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Shamelessly temptingggg, son. [entries|friends|calendar]
jessica elaine

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I'VE GOT 99 PROBLEMS BUT A BITCH AIN'T ONE. [09 Mar 2007|04:14pm]
If you're having girl problems I feel bad for you, son.
I've got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.
I told Rachel that I was updating my livejournal and she laughed and said, "How very 8th grade of you."
Now I feel lame, and I'll update later. Because I have to get ready to go to the Cheesecake Factory.
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[23 Sep 2006|04:53pm]

i'm in a situation i can't get out of without hurting anyone.
and i hate it.

why am i such a clausterphobic douchebag?
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Shit. [17 Aug 2006|03:43pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

I don't want to go to college.
I don't want to move away from my friends, my mom, or my dog.
I don't want to live in a city I don't know.
I don't want to make new friends when I already have the best ones ever.
I don't want to get my heart broken.
I don't want to break any hearts.
I don't want to get a bad reputation.
I don't want to try out for volleyball.
I don't want to make a fool out of myself.
I don't want to feel awkward.
I don't want to be looked at as a bad influence.
I don't want to be hated by anyone.
I don't want to be forced to do anything.
I don't want to be a home-body.
I don't want to be forgotten.
I don't want to drift away from Emily any more than I already have.
I don't want to have to deal with friends who drink or do drugs.
I don't want my friends or anyone I care about to do that at all.
I don't want anyone to cut anymore.
I don't want to be the one who has to point all this out.
I don't want to have to pretend I don't have a stepmom.
I don't want to have to tell my dad I don't want to spend 5 weeks with him.
I don't want to hurt anyone.
I don't want to be mean anymore.
I don't want people to talk about me.
I don't want to pretend like I don't care about my mom.
I don't want to have to hide anything my stepmom gives me.
I don't want to have an awkward christmas when Michele sends a gift for my mom.
I don't want to have a fucked up family anymore.
I don't want to think I have a fucked up family.
I don't want to suggest I have a fucked up family because other people have it way worse than me.
I don't want my friends to think I'm ignoring them for Pat.
I don't want Rachel's cell phone to be broken anymore.
I don't want to swim in water where I can't see or touch the bottom.
I don't want to throw up.
I don't want to compare myself to my friends anymore.
I don't want to think I'm fat.
I don't want to have braces.
I don't want to be anywhere near whales.
I don't want to be afraid of whales because they're beautiful.
I don't want people to think I'm complicated.
I don't want people to think I'm simple.
I don't want to get a cavity filled.
I don't want to eat.
I don't want my mom to piss me off anymore.
I don't want to make my mom upset anymore.
I don't want Andy to IM me the second I sign online.
I don't want to spend every waking minute around people.
I don't want to be considered a slut if people knew how far I've been.
I don't want to not see Cally anymore.
I don't want everything to change again.
I don't want everyone to hate Pat because of the Lauren thing.
I don't want everyone to hate him because he makes me happy.
I don't want to go to homecoming with a date.
I don't want to not go to homecoming with a date.
I don't want to use double negatives.
I don't want to look at the "My Pictures" folder in my computer and not see anything because they all got deleted.
I don't want my room to be messy.
I don't want to be a neat freak.
I don't want to mess up when I paint my nails.
I don't want to go to riding when it's -2943783 degrees out.
I don't want to fall off a horse.
I don't want to look out a window at night and see someone look back at me.
I don't want to deal with the incoming freshmen.
I don't want to have to overhand serve.
I don't want to waste my whole summer next year doing what my parents want.
I don't want to work.
I don't want to not know what I want to be when I grow up.
but most of all,
I don't want to grow up. And I'm terrified of losing my friends after high school.
Because at the 10 year high school reunion, I want to not be surprised to go because I want to be in touch with every single person. I'm going to miss my best friends a hell of a lot. But I'm going to miss seeing people like Charles Elardo and Jake Molzen and Andy Diakun and Alex Walkowski and Niko and Alex Kennedy and Brad Hahn and Kira Pritchard and Zoe Kratt and Kelly Smith and Gretchen Szal and Heather Szyklinski and Natalie Wisnewski and Jessica Halt and Lauren Mosier and Christian Kranz and Tom Lisacchi and Brianna Fries and Tom Suzynski.

I'm going to fucking miss that.
And I don't want to do a lot of shit.
C'est la vie.

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[21 Jul 2006|01:22pm]
[ mood | lonely. ]

holy shit.
jess is updating her livejournal?


i'm at my dad's right now.
and i'll be home in 15 days.
but his cleaning lady broke the jack in the wall so the phone cord doesn't work so i can't connect to the internet and i can't go online.
so the only way i can go online is at his work which is where i am right now because i'm being paid to do random shit.

so yeah. and my stepmom has kind of made me feel unwelcome but she's warming up to me.
and my sister is getting to the point where she's slightly annoying me. but that's okay. and tyler asked me out on the 18th. which was good. and of course i said yes, for all you who are wondering.

so love is in the air.
er. i shouldn't say love. that causes problems to arise.
but yeah.
so i heard there was a lot of drama going on in williamsville. which makes me kind of glad i'm not there because summer shouldn't have drama.
we have too much of it from september-june.

i can't wait to get schedules.
and i can't wait to go back to school and see everyone.
and i can't wait to come back to williamsville, where i belong, because i miss everyone a lot.

i think i made pat angry by going out with tyler because i said to both of them that i wouldn't go out with anyone until i got home. so pat held back and tyler didn't. and tyler ended up wooing me. so i picked him. i think it was the right decision though.


gah. i hope so.
and i'm going down to EA the day after i get back or the day after that.
and on the 5th rachel i'm sure will be at my door.
and i hope everyone who surprised me last year will be able to hang out too.
and maybe even more people? i don' tknow. it's hard to plan.

especially when i'm 8 hours away.

so it's going to suck because i can't go online or on myspace. but i've been doing okay without myspace.
i still have my cellular though. then again, no one calls me. i text with amanda and casey and andrew and soon zach because they all have verizon. zach bourque. since i know you all were wondering which zach.

i'm happy for amanda with brettttttt. :]]
go manny!

and i hear a little whispering about kre and tom.
go kreste!

and i don't know what's going out with the emily/dean situation.
go bori?!

and i heard about the lauren/shawn thing and i feel really really bad for her.
i'm not gonna lie. even I feel bad.
so uh.
die shawn!

and i got tyler.
go me!

and casey got chris.
go casey!

and i haven't talked to alexis anytime soon so alexis you have to get back to me and tell me about your current male fixation so i can publish it in my livejournal.
k thanks.
but even though i don't have a male to go along with this right now...


so yeah. i guess summer isn't that bad so far.
but i really should get back to work i think.
i'll be making $300 dollars.

oh oh oh. and i got rachel's birthday present at urban outfitters. and i got another dress. and a couple pairs of pants and a couple new shirts. and a skirt and flats at UO. and my chest grew. i no longer can fit nicely into my bras. ugh. at least i get to go bra shopping soon. which is like, the most fun ever.

mmm. i'm so excited mainly for manny's quince and for homecoming. those are what i'm looking forward to most.

alright. i miss everyone. a lot. hard.
and i got like, nothing new on myspace after like a week. it was depressing.

call me, guys.
don't forget me,
and as manny says,
"it's not goodbye, it's see you later."

the girl with no nickname. ♥

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[26 May 2006|10:10pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

myspace has all those "remember when" things. so i was thinking. here's ours:

Remember when...
1. emily plucked her eyebrows really thin.
2. that video we did in 5th grade.
3. when amanda yelled 'SHUT UP LIVIE' in that video.
4. when sarah kane went out with ed.
5. la boum.
6. after la boum at great northern.
7. i rode on jon sherman's back down main street and tom carried my bag.
8. when we ran through kristin's neighbor's yard and it was newly planted grass and they got pissed. but we thought we were going to be raped. so it was okay.
9. playing taboo for the first time with emily's WHOLE family.
10. finding out that emily had a brother.
11. seeing kristin walk down my street and telling me her mom was pregnant.
12. when lauren told me that SHE was the nyc girl because SHE was an amazing singer and SHE was the BEST because she was the nyc girl.
13. we cried outside mill for an hour while caroline was waiting to be picked up to move to florida.
14. when we had airband practice right after she left and she came into the locker room to pick up her stuff.
15. when we tried out for variety show while doing it with lyndsey porter.
16. justin was the 'mini jay-z'
17. the last day of 8th grade we all slept over at mandas in a tent.
18. lauren kissed a gnome.
19. dimarco and sarah scared the shit out of us. and we thought it was a rabid raccoon.
20. baby girl. airband. 7th grade.
21. mrs saviola.
22. how i was in love with shawn in 7th grade.
23. how shawn asked emily out.
24. mrs barends made me tie my brastraps behind my back with a piece of string.
25. riya used to cry every morning in 6th grade and we all just thought she was weird.
26. mrs procopio hated me.
27. talking to matt batastoni on the bus.
28. when vitale told everyone that he and kristin were going out.
29. when andy caused drama.
30. when emily went out with charles.
31. when alexis went out with sicong.
32. memorial day in 7th grade--i threw sicongs hachet in ellicot creek and he got pissed.
33. all those pictures of kristin on my wall.
34. when lauren peed her pants the FIRST time.
35. how those kids won airband 2 years in a row.
36. how riya brought french fries to one of the practices for airband and i ate 3 and felt sick for an hour.
37. how at amanda's sleepover the last day of 8th grade we all wanted to make out with justin st. george.
38. when we played spin the bottle at sairas.
39. when i hooked up with justin hoffschnieder. as did sarah kane, saira, and lauren.
40. when i spun yahs during spin the bottle but i didn't want to make out with him because i was nervous.
41. when i was terrifyed to jump off saira's roof onto her trampoline.
42. when we used to call her the stalker.
43. when amanda went out with pierce and we called him stalker boy.
44. when cally fell down the risers.
45. when kristin got her braces on.
46. going to dinner at alexis's grandma's house.
47. learning how to skateboard at alexis's grandma's house.
48. teaching mandy to sick trevor in the living room.
49. when we slept over at emily's for a birthday party with katie plummer.
50. when we made up short skits at emilys parties. and ate cake and homemade pizza at 4am and emily yelled at us for running.
51. when alexis liked derek caputi in the beginning of 7th grade.
52. mr. huff.
53. when emily used to cover her face with her hair to hid.
54. when courtney and i hated eachother.
55. when alexis and hannah used to get in fights every day.
56. when emily alexis kristin and i wrote all over our band music and mr leibmann told us we were DEFACING MUSIC
57. how kristin and i never went to lessons and still got 100s in band.
58. when i saw mr. cool in his boxers when i took private lessons from his wife.
59. the first time i met nick piracci and he said, "hi i'm nick and i can shake my butt like shakira." and put erin's yogurt in his pants and shook his butt.
60. when we used to get up early to watch Saved By The Bell.
61. when we read the short story called, "Eleven." in mrs. arrigo's class.
62. how dr. mcbride was a crazy bitch.
63. when alexis and i went to alabama with mr huff and emily got mad because she wasn't 'qualified'
64. when me kristin alexis and emily were kicked out of the galleria mall because we didn't have a 21 year old with us even though mrs kegler was in sears
66. selling zap-some-crap.
67. how jenny thought it was good food.
68. the stump.
69. banana mode.
70. maurice.
71. cranium.
72. playing tag at midnight.
74. when amanda and i missed justin pantsing justin in the hallway. and the fight we missed.
75. how we would always talk back to miss tracey.
76. how in 5th grade she was actually intimidating.
77. andy first got us into ska.
78. kristin went out with josh graham. " bi bi ::kissie:: "
79. kristin went out with jake molzen.
80. how kristin had a really bad choice in guys. haha. sorry kre.
81. how we called amanda pondscum.
82. that time amanda cried in the girls bathroom and kristin almost got detention for staying with her.
83. that leadership club we were forced to join.
84. how mr bell had that aquarium in the wall.
85. how we could bribe miss kauderer with chocolate.
86. when we read The Outsiders and mrs barends was obsessed with Sodapop.
87. when miss patrignani was our teacher and her twin came in to do a mock trial for the salem witch trials.
88. how mr dillon would yell at adam migliore.
89. mr. schiedemann. enough said.
90. how miss cannon was an evil lesbian that hated me.
91. how mrs arrigo hated andy and pierce.
92. when andy used to stare at emily in sixth grade.
93. when we read all those books by the same author in 6th grade, who alexis really hated a lot.
94. how when we would go to laurens, there would be NO food in her house, and if there was food, it was for sean.
95. when lauren and robin used to be friends.
96. how lauren and i used to be friends.
97. when kristin thought alexis and i did something outrageous with pretzels and andy.
98. how andy cheated on kristin with saira in the wegs elevator.
99. pierces party last year when austin poured 7up on me accidentally and i intentionally poured a glass on him.
100. when brittney and austin went out.
101. when callie baty and yahs went out.
102. that video we made of kristin loving yahs.
103. lauren blamed the clock every time she farted.
104. that kid threw an apple at us through the bushes when we were streaking.
105. how we tried to convince charles to streak with us at maple east.
106. how he didn't go for it.
107. when amanda went out with pierce and they made out forever on my floor during cinco de mayo.
108. when lauren went out with kevin kauffman.
109. when i liked kevin kauffman.
110. when emily liked kevin kauffman.
111. when kristin got in HUGE trouble when she went in the canoe with alexis without a life jacket.
112. when hannahs brother got arrested for boogy boarding on ellicot creek.
113. sleeping over at hannahs.
114. hannah's huge birthday last year--with the trampoline and a couple people wandered off and got in huge trouble. [emily, alexis, topher, andy]?
115. when i went out with tony.
116. when we all decided to go to wegs with tony and he and i didn't even talk until night time and it was only thanks to kristin that i got to kiss him because she insisted that EVERYONE tuck erin into bed except me and him. thanks, kreste :]
117. when kevin asked emily to homecoming.
118. band parties.
119. when shawn bleached his hair in 7th grade so it looked like butter.
120. i went to riya's hotel for take your kid to work day last year.
121. we owned miss culligan.
122. emily would call mrs knorr, ginny.
123. jon sherman was obsessed with amanda.
124. chance was emily's first kiss. no emily, you can't deny it.
125. when laura told me to watch laguna beach so i did.
126. lunch. enough said.
127. during that one fire drill they took us to south's auditorium.
128. dr. carkentous.
129. how cute alexis looks flipping potatoes.
130. how happy i was to see kristin on the bus on the first day of high school.
131. how kristn and i got into a fight at the beginning of the year and we can't remember what it was about. except that she said i gave andy a handjob. which i did not.
132. when lauren went out with ryan and we all made fun of him and drew pictures of him at her house calilng him gay.
133. when brittney nelson made that prank phone call about being the milkman.
134. how lauren and i aren't friends.
135. how this year went by so fast.
136. how we all grew up whether we wanted to or not.
137. we don't see eachother that much anymore.
138. kristin/emily/brittney vs. alexis/lauren/amanda.
139. how brittney and i have never gotten along for who knows what reason.
140. how we used to be referred to as 'the six' even though it was unnecessary.
141. lauren turned into lindsay andrews.
142. emily became unhappy.
143. how everyone changed.

i'm going to stop even though i could go on for a couple more hours.



forever isn't forever.

♥ jessjess.

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True Friends Are Worth the Trouble. [13 Dec 2005|05:14pm]
[ mood | angry ]

well since nobody reads this anymore I guess I can write whatever I want to right? So if you read this and get offended, it's really not my problem. You can just get over yourself.

Now I'm really just going to get right to the point. I hate your new little clique and I hate being associated with them. I love Emily Novak to death; she seems to be the one that gets it. Everyone else just helps you. And they shouldn't. You don't deserve it after the choices you've made. Do you think I sound bitchy? Good. I mean to be. You need it. And I know you don't like me and don't care about me anymore but you don't need to hate me. And gossip about me. I don't understand why I just randomly got dropped out and replaced. I'm not saying that I want to be back in, because that is the last thing I could possibly want. But about this whole guy thing. Get the fuck over it. Am I never allowed to have a guy I like?

You think I "stole" all these guys from you. I'd like you to name one. People tell me what you say. They've said that you said I "stole" Andy from you. He liked me. Then he liked Kristin. He liked Saira. He liked Natalie. He liked me again. He liked a lot of people. This year he liked you. So don't even try to say that I stole him from you. I didn't go out with him. Someone else did but I don't see you getting mad at her.

Moving on to another guy you accused me of stealing. Tony. I asked you before I went out with him if you would be heartbroken if I went out with him. You said, "No no no I just think he's hott. Go out with him." So I did--for like, 3 days.

Another one was Chris. Chris liked me last year--he told me. For the first beginning part of the year when Alexis got me to hate him. I still don't remember why we hated him but we did. Then Kristin went out with him. I set them up. Then I liked him over the summer. Then he went out with Megan DiVita. I was completely crushed. Then when I got home from my father's house I said I liked him and you said you liked him too. I wanted to go out with him and he wanted to go out with me but you and Hannah both liked him so I didn't date him. Didn't know that did you? I was going to, then I decided not to--for your sake.

Go ahead, try to name another person I "stole" from you. And for your information, I don't flirt with guys because other people like them. That is a goddamn fucking lie. And you need to realize that and stop telling people that. I don't give a flying fuck if we don't hang out anymore because I can not trust you. You turn everything I say around. And tell everyone. You misquote things and use them against me. I didn't think that's what friends did. But hey, I may be mistaken. Obviously you think I lie about everything. But don't bother--I'm used to it. You and your group never believed me anyway. Go on believing whatever you hear from everyone else. What you don't realize is I'm over it. It's only going to hurt you. And why should I care? You say I hurt you? What about me? You don't believe what I say. You don't let me talk to people. You cry when I talk to them anyway. You can't make me do things. Maybe if I thought you actually cared about me I would listen to you.

You broke a promise. You made it last year. I have no interest in being associated with you if you continue to do shit like that.

You think you have to put up with shit. Try living my life for a day. Especially around Christmas. Try buying a present for someone you really care about and be forced to return it for no reason. Try not being allowed to get presents for people simply because someone else has moved on. Try looking them fucking square in the eye the next time you see them and telling them you didn't get them a present for Christmas because they're the second time around. Then maybe you'll have something to fucking complain about.

Call me when the drama's over.

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[03 Dec 2005|09:41am]
[ mood | amused ]

wow so i didn't know people still actually used livejournals.
i was just being bored like, last week and thought i'd check emmy's new one.
people acutually update?
you learn something new everyday.
i dont think ill update this religiously anymore like i used to.
it seems a bit sad.
besides, myspace seems to be the new trend.
and i already have one of those.
maybe i'll update if something annoys me.
so if you think i might call you a bitch in this or something and you think you might get offended then i'm advising you right now not to read this.

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well now. [09 Oct 2005|12:12am]
[ mood | ... ]

so i've been thinking a lot lately with all the drama that's going on.

and basically i've been thinking to myself how fast everything goes by. I remember in my 7th grade year book in the last gym class Sicong wrote, "Have a good time in 8th grade, it goes by so fast."


unbelievably he was right.

i mean, think about everything that happened in 8th grade. its totally out of the question. the fights, the drama, the laughs, the tears, the surprises, the boyfriends, the inside jokes, the crushes, the kisses, the friends, the enemies, the teachers--dont tell me you remember every detail. because you dont. you can't. it's impossible. everything that happened is just almost a blur. i mean, i can remember things that happened that were probably forgotten. and it's sad. and we've all come so far over the summer. and i can definatly see why the freshman of last year hated us when we were in 8th grade. because we were damn annoying that's why. i mean, just over the summer so much has happened. and it's amazing what can happen to people over the summer. how they change i mean. not just physically, but personality. every single person came to south with different mindsets, wishing different things, hoping for a certain someone to think they got "hot" over the summer, wanting to be the prettiest girl at homecoming. and i'm not singling myself out of this. i did too. but the thing is, those freshman at south are the same people they were at mill. yes. theyve made a few changes here and there. but some of them i've known since kindergarten and there are aspects of them that havent changed.

i guess what i'm trying to say is look for the good in people. it's easy to love someone at their best, but the test is loving them at their worst. i suppose that could be a good way to look at things through the freshman year. because i would bet money this year ain't gonna be easy. there will be girl fights, real fights, drama, boyfriends, girlfriends, break-ups,laughs, tears, teachers, surprises, kisses, crushes, friends, and enemies--just like middle school, just up a knotch and a tweak more freedom. so all you who walked into south thinking you are the shit--you're not. get over it. grow up. you're not the shit. yeah, you might get there, but right now, you're just at the bottom of the rope. so tie a knot and hang on.

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[04 Oct 2005|05:45pm]

well i dont like your little clique.

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[25 Aug 2005|02:37pm]
[ mood | bitchy. ]

see riya's entry.
check ^it^ out.
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[14 Aug 2005|03:30pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

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[12 Jul 2005|09:24pm]
[ mood | tired ]

hellloooo. i havent been here in a while but im getting bored with it. i like myspace better. sorry livejournal. i might still write in it from time to time but i dunno. hmmm. well since i last updated...anyway now im in canada. i was at my dads house but then we came up here to art (my stepmom's dad)'s house. its gorgeous up here--ive seen it before though, we've been up here a few times. theres this guy down the road named wyatt. i really wanna see him again though i dont really know why becuase i do not know him that well. hmmm. yet i keep reallllly hoping ill see him. its a very strange feeling. there have been a few things bothering me but id rather not spill my guts out. yeah so that's the most important thing on my mind right now. so wyatt has a cousin. named evan. they're both 15 or 16. last year im pretty damn sure they both had a thing for me because they called the house a couple times to see if i was here then visited to see if i wanted to hang out once or twice when i wasnt home (unfortunately). yup. so thats whats on my mind. boys.


well. i have 2 cats i guess. gabrielle segard. i call him kitten. the other one is fatter and his name is matou. oh god kittens climbing up a screen door. dammit he broke it. aww fuck now i have to clean it up. adios my lovelys.



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[25 Jun 2005|05:40pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

well. where to begin my darlings. last day of school is gone. middle school is gone. we'll never go to mill again as attending students. some of our classmates we'll never see again. some we may never talk to again. it's the end of the year, the beginning of summer.

i can already smell teenage drama.

i refuse to be involved in it.



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[20 Jun 2005|06:03pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

today was...eh. well let's see it started with the spanish exam. i was done at like 1015 i think. it was crazy i was going pysco. no seriously. ask hannah--i was writing so much random stuff from the swirling vortex the doctors think is my brain down. yeah it was crazy. the whole scrap paper was covered in what looked like scribbles--they were words. it was sexy.

thennnnn after school i didnt go to anyones house because i decided to be a good girl and come home to study. so i came home, mi madre took me to sorrentinos and there was a big group of guys in 7th grade there. including brandon mong, luke sibic, neil flaherty, the kid with curly black hair, the kid with straight blonde hair who was on the all star volleyball team, and matt battastoni and a few others kept walking in and out. JP was there too. they were obnoxiously loud. and of course my mom and i were sat right across from them. i just sit down and go, 'well. this is awkward.'

then after sorrentinos i came home and studied for ES. i now have the entire packet memorized. then i was forced to go to the doctor's office. oh my lordy lou i was flipping out. i was singing the death song on the way in the car and complaining loudly and obnoxiously in the waiting room. then they called me in and raped me. no, they didnt. but this lady poked me and proded me and asked me all these personal questions. then they GAVE ME A SHOT. holy hell i was about to kill her. but it really didnt hurt as much as i thought it would. so it's okay.

i came home and studied more. then here i am online. i got soooo many new icons thanks to my love, kitty. ill be trying them out soon. eyeheartyou.


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[18 Jun 2005|07:15pm]
[ mood | omg im so full. ]

so i went shopping with my grandmother and mother today at the galleria. obviously i got a lot of clothes if i went with the grandmother. yesterday was fun--though im still deciding if i like the hair cut. yesterday i hated it. today i think its alright. not great. but alright. it kind of looks like it did before. but thats ok. wow. my mom just called lauren stilts. that better never happen again.

i hate how now jeans that are ripped are 'in'. there are kids in countries that would die to have a good pair of jeans, and we americans wear ripped ones. its so degrading. i bought a pair today. yes kiddies, ive brought myself down to that level. but i LOVE THEM. they're sexy. and i got a few new shirts. and a skirt. and KICK ASS STILLETTOS. they're Guess. they're hott. you know you want them. and at Penny's i saw...KEVINS FRIDAY SHIRT!!! yah i saw and i was like 'MOM! KEVINS FRIDAY SHIRT!' and shes like 'okay...?'

oh my lordy lou. we'll never get to see kevin's friday shirt again. WE HAVE NO FRIDAYS LEFT. thats depressing. maybe he'll make an exception. : ). maybe. possibly.


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[13 Jun 2005|08:06pm]
[ mood | i like this song. ]

Ialwayswin789 (8:03:29 PM): HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU
coLorAdoAvESfAn9 (8:03:42 PM): uhh idk
Ialwayswin789 (8:03:42 PM): everytime you masturbate, god kills a kitten.
Ialwayswin789 (8:03:51 PM): do you really want that on your concience
coLorAdoAvESfAn9 (8:04:48 PM): no
Ialwayswin789 (8:05:02 PM): exactly.
coLorAdoAvESfAn9 (8:05:08 PM): sooooorry

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hahahaahah theres my name cally and michaela! [12 Jun 2005|04:31pm]
[ mood | HAHAH ]

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i dont watch any porn. thank-you-very-much
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[12 Jun 2005|04:25pm]

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[12 Jun 2005|04:21pm]
[ mood | HAHAHAH ]

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[12 Jun 2005|04:15pm]

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