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if you're in Europe make sure to catch Adam Green and Binki Shapiro now.
Unfortunately dates in the US had recently to be postponed.

If you're in Germany, make sure to catch Adam and Binki tonight on TV Total. Weird and fun that it's broadcast exactly five years after his last TV Total appearance on March 27 2008.

Also, Malmø watch out, there's the Adam Green exhibition MEDIEVAL BUSINESSMAN till April 13 2013 (opening March 26th) in your city at Loyal Gallery.

Also there's an appearance of Adam and Binki on the Harald Schmidt show which apparently broadcasts privately. In case you get to see it, make sure to record it for us all!

Thanks and enjoy, have a lovely spring!

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Apparently our little website has some hick-ups. Will still be posting the news here.
Adam's to play a benefit show tomorrow, April 24th in New York.
Check this out:

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Hej hardcore followers!
Check this out if you haven't stumbled upon it yet on twitter.

Also, there's still the Adam Green/Binki Shapiro record in the pipes, as well as a website update, a new movie, art shows and whatnot! Stay tuned! Exciting bits ahead!!

Oh and this goes out to all the ladies,
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Happy New Year, everyone.
Enjoy 10 minutes of Adam Green entertainment here:

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Hej buddies,
feeling a bit under-fed with Adam Green news?
Well we certainly can't wait for his new collaboration with Binki Shapiro which resulted in a brand-new record.
Until then we keep on watching this video that Adam directed for 'The Moor'

Is there anyone out there who went to the Kimya Dawson show in NY Nov 13th 2011 and caught the Moldy Peaches live on stage? Wanna share your experience?!
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UPDATE [[11/07]
It's been silent around here.

For our loyal fans here goes some news if you haven't heard already.
Adam Green recorded a record with Binki Shapiro in LA and it is said to be finished! Really excited for the first songs and impressions to come.

A painting called CACTUS-COMPUTER by Adam is on sale here: http://www.BipLing.com

There's a show coming up in NYC on Nov 9th 2011. 7-8:30PM at Electric Lady Studios (52 8th St NY NY 10011) It's some sort of art thing featuring Adam Green as a special guest. Visuals advertised on a flyer by Fab Moretti. iF IN ny go check it out. (https://twitter.com/?photo_id=1#!/GregoryRogove/status/133621588926009344/photo/1)

ALSO, if in NYC make sure to check out the amazing Kimya Dawson. She'll be playing a show Nov 13th with Berth Control and Your Heart Breaks at Knitting Factory.
One day earlier Nov 12th Toby Goodshank is also playing at Pete's Candy Store/Brooklyn.

Some sweet stuff to get you through November. Oh and if you haven't yet: get your hands on Kimya Dawson's new self-released awesome honest record THUNDER THIGHS. She also has pretty cool socks available as merch. I got mine already and they are loving. Good against the cold winter!

And if you don't have enough yet, check out Toby Goodshank's new EP Truth, Jump, Fall as well as the video to it with the same title. Also Jack Dishel aka ONLY SON has a new video out for his song 'You Stayed at Home'. There is a whole record been released to it earlier this year which goes by the name of Searchlight.

So many great records to put on your Christmas wishlist if not bought yet! Cool.
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We're very excited to hear new songs Adam is working on right now with Binki Shapiro. Stay tuned!!
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thought I'd give this a quick update.
Adam's recently been to Italy where his movie THE WRONG FERRARI was screened at Cinema Mexico in Milan (July 4th).
Since we missed to give you the news on time, you might enjoy a little video from Italy.

Find it here: http://vimeo.com/26676243
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Adam live in LA [[06/07]
So Adam turned a year older about a week ago and already, he's almost back on the road.

There's a rare solo acoustic show in LA scheduled for JUNE 22nd at LARGO. Get your tickets before there are no more left!
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On Wednesday April 6, 2011 Adam Green celebrated the first screening of his movie 'The Wrong Ferrari' in NEW YORK.


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WRONG FERRARI premiers today in NY [[04/06]

Oh, that Adam Green, he just can’t stand to be left with any down time. It’s not quite a cinematic version of his Lake Room blog as we hear he’s also planning, but it’s a film nonetheless. The Wrong Ferarri, a biographical, comic misadventure of sorts, announced as early as August on his blog, is of course starring, directed and written by Adam Green.

The film shows that we creative types can really get down to brass tacks even without all the fine equipment we may think we need. The seemingly simple, yet awesome iPhone, was the only tool used to make this piece of digital comedy, touted as a “fast-paced rumination on ketamine, turning 30, dysfunctional relationships, touring the world, and more.”

Besides the auteur himself, The Wrong Ferarri features luminaries in film and music and more, from Macaulay Culkin, Devendra Banhart, Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development), Dev Hynes (Lightspeed Champion), Har Mar Superstar, Jack Dishel (Only Son, Moldy Peaches), BP Fallon, Cory Kennedy, Aleksa Palladino (Exitmusic, Boardwalk Empire), to members of the band Spacecamp, Adam Green’s mother, vocal work from Evan Dando (The Lemonheads) and more.

The film will be screened at Anthology Film Archives (32 2nd Avenue at 2nd St.) this week, but this may be a private invite-only affair. Keep an eye on their website and Adam Green’s own for details on where the film will be shown following its premiere.

SOURCE: http://www.sentimentalistmag.com/2011/04/04/adam-greens-iphone-film-the-wrong-ferarri-to-screen-at-afa/
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HOW TO ACT BAD [[12/30]
Time is slowly running out, for 2010 and for Dima's kickstarter project.
If it doesn't get funded he won't get the support he is looking for right now.

If you take a serious interest in Adam Green and his music, please I beg you to support our all friend's project:


Follow all those links to kickstarter.com and help funding an awesome movie project.

Dima says about Adam what I felt all those years when running this website:
I find Adam to be a deeply fascinating and talented artist and person, full of charm and wit who is not afraid to embarrass himself in order to stay true to himself and his creativity.

Please at least spread the word, let's try this. Happy 2011 everyone!
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The Moldy Peaches reunited like over a week ago and NOBODY dropped a damn line.
You just can't deny that it's been one of the most important bands 2.0.

It got twittered and facebooked. I can't believe that there is so much crap these days that we can't focus on the real thing anymore.
And I never thought I would actually REALLY post something of importance before and journalists because EVERYTHING was on facebook and twitter.

HOLY CRAP!!! Did all six members of the band just agree
that it is time to do a Moldy Peaches show?! Why yes.
Indeed they did! FUCKKKKKKKKK! (KIMYA)

No details have been discussed yet. I imagine it would be in New York.
Or Brazil. Only the great LORD OF THE UNDERWORLD knows when. Muahaha. (KIMYA)

My vote for the Moldy Peaches reunion album title: "Simple Tweets of Fist".
Just sayin', Sparky Dawson's got a way with words. And thumbs. (JACK)

Rehearsals start 2day RT @mrskimyadawson Adam and I hav been discussing
getting th band back 2gether as strictly a live fisting spectacular


Meanwhile Adam's still been shooting his lakeroom movie.
Be excited.

Christmas is coming closer and AWESOME PRESENTS are still up for grabs here: (click here)

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Who filmed this creepy bad video for NME??

Adam Green performing Jessica at Reading 2010.

For better footage and behind the scene clips support Dima Dubson's Adam Green documentary on kickstarter: howtoactbad.com!!
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HOW TO ACT BAD [[10/21]

You've probably all seen the music videos Dima Dubson made for Adam's latest record Minor Love (see some posts below).
The really exciting news now is that Dima is working on a movie/documentary about Adam and you all can be a part of it in supporting Dima's kickstarter project (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dimadubson/how-to-act-bad-a-film-starring-adam-green)

The money is needed for the final production. I know you all wanna see it, see some snippets from Adam's life and touring, see some of Adam's great friends like Devendra Banhart and Jack Dishel...

And if this isn't enough yet, there are great great great and awesome refunds. Wanna have dinner with Adam and Dima? Wanna videochat on skype with them? Wanna have VIP tickets to a show, signed postcards or DVDs? A private screening or associate producer credits?

Just head over and give a little for a lot back! I did too!!


Thank you

PS: And because movies are the way to go these days, let me tell you Adam is also working diligently on his iphone-shot THE LAKE ROOM MOVIE!
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That was fun last night!
Final Dufus Show at cakeshop in New York.
Fake firealarm and firemen.
And guess who made a guest appearance!

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Rest in Peace. [[09/24]
Mourning knows no night time.
In memory of Martin Büsser.
We especially will remember him for his last book 'Antifolk'
which covers the scene from early on and drawings by Jeff Lewis.
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Berlin Festival [[09/13]
Now what we read on the music news really makes us happy. Seems like Adam Green totally topped the Berlin Festival on Friday by singing Wind of Change with Macaulay Culkin (!!) and then surfing the crowd.

Unfortunately this is the only video we could find on youtube. People, share what you filmed on Friday, we wanna see it all, please!! Cause unfortunately a whole lot of us missed it! Thanks.

Grab him by the pants!:

Hey AnniCox from youtube, thank you so much. This looks like we totally missed something big.
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If anyone saw and taped the live broadcast of Adam's gig at Berlin Festival on 3sat (German TV) last night, I'd appreciate to get a copy of it. Apparently I read it too late that there was a broadcast at all. I might have a little surprise for you too in return.
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Hi everyone,
I must apologize for any inconveniences. In case you tried to access our fansite and found it offline a couple of times, it was because we had some strange things with the webspace going on.
So now it's up and not perfectly running again. There're lots of holes that need fixing now and I promise it gets done.

Just not in the nearer future.
Meanwhile you'd wanna enjoy some great live shots from Roland Kämpfer, shot in Switzerland last week:

Also, make sure you don't miss the last dates of Adam's tour in Germany (with the amazing Berlin Festival coming up, great great lineup this year) and the four dates in the UK!!
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