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It's Been TOOOO Long!

Wow it's been 2 years since I posted on here. Obviously I feel more connected with Facebook as I can go and post on people's wall whenever I feel like it haha.

Updates to whoever cares and remembers me...:
- Finishing 3rd year of college at the University of Washington. Currently a declared linguistics major, but would like to be in the Informatics program. Minoring in Chinese.

- Am a Brother of the National Honorary Band Fraternity, Kappa Kappa Psi. (it's co-ed)
Am also the chapter's webmaster woo

- Went to Europe last summer with the Husky Marching Band and were the first civilian (and possibly American band for one of them) in the military band festivals (Tattoos). Mmm gelato

- Am 21 and can get booze! Fuck yea

OH AND I HOPE LoZ SYMPHONY HAS A SHOW WHERE I CAN GO TO THE CONCERT!!1! (Don't want HMB to get in the way >__>)

Almost Done

With the first year of college! I just have a final English portfolio due Tuesday, then FREEDOM!

Chilling with friends but I don't WoW so yeah =/...

Need a new display pic.


College, homework, band, etc. No time to do anything on the internet =/ *goes to bed*

I'm here

In UW!

Yay for college?

So I'm back...

From a week of pre-school drills for the Husky Marching Band. It was pretty tiring. 12 hour practices from the 7-12th, then game day, and then a 7 hour practice today. My legs are killing me. Our band does the high step which means our legs have to form a 90 degree angle. And marching is fine if it wasn't so fast and that we have to do a run on. Run ons = move your legs up and down as fast as you can and yell as loud as you can. Marching out formation wasn't too bad. I eventually learned all the pregame, which is harder than half time. Half time we had a Cher impersonator from Las Vegas haha.

Overall, I met a lot of cool people in HMB. A great way to start off college. Hopefully my legs and ankles will get better. I had to wear braces for the past 4 days and got taped on game day. Because of my ankles, I got a nickname *sigh*

Oh and the rally was on my bday, so I guess that made it ok. The clarinet girls did make me a cake though =D

Random Post

Friends made a trebuchet woo~ I made the video from the footage that was from my camera. Fun times.



1. Leave a comment saying you would like to be interviewed.
2. I will then respond with 5 questions that could be personal, but not extremely so.
3. Then update your LJ with the questions I've asked.
4. Put these same rules (or something that resemble these rules) with your questions.
5. When people ask you to interview them, you will ask them 5 questions.

Interview by nanami27:

1. What do you think Lelouch would say about this video?
His reaction would be like this:

2. What about Suzaku?
He'd probably spinzaku the vid

3. Which version of Setsuna do you like more, the shota-bait one or the absolutely legal time-skip one?
D= That's really hard for me to judge... I think I'm liking the shota-bait more cuz I haven't seen S2 yet so not as much love for the legal one >_<

4. What is the best Chuck Norris joke you have ever heard?
Aw man, my friend had a book about some of the jokes so I don't remember... I guess the best is when we call one of my friend's dad Chuck Norris because he looks like him!

5. Say something about me. Go go go.
You're an awesome web designer =3


4th of July and Dragonforce

So this year's 4th of July sucked. I had to work because our restaurant opened and I had to the be waitress. I never waited so it was to be "a great experience" >_>. My dad was suppose to help but no, we didn't make a fucking plan. I took the orders, brought out food, and gave the customers their checks. Dad just brought out food when I'm busy. Yeah that worked when there were like 5 tables, but not when we got slammed at 7pm! To do a good job, you're suppose to talk and mingle a bit, but I didn't get to do any of that. And I sometimes didn't even know we had another table, so they're waiting 10+ minutes. Gah, whatever. At least I made $100+ in tips.

When I got off work, which was 9pm ish, I hung out with a few friends for some explosions. It went ok. They're not my closest friends so I felt a bit lonely. (Why did my close friends have to go on vacation at the same time?!) After a stressful night of work, I needed some relax time...

Then yesterday, the 5th, I went to see Dragonforce at the Roseland with a few friends. It was the most intense show I've ever been. I managed to somehow get to the very front and stayed there for the rest of the concert. The bad part is that I'm 5'1", so while I'm up against this wall/barrier, I got my boobs crushed. To keep it from getting crushed, I had to be on my toes -__-. The guy next to me kept elbowing me so he could have some room. Hello, I'm a little girl and you're a huge guy. Do you see me being crushed already? I don't need your fucking elbows digging into my rib cage. What a douche >_>. Didn't help that crowd surfers would occasionally fall on me and that the bouncers are like up at my face ready to catch them.

Besides all that crap, I had a great time. The opening band was Powerglove that played metal versions of our favorite video game themes. It was hilarious. I was very amused. They played Sonic's Eggman? theme saying it was sexy, and then a girl up on the stage stripped (You don't get to actually see anything though), Mario Brothers, Tetris, etc. The last song was Go Go Power Rangers. I loled at that really bad. I use to love Power Rangers as a kid so that was fun. Then it was Dragonforce time. I almost got a pick from Sam, one of the guitarists ;-; They have great stage presence too. And now I'm still sore.

Here's something something

Well, I stole this from lacus =P.

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Ceramic Fanart!

Pretty bored... So decided to post up some of my ceramic work that I did. I'm such a dork. I have a few projects that are anime-related. I wanted to do Link's shield from Legend of Zelda, but I don't think I have time...

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