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Only God Can Judge Me


Sammy Miller
17 June 1991
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I'm Samantha. I Am A Sober Female, In The Program. Working The Steps, Doing What It Do. I Do Smoke Alot Of Ciggarettes. I Love Music. Rap, Shit Like That. Jeezy, Mr.Capone, Sawed Off, Twiztid, The Game, T-Pain, Akon, C-Murda, Gangsta Shit. I Have 5 Tattoos One On The Back Of My Neck One On My Lower Back One On My Right Arm One On My Left Wrist And One On My Left Panty Line. And My Tounge Peirced. I'm 5''3 125lbs Long Reddish//Brownish Hair Big Brown Eyes Cute Face Big Lucious Lips I Got A Fat Ass Thick Thighs Pretty Feet Flat Stomach Big Love Handles <-- Thats What I Look Like. I Do Not Fuck Wit Niggas No More. I Got Mines. William Robert Stovall Jr. 10-28-05 - Till Death Do Us Part - I Dunno, That's Me. If You Don't Know Me Don't Fuck Wit Me. I Got Enough Freinds. But If Your Tired Of Your Pathetic Life, Tired Of Making The Dope Man Rich, Tired Of Looking For The Next Hit. Hit Me Up And I Can Show You A New Way Of Life. Cuz The Only Way I Can Keep What I Got Iz By Giving It To Others. 1 Luv Ya Girl ~Precious~ Oh! Im Also 16 Years Old. 6/17/1991 And I Stay In Decatur In A Half Way House..