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Writer's Block: Secret Ballot

It's hard to ignore the fact that today is Election Day in the U.S. If you went to the polls today, tell us what it was like. Long line? Free stickers? Hanging chads? We want the details.
I was so excited to finally be able to vote in 2004 i was only 17. i had done campaign work for kerry so it was a sad win. i also followed the election very closely in 2000 & was as heartbroken as gore when he lost. so today really meant a lot to me to finally get to do something that i wish i could've years ago. My poll was in my apartment building, i live in a smaller town with 13 different districts. I went before work so there was only a couple of people in line in front of me. it obviously pays to go early since polls opened at 6 am. This lady that comes into work had a sticker from voting & i was very jealous. i was hoping i would even get questioned but i didn't. which makes me sad cause thats one of the many things i looked forward to. i'm just happy that i finally got to have a say in what happens to my country, that i didn't have to look on from the sidelines!

to life


i'm feeling so worn out and tired.
i'm so scared of the coming months.
i need all the support, i can get. somehow i have to make time to see my dad but my mom still isn't home so who knows what that means.

at the moment

at this moment, i feel lonely and kind of lost.

what can i do? my mom is coming home in 2 weeks. i've decided when i wanna go see my dad. i'm going to go in april around the 20th. i miss my daddy so much. this is so painful sometimes. 
i'm supposed to be going out in 3 or so minutes. i'm not exactly the happiest at the moment. we'll see how this goes.

i have realized my "ideal"

so in the past 48 hours i have discovered my "ideal man."
it's pretty simple.
the man flying is from six string samurai. he's bad ass and a fierce rock n roller. the other man is aidan from satc. the guys real name is john corbett but since he may be nothing like aidan. i'm gonna stick with a mix of aidan and six string samurai, buddy/4eyes.

how perfect?

speak slow

speak slow-tegan and sara.

my ondemand finally works. time to sit and watch as many movies as i can. hahaha


waiting for my uncle to get here so maybe i can close my eyes.
i'm really tired.
my mom is doing better but she doesn't have any insurance so we're gonna do what we can to get her some. 
she should be going into a rehab once we have all this going into motion, my uncle said she's gonna go to lords for the rehab stuff.
also my uncle is going to see if she can go on disability for awhile. which means me and bri are really going to have to help out. i don't think brien realizes that when it comes to money, we're going to have to use some of ours.
my teeth are in so much pain, i'm trying to push the pain away and forget about it, since it's not the best time.
but i was and then i wasn't going to ask my uncle what i should do about my teeth. should i go to a dentist, but on the other hand i really needed my mom to be with me at the dentist (since it will be my 2nd time), plus she was going to pay and after all these hospital bills who's to say how much we'll have for my teeth that need probably 5,000 dollars worth of work.

this is making me really sad.

edit:p.s. as i get older i'm going to keep everything organized for my family in cases of emergencies. it being this is one and we can't ever seem to find much.
oh and my uncle said i need to go to the dentist so i need to call and make an apointment today and see if i can get in there in at least a week or two. finally some help with this pain.

all you need is love

love love love love