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life goes easy on me most of the time

and so it is

a trick question
29 October
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Lani. Eighteen. Northeast Ohio. COWS! Corn. Short. Pastilicious. Dark hair. Light eyes. Sometimes glasses. Sometimes contacts. Actress. Working on it. Writer. Slash. Harry Potter. Zacharias/Harry. Doodler. Bitch for kinks. Ties. Office worker AU. Music = everything. TUMS addict. Facetious. Cannot hold grudges. Opinionated. Negative space. Minimalist. Vivacity. Intolerable noodling. Honest.


bokkie - my Harry Potter fanfiction.
fic_fairy - hufflepuff fic scouter.
zhficrelay - zacharias/harry fiction passed between spectacular, prurient_badger, devkel and myself.

Although I don't show it, I actually do like RPS! Really! HP RPS, LOTRIPS, Random Actor Slash... special love for Charlie Hunnam and Jude Law. Also Paul Bettany and Jake Gyllenhaal. And Hugh Dancy. And all boys ever.

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