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07:35pm 11/08/2006
mood: thoughtful
what a load of crap.

I was resisting the urge to run whilst i was sitting outside the exam room.

I had a mental health situation which was good because i know about depression. Its just a pity the actor didn't know anything about depression. Oh well.

THe exam was so un-natural for so many reasons:
1)I was being observed by two people.
2) I was in a skills lab. ( imagine fake hospital environment, with dead looking dummies laying around in all sorts of undignified positions)
3)I was in uniform.
4) I had absolutly no information on the patient.
5) I was given no reason for doing what i had to do.

In real life you dont get five minutes to prepare for an event, the real tough questions come at random points when you least expect it. Like whilst out on an escort you will get asked why they are in hospital. Try answering that on the spot, or why they are not allowed out on their own. Or whilst taking care of their personal needs, they will ask you how long they have to live.

I think the worst situation, when i was really stuck for something to say was when i was informing someone they had to wait until after shift change for an escort, he said that i could go with him, or if i was really lucky that they (him and another patient) would make me cum.

Exam week is officially over, we managed to pull together as a group and get the poster done the day before it was dues in. Thank goodness.

Not looking forward to Tues.

End of rant.Nearly the holidays.
Im back   
09:00pm 07/08/2006
mood: blah
THe network went down so its not my fault.

In short:

finished placement, loved it, gave a depot. Going back later.

Dreading medical placement at end of year.

Just sat exam.

Got sore throat.

Taking vitamins and minerals due to episode last week.

Dreading poster thing this week.

Dreading OSPA, this friday.

Scared about next tuesday.

Looking forward to the holiday, three weeks away from Ipswich :)

I think that is about all of my life, there is loads i could say about last placement and the next placement but its hard to understand.
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what a funny world   
05:05pm 06/07/2006
mood: mellow
So Two weeks into placement, it has gone so fast I suppose I should start my essay and my poster and practice my drug calculations. Anyway less of what needs to be done and more of what has been done.

So I am placed on acute ward which is really good, I have had no mentor for the last two weeks so I have sort of been doing whatever I want. This mostly involves talking to the patients. I have taken on more responsibility this placement despite having no accountable person present. On the second day of placement I was phoning around several different people trying to arrange an emergency mental health act assessment. I have taken responsibility for a couple of patients on days (had one-to-one nursing sessions, discussed any issues and had to write in their notes). Was put on door which is pretty scary when you don’t know the patients, I was so worried that I was going to let someone out that was sectioned, and how do you stop them if they do decide to go? I got put on obs, and got worried one day because I couldn’t find a high risk patient, turns out I didn’t recognise this person when they were out of bed.

One patient is due a depot tomorrow and I don’t think there are any more student nurses on the ward so hopefully I will get to administer it.
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07:18pm 23/06/2006
mood: cheerful
Ok so its been a while since I last updated. I can’t be bothered to think right back and remember what has happened. I’m just going to write the last week.

So I’m on placement again, it is so much better than being stuck in college all the time. I prefer doing shift work, I like the early mornings. I am not to good with the late nights. I’ve got distracted already.

This last week hasn’t actually been a proper placement it has been an insight placement. This just means that I was out of my area doing something I didn’t know about. This week was spent with Health Visitors; I went into it ignorant, not knowing what they do.

The week has been good, not as bad as I thought; I was not just following one health visitor around like a stupid puppy. The first two days were really good, I went to West Villa, which was very interesting. The place has flats for homeless people while they are waiting for permanent council housing.

The second day I went to a drug rehab place, I wont mention the name of it because I used to walk past it on a daily basis and had no idea what it is. So I assume that it isn’t common knowledge. It was a very good place, such a relaxed environment the people were really nice. It was very good to hear about their insight into their addiction and what they termed their demons. It was so hard to tell in there who was a patient and who were staff members. As soon as they learned that I am going into mental health they all wanted to have their say. Now I feel obliged to promote the place and get other mental health students down there as those with drug dependencies do not get the service they require. I can see both sides of the argument.

Start on the acute adult ward on Monday I cant wait I am a little nervous though as I have to find the ward. My mentor and associate mentor are both on annual leave on my first week on the ward, so there is nobody to show me around and take responsibility for me.

I think I have bored you all enough . Have fun

Ohhhhh i got a new toy its so great, a gym ball. Much better for my back than a computer chair, works core muscles whilst sitting still!
04:48am 22/05/2006
mood: blah
Its 4.30 in the morning and im sitting here updating my journal. I would prefer to be able to say that I ma an insomniac, or I am so worried about college I cant sleep. But sadly the truth of it all is that my Dad is in so much pain. I got woke up by him screaming out a little before four, my father is a proud man and he would never admit that it hurts if it wasnt preventing him from moving.

His screams were so bad this morninng I actually woke up and thought ' please say that they are having sex and his isnt in pain'. I feel guilty because I know my dad he doesnt want anyone to see him when he is in this much pain, he sees it as a weakness, so i felt guilty about watching over him to make sure he does do anything thats bad for him. Worse still I had to help him out at one point, he still doesnt understand that as a student nurse you get used to seeing vulnerable people and being able to help them. He still sees me as his youngest daughter that shouldnt have to see her Dad cry.

Took about 15 minutes to convince the stubborn bastard that he is no fit state to go to work. He has only just phoned in sick at work. He had to drag himself down the hall back to his bedroom because he couldnt control his legs. I might take the day off college tomorrow to look after him, he isnt going to be moving anywhere tomorrow. But then i may be missing too much college as i had fri off becuase i was ill.

On a more positive note Rich came down yesterday to see me, so i spent the whole day with him, which was great. He met my family which has to be pretty scary. MY sister wasn't here which is good. I know how much it annoys her that i refuse to give her any information about him. HE is coming back next weekend which is good, whats even better is he will be staying here. That shocked me, out of nowhere my Dad suddenly said, youre more than welcome to stay here whenever you like.

Went to Silverstone on Sat to watch Porks race in the stars of silverstone race. It was pouring down with rain all day and it was so cold, i had on three jackets. I know on TV motor racing just looks boring, all it is is men driving round in circles for god-knows how long.In real life it is so much more interesting, having the cars go zooming past at 120mph just ten meters in front just makes it great. The crashes seem so much more interesting in real life aswell. There were so many good cars there.

Anyway I think i am going to try and get some sleep now. My Dad by the sounds of it is asleep now. Hopefully not in as much pain as he was.
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T shirt surgery is open   
08:49pm 22/04/2006
mood: cheerful
im having way too much fun pulling apart old t's.

Read more...Collapse )
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A real post   
08:28pm 13/04/2006
mood: indescribable
Yesterday was a complete disaster. I had so many accidents, the worst was that I set fire to my mothers sewing machine. I was practicing sewing so that i could make my own clothes and refit some of my old ones. My Hanson shirts i wanted to make a little shorter and tighter as a small size is still way too baggy on me. Oh Sam if you read this i found a page with a tutorial on Bow making i don't know if you need it.

I found out that I have run out of money, with a week left until payday :( oh well I will survive. I blame Ebay for that.

I have got into jewellery making again, I have made a pair of earrings, two necklaces and I am working on some new pieces. I have so far microwaved a CD (it sparks really bad, but the effect is so good at the end) that idea was from the crafster forum i think. I have to figure out how to string the pieces of the CD together. It looks like the dichroic glass, but is a LOT cheaper.

I cant wait until the Strong Enough to Break documentary is out, I have been waiting for the release for three long years. I hope it is really good.

Had a driving lesson today, I cant parallel park i used to be able to do it first time. Now it has just gone. Is reversing really necessary?
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As promised   
04:29pm 05/04/2006
  I told laura I would do this so she better get her arse on here and read it. Here is a post all about my star, and how i acquired it.

WEnt to play on the 2p machines today, i won a stupid little cat thing. Something got stuck so we started trading things when the guy had the door open. SO i got my pretty orange starfish.

It lights up too, it is now my lucky star.

anyway there you go a whole post about a little starfish (which i am still wearing)
whats happened to me ?   
08:48pm 02/04/2006
mood: lethargic
So to start off with the weird part, I really want a pair of New Rocks, I don’t know how that one happened. I have been looking at them all day, I also want a pair of leather trousers, but that isn’t as strange, I would have to get a bike to justify the trousers. I will hopefully be getting a pair of Gordonjacks instead or some great Madfish boots. I don’t care what name just as long as they are chunky.

Now more normal stuff I am favourite cousin (at the moment) which I think is great, Jade and James are always asking where Jet lives. One downside to being favourite cousin is they both want to sit/climb/lick/jump on me, so that starts a few arguments between them. I have agreed to do some babysitting in the summer which should be interesting.

I have started rollerblading again and so far I have not fallen over (has been about a week), I can’t remember why I stopped rollerblading. I don’t think it was that I got injured, the only rollerblading injury I got was a big graze on my knee, all the gravel got stuck in it and it looked nasty. I carried on after that I’m sure I did I don’t think I would have given up because I got hurt once, was possibly bad knees and back.

Well that’s all that I am going to say, I could write more but firstly it’s very boring and secondly it something that is really annoying me. So it would make for a very dismal ending to a happy entry. Now I feel the need to write something more positive to end this entry on…… I have started my college essay got 900 words, only 600 left(how many of them can be Hanson, Smurf and God?)
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All over :(   
06:48pm 24/03/2006
mood: energetic
WEll placement is over, i am very sad about that. I am going to miss it all, even the getting up at five. Waling into a pts room finding him naked in a puddle of his own excrement, i cant believe i am gonna miss it. I know have so much time and nothing to do in that time. WEll with the exception of the essay, and all the reading that goes with that.

As usual im sure there is more to write about that has happened but i cant remember it. I had my first weekend off in five week last week, which was good. Had fun then.

I cant wait until i qualify, im not entirely sure if there will be any jobs over here. At the moment they are closing wards and changing all the services, but they always do this it goes around in cycles. They will realise that people with mental health problems just cannot be dealt with in the community, for a start their families cannot cope and some are dangerous.

If there are no jobs i will just go to Australia and New Zealand which i was going to do anyway. I just need to get the six months experience. It would be a good idea to go onto agency, teh money is a hell of a lot better but that depends which agency you go through.
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02:34pm 08/03/2006
mood: amused
Went to an mECT teaching session today it was interesting, I didn’t learn much that I didn’t know already. The only bit I didn’t know about was procedure in the recovery room. I don’t know if I need to say it but mECT is modified electro-convulsion therapy. The m is irrelevant and is usually left off as unmodified ECT is illegal and hasn’t been used for about fifty years in this country. Don’t know if I need to say but modified means it is performed with the patient under anaesthetic and with a muscle relaxant.

I have a hard time trying to understand why some people are so against ECT. The only thing that I can think of is that they have seen things like in One Flew Over the Cuckoos nest and believed that that type of thing still occurs today. Its also obvious that they have not seen the effect that it has on peoples lives. It does make a difference, it helps a lot of people, who were desperately ill and had no other option. Personally if I were clinically depressed I would refuse all drugs but would prefer to have ECT. Look in any drugs leaflet for anti-depressants big long list of side-effects on each one that you look at, some of which include stupid things such as suicidal tendencies.

Anyway, got a little side-tracked, I am spending a day in mECT next week so will get to speak to the other people who do the mECT, I will hopefully get to take part, not actually giving the shock (don’t think I could do it) but in the recovery room, administering oxygen and monitoring vital signs.

I’m sure that I have done more than just go to mECT, have been on the ward a lot more but I don’t think that I have done much more. Most of it has been talking to the pts and I obviously can’t put down all the interesting things that I have learnt on here. There has also been a few incidents which I found amusing but they also must remain untold for obvious reasons.

One of the doctors has given me a big book with all the drugs that are used in psychiatry. It has the prescribing guidelines and everything, it’s a little out of date (about a year I think but its still pretty great thing to have.

Sorry for the crap boring post if you have no interest in mECT or psychiatry in any way.
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03:48pm 27/02/2006
mood: hyper
Just finished another shift, was another good day, i managed to do a few bits and pieces. I did part of the drugs round which is quite strange, because there are so many different drugs.

I went through my P.A.D. with my mentor today, I was a bit worried that i would not be able to get the third of the skills ticked off that i needed to do. I think i need about 14 skills at PA to pass,so far i have 11 and another five that i have identified to do on friday. I have also identified the five witness statements that i need to write, all i need to do is to get them written up. Thats good within the first week of my placement i have completed all that i need to in this placement.

Friday is goin to be a busy shift, I am going to give my first injection(sub-cut.) and hopefully see mECT (is it sadistic that I find it fascinating and really want to watch?) I am going to have a go at writing a care plan, and hopefully attend another case conference.
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Hospital stuff   
08:05pm 26/02/2006
mood: annoyed
Its been a full week now, I am so glad that my first placement is going so well. I have learnt way more than in the six weeks i was at college. I have done a lot aswell. There have been loads of funny incidents, its a pity i cant write about them all on here. I have had such a god day on the ward, i was in such a good mood, but then i got on here and read something that upset me. Oh well.

Went to see chicken Little with Laura, i loved that film, the little orange thing is so cute.

I should really start to do some reading for my essay, i really dont want to start its going to be so boring and hard to get into. The title is so stupid and vague, somehow i have to link in practice, oh well im sure it will be easier to write the sunday before it is due in.

My cousin has just had her baby bout two weeks premature, it was very small i think and a girl.
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02:52pm 21/02/2006
mood: tired
I had my first shift on the ward on Sunday, it was an early, starting at 6.45. At least at that time nobody sees me walking in in my uniform.

I got a few things done but the best bit was helping do the drugs round, its so good to be out of lecture rooms its going to be so hard to go back there.

Im not looking forward to the medical placements, but i do have to get the physical skills marked off, im so paranoid that i am not going to get all of my P.A.D. filled in. there are so many skills, its a bit over-whelming. Im sure i will get used to it.

Saw AJ today it was good to see her again, especially since she appears to be a lot better now, a lot happier. Got Lauras birthday card today which is a start, just need to find a present.

There was something else I wanted to write in here, it was something that has been annoying me for a while. I have forgotten what it is.
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07:43pm 16/02/2006
mood: blah
That is college over with. I have been there for just six weeks, this is really stupid, i know have five weeks on placement, which should be good fun. Then i have nearly six weeks off. What the hell am i going to do with myself.

It isnt actually six weeks off for the first two weeks i go in just monday. Then two weeks easter. Then assesment week, i go in on monday for what should be a twenty minute multiple choice biology exam and to hand in my assignment ( i havent even started the plan or reading for that). Then CR week on my bday which if all goes well i will have the whole week off.

I got my uniform Monday, it is so horrible I think sadly i have shrunk since i was fitted for the uniform the top no longer fits its all baggy. The uniform is cut for normal shape people since i am like a straight line, the hips of the trousers look stupid and baggy and so does the front of the top. I had to wear it today which was totally strange, walking into college in those trousers, i had no coat long enough to cover the top up so i didnt put it on.

Placement i forgot that minor detail for the next five weeks i will be in an old people ward, it is functional so that is ok, there is no doubt about me misplacing people. A lot of them still can physically function (thank god for that, i am not that keen on bed bathing people)

There were a few other little details which annoyed me since i last updated but,oh well.
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College stuff   
08:50pm 08/02/2006
mood: weird
I go on placement in two weeks I have found out my shifts for the first two weeks, which makes me feel a little better. I start with an early on the sunday of the first week, but at least i know i am on the shift with my mentor. It looks like I have too much time off, it looks way too easy.

I am on an elderly care ward, which doesnt sound too bad but i am paranoid that i am going to lose someone or let them go wandering off, forgetting they they are old. One of the HCA's made me laugh she was talking about how you get used to them trying to bite you, unless they have manky teeth. I have been warned that it is allways the little sweet old feeble looking ladies who try and attack you.

The group has bonded a little more now, I think it is the idea that we are now all feeling the same way about our placements. We also spent about half an hour talking about the obvious divide in the group. This made me feel left out, as they defined the two groups as the slightly immature group and the too serious mature students. I wasn't entirely sure where this left me.
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I did it!   
03:29pm 04/02/2006
mood: sore
I have done it, at last I have wanted to get it done for years, but i have a new piercing. I had it done about an hour ago so it still hurts. It is getting better, I have six weeks before i can change the bar. I really want to get a ring to put in there as it will look much better. After care is a bit different, but its not too difficult. That pissed off mum, i will be surprised if she speaks to me when she gets home. Its none of her business anyway, i will get holes put where i like.

Im sure there is some other stuff that i should write down.

Im still bored of college, i did learn something the other day though, something useful which makes a change.
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follow these rules for a happy life   
08:06pm 28/01/2006
mood: silly
1) Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours chickens-covet thy own
2) Thou shalt not eat yellow snow-bathe in it
3) Thou shalt not lick thy screen door-lick thyself
4) Thou shalt not worship thy teacher-worship cheese
5) Thou shalt not feed vegetarians to homeless people- keep them for thyself
6) Thou shalt not deal drugs on the blackmarket- deal in public
7) Thou shalt not sell sex in the day -sell thy body 24/7
8) Thou shalt not steal thy neighbours sprouts- thou shalt borrow and return digested
9) Thou shalt not dance with the devil-take Him to dinner
10)Thou shalt not follow the tenth commandment, only the first nine

Those rules kinda conflict with the master plan, so someone needs to have a rethink.
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I feel sooo old :(   
03:51pm 23/01/2006
mood: giddy
ok so starting with friday, bursary came in so i woke up with over a grand in my bank account. so the first thing i had to do was go to town. Spent some money not too much lol. I hate shopping for clothes so i just pick random sizes and hope they fir, thats what belts are for right?

Sat went round Porks for his birthday which was interesting. His dad was there as well who is very funny, not just because of the obvious (well what i thought was, but nobody else seemed to pick up on) at one point he was gonna let me drive his car home (i feel the need to point out that it is a three wheeler)Then we were talking about how easy they (and smart cars) are easy to move. SO we were gonna go out and carry the car down the road, but someone who was more mature and less impulsive(figured it out yet?) stopped us.

Went to London which was good. Saw Tash which was good. I cant think of what else to write about that other than i got new DM'S. MAy think of it later.

That brings me to today and the feeling so old part, i have joined a trade union. I had no idea which hone to pick so went with the first one and the one with the best free gifts. I have looked and thankfully it does appear to be the best. I may just join the other one because it could be useful, as they have loads of journals and stuff on the internet and books(the bag they gave me smells like a hamster, is that reason enough not to?)

I am three weeks into this course and i think i may actually have to do some work, we did some stuff on mobility which i didnt know.
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09:39pm 18/01/2006
mood: calm
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