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And sometimes when you fall, you fly.

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7/12/10 10:37 am - Something drastic

Woke up at 4:30am, and then 8:30am, and could not fall back asleep the second time....on a day when I do not have to work. FML.

I've run out of social networks to check, so I shall do something drastic...

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3/10/10 02:27 pm - In which our hero wants to be your friend, but doesn't want to creep you out.

I get excited making new friends. I love the process of getting to know someone, finding things in common, feeling a new connection with another human being, even if it's small. It's a pleasant, happy little rush. I worry this ends up making me seem overeager and scares people off. Really, it's just an awkward compliment, and all I can do to not pass a "do you like me, circle yes/no" note across the table.

Hopefully the good ones stick around.

11/26/09 08:34 pm - Thoughts on this, a most bountiful and joyous ritual sacrificial turkey day.


11/2/09 08:27 pm - Doing my best to fight the prohibition.

So Halloween happened...my plans for a Max costume seemed to be against the wishes of the Halloween Gods, as my every effort was painfully thwarted. But thanks to my dress-up box of leftover theatre costumes, I pulled together a pretty swanky 1920s glam get-up with my flapper dress (from the Gatsby dance senior year), my fur coat, some vintage make-up, and my old Cleopatra wig chopped into a fashionable bob. And of course, in true anti-prohibitionist style, I smuggled booze into the local speakeasy like the classy dame I am. It was simply the cat's pajamas.

In other news, I am basically out of money, and rapidly running out of room on my credit card to defer my student loans to. I feel like I've been given a few months before my death sentence....before I've exhausted all my monetary options, and I'm officially financially BONED for the rest of my life. I need another job, or a promotion, or a miracle. I'm in a constant state of either anxiety, or distraction. I'm sure this isn't healthy, but I have yet to come up with a solution.

I will now accept winning lottery tickets as tokens of your affection.

10/16/09 03:41 am - It's raining in Baltimore.

(Just posted this as a comment, actually, for someone else's LJ. But I felt the need to also say it here. I guess as a reminder to myself.)


I'm not so sure we're always where we're supposed to be, but I think Life has a way of letting you know when you are. Personally, I think that's what déjà vu is. A tiny little flash of "this feels familiar because it's right. You're on track."

Like a thumbtack in a map.

I think being generally unhappy with where you are means you have to keep moving, and if that means literally moving, try it out. I know I'm itching to get out of Baltimore, and I even know where I want to be next. And as soon as a my bank account *magically* fills up, I'm bolting. And I'll wait for the déjà vu.


....Now go see Where The Wild Things Are.

10/14/09 03:49 pm - ...In which I ponder my many forms of art, and my fear of all of them.

This Wednesday is passing seemingly slower than all Wednesdays before it. And so I've decided to write.

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Read Amanda Palmer's blog. This woman is an inspiration, and is revolutionizing the way the music industry works. She's doing it right.


and then,

"VIRTUAL CROWDSURFING", a follow-up, re: money, art & the economics of trust.

...Do it.

10/7/09 01:49 pm - Fancy running into you here.

....Hello, LJ.

Gosh, this is awkward. Sometimes I forget you're here. These past couple years have really tempted me away from you, what with Facebook stealing virtually all attention from you...and most recently Twitter, making sentences longer than 140 characters a thing of the past.

I'm sorry, LJ. It's not you, it's me. I've changed, I know, and I've strayed from you. Please don't take it personally. It's not that I don't miss you, it's just that...well, I guess I needed something more. Facebook and I have had a strong relationship since college, we still see each other every day, and we just have so many friends in common that it's impossible to ignore. And Twitter-....*sigh*....Twitter is a new love, still in the honeymoon stages, I'm afraid, but I'm just having so much fun, I can hardly take my eyes off it. Believe me, it's not just you that's suffering from this....sometimes when I'm on Facebook, I'm thinking about being on Twitter. Sometimes I even recycle the same status updates from one to the other. (Please don't tell FB that, I'm not sure how it would take it.)

....I'm sorry, I just re-loaded my Twitter page in the middle of writing this, I can't help it, it's an addiction. Listen, virtually everyone I know has a Facebook, it's more logical than having email these days....and Twitter allows me seemingly personal access to some of my favorite writers/singers/artists/authors/etc....Things are just happening on a much grander scale these days, and you.....you're so very intimate. So very small. You only hold regular updates from a few of my friends these days, and I know of fewer still who appear to read and comment on my entries. It's just not as rewarding as it used to be. It's just not as fulfilling.

LJ, maybe I need to give you another chance. I don't even recognize the girl who started writing here some 7 odd years ago, but maybe you and I can start again. I mean I'm certainly not blogging anywhere else...Facebook notes are more for mindless surveys or show plugs, and Twitter barely lets me complete a grammatically correct thought. You always provided a solid diary-esque freedom to empty my thoughts and embellish them with the visual infliction of some simple html coding.

I can't pretend to know if this is going to work or not, LJ...I'm not making any promises. All I'm saying is that maybe I've been neglecting something good, and maybe I'm ready to give it another go. Who knows, maybe someone will read it, and smile, and comment along with a tiny icon of a thumbs-up, and it will move me deep inside on some level untouched for years now.

I'm not saying I'm sorry for what happened between us. It was only natural. I'm just saying I'm willing to see where this goes.

Your old friend,


8/16/09 01:30 am - All we are saying...

Fun and magical subconscious tidbit:

Last night, in a dream, I was asked to take part in a show/play/artistic performance where a long line of women were each representing a point of time in history. I was asked to embody the 60s. I played a hand drum across the stage and sang "Give Peace A Chance".

Woke up this morning to discover it's Woodstock's 40th anniversary.

(Furthering my theory that I was, in fact, there.)

Peace & Love,

6/24/09 01:13 am - BIRTHDAY!



3/13/09 12:46 am - *scuff*

Why do we ever stop flirting like this?

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