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Jan. 26th, 2006

Time goes by slowly when you're not with the people you love.
I guess it was all a joke.

Our house, in the middle of our street! (Best song EVER)

Don't mind that HTML, I'm working on an image map :)
pictures from http://users.skynet.be/phicarly (Link on image map).
Made the graphic myself, don't steal.
My cheeks are burning in a good way, and things are looking up.
What is the sense in going to the grave healthy? That is almost an invitation. Only if one overdoes so much that one no longer ticks right is that tragic. One must above all be careful in extolling drugs. If you are not as we are in a privileged situation,where you have people who worry about you, then it is horrible. People who excessively misuse drugs have neither worthwhile lives nor are they are creative.

They only stare and eat.



So tell me Cory, what do you see in this painting?

An attack

An attack?

An attack from another world...

What about god and religion?

Oh I was about to get to that...