dream since I quit sleeping, and I haven't slept since I met you.Collapse )

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[ mood | excited ]

It seems like just a few months ago that summer ended and i started high school. I can't believe it's been a year.

Well, lets do what other people do: summarize their school year. It sucked a lot. Yeah, that pretty much covers it. I don't care though because it's summer.

I got an A in english!!!!! exactly 89.5%. you have no idea how much i needed an a. i also raised my c to a b in bio. yess i win.

Yesterday I went to Amy's house with Rachel and walked to target and rode a shopping cart which i havent done since february, how crazy. And because I got a new digital camera (no taking it to concerts to get stolen again) I will abuse photobucket and put some of them on here. theres a lot.

By the way, I love alkaline trio.

Been on top of the world since about six months ago, marking the first time I layed eyes on you.Collapse )

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.2nd best day of my life. [08 Jun 2005|04:09pm]
[ mood | tired ]

We got our yearbooks and I look just like a man. yesssssssssss.

school is out in 6 DAYS. 3 days if you dont count finals.

Rachel and I met FINCH. their new cd out yesterday isn't very good but who cares? they are finch and their first cd was simply amazing. and they performed and nate stopped and looked at my shirt THAT RACHEL MADE and he was like "haha, whats mccracken? you have an interesting shirt. ahh bert's looking right at me." they performed acoustic and really well. and they played 2 or 3 new songs, without you here, ender, and most importantly: WHAT IT IS TO BURN.

and at the signing part we were allowed to sign two things but we didnt have anything other than their cd so i went to cheesecake factory across from tower records to ask for napkins but they didnt have any paper napkins. so i stole two cloth ones from a table and ran out. we talked to RANDY STROHMEYER. I love him. we told him that we got him a water gun to kill some witches with but security wouldnt let us bring it.
^ If you haven't seen the witch dvd, dont ask what I was just talking about.^

He told us he had sided with the witches and wrote "Power to the Wicca!" on my napkin. haha aww. they asked me if i stole them from the cheesecake factory and i was like ummm maybe. nate was like "haha, you theives." they were all really nice and awesome and ahhh:D I'll post pictures later. when rachel does. because i still need a camera.

I hate mean people. Really, they're all going to hell. Especially when I didn't do anything and they just ruin a perfect day for the hell of it.

Yay, I just ruined someone's day. I'm so fucking cool now.
Yeah, Fuck you.


EDIT: I have pictures now. CLICK.
I'm waiting, I'm waiting 'till it's over, it's over now...Collapse )

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[24 May 2005|05:45pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

so its over. wow.

i just couldnt take the cycle of i care about you, i dont anymore. it happened over and over.

I seem to care more that its over than he does and im the one who broke up with him. he obviously wanted it to end. what a lovely feeling this is.

you told me you still like me. i know youre just lying again though. youve been lying for weeks. every "i still love you, im so sorry i made you doubt that" was just a lie. why youve led me on for so long is a mystery to me when you could have easily ended it right then and there. instead you chose to make me do it. i cant think of any situation harder than what i felt when i walked toward you, repeating my speech in my head, only to forget it as soon as i opened my mouth. you knew i was going to end it even before the "i need to talk to you". and you dont care at all.

if only things never changed. if only his feelings never changed. if onlys are pointless.

i never wanted it to mean this much to me when i said yes. caring is horrible.

okay ill stop being emo. sorry.

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FAMILY FUN KAREOKE [15 May 2005|08:31pm]
[ mood | amused ]

My family has to be THE most dysfunctional family that ever lived.

We have company tonight. You know how they choose to entertain our company? They bring out the kareoke machine and sing. Oh yes, family fun.

They were insisting I sing The Used. So I went back upstairs and put my music up really loud. I can still hear them though.

I went down the street for a second and I could still hear them. I swear the cops are going to show up soon.

They are now singing Britney Spears. Just a second ago they were singing Destiny's Child. I was adopted, I swear.

P.S.- Taking Back Sunday and Jimmy Eat World was awesome. We met Eddie, he didn't sign my shirt though. He was really nice. We gave him our far out dude comic, hahaha

EDIT- I'm now missing family guy due to my familly's inability to be sane. Who wants to let me live at their house?

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summerrrrrrrr [01 May 2005|01:53pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I'm all alone this summer because I hate kids and have an "unnatural hair colour".

On the bright side I got two new cds.

I love you more than I have ever loved anyone before,
hey silly girl, I'm begging you.


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i love nedaaa [14 Apr 2005|07:17pm]
[ mood | happy ]

xocandyykissxo: update ur lj
PoeticTragedy072: ughh i dont feel like it
xocandyykissxo: updatttttte
PoeticTragedy072: nooo
PoeticTragedy072: theres nothing to update with
PoeticTragedy072: except pictures put im too lazy now
xocandyykissxo: you can dedicate a whole entry about how much you love me
PoeticTragedy072: no way, whore
PoeticTragedy072: just kidding, i love you nedock

together we make the original stalkers. i love you, nedock. haha:)

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[ mood | ecstatic ]

I went to Taste of Chaos yesterday, Thursday, March 31. And it was AMAZING. best show I have ever been to by far. before the show we met fucking Frankie from My CHemical Romance and he was so sweet. There was this girl telling him that she was going to have his babies and she loves him, blah blah, annoying.
A Static Lulluby was good. Fastforward through the other bands... My Chemical Romance played so so great. It seemed kinda short though. Gerard looked fucking incredible, they all did. Frankie was at the show which was surprising because his mother has been sick. Then... THE USED. ahhhh, they were just.... too awesome for words. They played Take It Away, Listening, I Caught Fire, All That Ive Got, Taste Of Ink, A Box of Sharp Objects, On My Own, I'm A Fake, and then they actually played sound effects and over dramatics, which i think was the first show they played it at. i sang to every single word. Then My Chemical Romance and The Used got together to play Under Pressure, which is an amazing cover of an amazing song. it was such a great concert. So so so so so great.
After the show we hang out near the busses (um.. we arent groupies..) and we met Ray, Mikey, Bob, and Gerard. so I've met all of my chemical romance. and i got them all to sign the back of my kill me im emo shirt, which was already awesome but now is more awesome. AND... i met Quinn fucking Allman and Jepha fucking Howard. They signed my shirt, too. and everyone was soooo nice and not stuck up at all. im so happy after liking the used for so long that i got to meet Quinn and Jeph. Bert and Branden didnt come out, though, at least not while I was there. My mom made me leave at 1:30 or "i would never go to another concert again". She was quite pissed but no one understands how much i can love a simple band like The Used. I just love them so much. I really wish I could have met Bert and Branden, then i would have met all of the four people i look up to most in this world. I was stupid and actually asked Jeph if he could get Bert and Branden to come out. He said they were asleep, which was probably a lie but okay because it was nice of Jeph to not disturb them. I love them all equally, though, and Im SO FUCKING HAPPY that i was able to meet not only the whole band of my chemical romance, but half of my all time favorite band, The Used.

and..rachel got the pictures developed!!

Love is not like anything... especially a fucking knife!Collapse )

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