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Jan. 28th, 2007 | 09:40 pm

it's been quite a while since i've last posted in livejournal... october 28th to be exact...

i guess not much has happened since then besides the obvious - school, christmas holidays, school, etc.

i've been thinking a lot though; about my future, life path, goals and the like. it sure is daunting to think that when I am finished my degree there is an entire world out there for me to explore. where do i even start? what do i even want to do? do i want to travel? go back to school to get my masters? work? even though i won't be done until dec. '07, i am still overwhelmed with the possibilities that await me! it's exciting, yet sad at the same time. i will be leaving another stage of my life: my undergrad student life. these are suppose to be the best times of one's life... i guess i will see how i felt about these years when i have my degree in hand.

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Oct. 28th, 2006 | 11:41 am

my cat loves me! well it's not actually my cat, by my roomates cat. we live in the same house so i consider it my cat as well. anyways, i like it because she always hangs out with me. i think she likes me because i always feed it - even if i probably shouldn't.

so halloween party tonight chez moi. ohh and i'm watching 'hook' right now. haven't seen that movie since, well in a long time. now some other old movie about a basketball shoe is on? TBS rocks my world.

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Oct. 28th, 2006 | 02:00 am

okay so I'm being a Price Is Right contestant.
happy halloweeeeeen.

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school makes me tired.

Oct. 12th, 2006 | 09:52 pm
mood: stressed stressed
music: kyo - sarah

wow. school is really taking a lot out of me. homework is never ending.
i didn't realize this 6 class semester thing would be so difficult.
but it's worth it right?

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Sep. 16th, 2006 | 08:12 pm
mood: refreshed refreshed
music: feist

umm back in Lethbridge after a year and a half away.
I'm really liking it here.
I've been pretty busy; with school, friends, co-president of the U of Leth French Club. Go me.
I'm taking 6 classes in total:
La Culture et Civilisation
La Grammaire Francaise
Litterature : La Tragedie
Sport Psychology
Socialogical and Psychological Aspects in Physical Activity
Spanish 1000

I have a sweet house. And even a cat named Girlfriend. Well it's my roomates cat. But I consider it mine as well.

I am in love with this french boy. And hopefully we get married so I can get a french passport. And then he can get a canadian passport. We both win.

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Aug. 13th, 2006 | 01:56 am

So I just got home from a wedding which was attending by a lot of beautiful people.

My cousin Ryley just got married.. hurrah... I had fun... drank a bit.. ate a lot... you know...

Other stuff in my life- 
going to back to Uni SOON.
In two weeks actually.
Ran the Kenora Duathlon last weekend and came in third. 
Another hurrah?

I got to drive a my Dad's cousins' Cadillac today. Man those things are sweet, I don't care what you say. 

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Jul. 13th, 2006 | 03:30 pm


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Jun. 24th, 2006 | 01:19 pm

Joyeux fête de la St. Jean.

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happy father's day.

Jun. 18th, 2006 | 06:43 pm

Today was the Manitoba Marathon. 5 yrs in a row I've been a part of this race. This year i ran the 10km run, seeing as I couldn't run the half-marathon due to my agonizing shin splints. Boourns.

Next week it's St. Malo Duathlon - which I am extremely pumped about. Don't ask me why... I guess I'm just excited to compete in all these races this summer.

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summertime jammin'

Jun. 11th, 2006 | 10:47 am

Recommendation of the day: listen to the cat empire.

all of you.

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