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I thought I told you before.

I guess you never listen.

I am the girl with golden hair.
20 August
, 15/love, alex/izzie, alexis bledel, bella/edward, blair waldorf, blake lively, books, brian darling, broadway, cappie, cappie/casey, casey, casey cartwright, casey/cappie, charlie/claire, christmas, chuck/blair, comma abuse, cows, dean winchester, devon weigel, dick casablancas, elle bishop, falcon beach, fanfiction, flashpoint, fuck yeah nph, gaspard ulliel, gilmore girls, glee, good looking jews, gossip girl, graphics, greek, grey's anatomy, harry potter, hayden panettiere, heroes, horror, house, icons, idina menzel, impalas, jacques preppernau, james marsden, james mcavoy, jane austen, jared padalecki, jason dohring, jason dohring's arms, jason dohring's ass, jason fucking dohring, jennifer aniston, jensen ackles, jeremy darling, jess/rory, johnny depp, josef konstantin, josef/elle, josef/mick, kappa tau, kappa tau gamma, kate/sawyer, katherine heigl, kb/jd, keira knightley, kristen bell, kristin chenoweth, leighton meester, logan echolls, logan/veronica, logan/veronica/dick, logan/veronica/lilly, mark salling, michael muhney, mick st. john, milo ventimiglia, mixing curse levels, moonlight, motion of crotches, movies, music, musicals, mutts, nate/jenny, neptune anti-suspender society, noah puckerman, olivia wilde, omega chi, omega chi delta, panic! at the disco, paramore, paul rudd, peter/claire, peter/elle, photography, pirates, plane!sex, puck, puck/quinn, puck/rachel, puckleberry, pushing daisies, rachel bilson, rachel mcadams, rachel/puck, reading, rent, reunion, rhymes with orange, rooftop consolations, russell brand, rusty cartwright, ryan gosling, ryan hansen, sam winchester, sarcasm, sawyer, scott michael foster, shakespeare, shia labeouf, so-bad-its-good television, sophia bush, spencer grammer, supernatural, sweet caroline, tegan and sara, theatre, titanic, travel, trivia, ugly betty, vampires, veronica and logan, veronica mars, veronica mars fanfic, veronica mars icons, veronica/lilly, veronica/logan, wade, wall!sex, werewolves, wicked, writing, x-men, yellow xterras, zachary quinto, zeta beta zeta,