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Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end [entries|friends|calendar]

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[30 Jan 2009|11:33pm]
not that anyone reads this, but i'd figure i would mention i have a different blog. i needed something fresh. bye bye forever french_toast_. you always sucked anyway =]
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[15 Jan 2009|01:55pm]
i haven't written in here for a very long time. i should get a new username. this is way too old.
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[14 Jun 2008|11:29pm]
[ mood | stupid ]

my journal dates have been a mess. so apparently it's been june 10th for about a month. when actually, i only turned 19 four days ago.

it poured today, and i got stuck in it, and ended up watching good fellas. not to sound disgusting or anything, but the next film project i help out with i'd like to be dead in some brutal manner. like just chillin in a pink cadillac for children to spot in broad day light. or hung in a freezer with the rest of the hanging meat. it's the one thing you'll never see- yourself dead; i just thought it would be fun. call me crazy i guess.

it was my first time acting in anything. camaro on a sea saw came out pretty good, it was a good experience. i'm trying out different art forms. its kinda odd, when i see myself in the film. i know it's me, but i don't see myself. if that makes any sense at all.

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[10 Jun 2008|12:52am]
[ mood | very frustrated ]

all i want is a friend. all of my friends are guys b/c i can't stand girls. all they do is gossip, back stab each other, and are incredibly superficial. i can't stand it. when stupid shit happens, they harp on it. where as men get over it the first time they vent their problems. no pms, no complaining, men are just a lot more pleasant to be around.

Alas, the problem with having friends that are men, they end up wanting more. and i can't do that, i don't want that. i just want a friend, is that too much to ask for?

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[01 Jun 2008|03:21am]
wrestling is a deadly game, but so much fun.
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[24 May 2008|08:31am]
come to my art show! (2 pieces)

ncc ccb building 4/30- 8/5
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[11 May 2008|09:25pm]
[ mood | i can't complain ]

i've been good for the most part, but when i'm home from a long day, and the silence sets in, and i think for a moment, how much longer? i don't want to wait anymore.

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[07 May 2008|10:11pm]

so much stuff i had to do. so much drawing...

but, one pretty good thing happend today..


i got my HUGE ZIPPER bag! =]

it's a d&g bag, and i got it for a very reasonable price.

so basically, my first legitamet bag is when i'm 18. sweet deal.
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[24 Apr 2008|09:58pm]
[ mood | bummed ]

i am the giving tree, and he is the boy.

that's really the best way i can describe it.

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[20 Apr 2008|12:32am]
i am so fucking thankful for my friends. oh god. thank god especially to felippe and dan. they keep my feet on the ground. so i have a lot on my mind, and i'm pretty much indifferent to the joys of life as we speak. although i have sushi to look forward to tomorrow. thank god for my friends. i love you so damn much, you don't even know.
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[19 Apr 2008|08:40pm]

that's what i'm feeling right now.
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[09 Apr 2008|10:06pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

kett is so white. just imagine him singing sensual seduction. =] 
i was in a crappy mood yesterday, and he sang it for me, and it made my day a whole lot better. 
little things like that make my day.

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[26 Feb 2008|10:30am]
[ mood | happy ]

i'm really happy that linda is finally coming home. she'll be home on friday, but she still needs physical therapy. when i saw her in the city, she was doing so well. she can walk, talk, and eat real food again.

when i was talking to her mom, she was telling me about her amnesia, and how she can't remember what happened yesterday.

then, linda pointed at me and said "i'm not going to forget you sammy! i'm never going to forget you!". i started getting a little emotional, but i was alright.


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[17 Feb 2008|10:35pm]
[ mood | calm ]

i can eat like a beast and lose a pound. thats cool in my book. but i'm probably losing muscle, which isn't so cool. coming home from pa made me want to travel a lot more. i just felt so free and independent.

i'm going back when the weather is nicer.

i saw the liberty bell, i saw where the declaration of independence was signed, i walked down south st, and town hall is my favorite.

its so peaceful, and all the noise from the city just seems to fade away. theres always some musician performing, and it just makes it seem like your in the center of the world, just calmly passing through with the person that means the most to you.

oh yeah, and pa isnt totally perfect either. you see a couple of homeless people here and there. one guy asked me for quarters, so my first thought was the bus, or a vending machine, or something. then he proceeds to end his sentence with "i need it for crack"...

as i walked away, i accidentally made a scene by saying "IS HE SERIOUS?!"
i'm an idiot.

it's also the state with the 2nd highest death rate in america, mostly on the north side. two people were shot and killed in front of kett's apartment building back in november.

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[16 Feb 2008|12:13pm]
[ mood | happy ]

i'm in philly right now, and its amazing. its just like nyc, except it's a lot less crowded, and theres no flashing lights. i just feel so free breaking away from my father, and having the liberty to do what i want. we're going out to dinner tonight for valentine's day, and i'm excited =]

he's coming out of the shower now, and i don't want him to realize i'm writing this, but it's been perfect so far. absolutely perfect. i could see myself living with him. i'm just so happy right now.

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[07 Feb 2008|05:58pm]
[ mood | chill ]

i found this in my english text book. i thought it was pretty interesting.


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[29 Jan 2008|09:05pm]
[ mood | curious ]

i finally found a pretty bag i actually really like. only problem is, i don't know where to find it. i've seen a couple of girls wearing it, it looks like a solid colored bag with a HUGE zipper puller. and idk where the hell to find it!

i know it probably costs more than 2 limbs, because its either prada or dolce & gabbana. when ever i ask where they got it from, they say "the city".

great. like i'll actually find it.

i tried looking for it on the internet, no luck so far.

so, if anyone happens to know a website i could possibly find it, that would be amazing.

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[19 Jan 2008|01:18am]
[ mood | excited ]

Clover Field was awesome! go see it.

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[16 Jan 2008|01:16pm]
if only i could dance like Kendra Wilkinson,

my life would be complete
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[12 Jan 2008|01:30am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i'm so tired. for one reason or another i can't fall asleep until like, 2 am. i had this master plan that i'd swim 100 laps each day i'd work, and the last day an extra 4 so it would turn out to be 7 miles by the end of the week. i did 200 and then i stopped. too much. no biggie.

i got invited to sean's 21st birthday thing. idk if it's ok with the bf yet.

writing this was completely pointless, but i'm bored and i can't fall asleep yet.

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