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new live journal [01 May 2005|08:48pm]


let me no to add you

p.s. derek pretty much did the entire thing... thanks!
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Home is where you make it... [01 May 2005|02:20pm]
home at last...

man aruba is hot

i had a great time but i almost wish that i wasn't gone the whole week. now that im home i feel like im rushed to get everything done, homework lacrosse, fixing up lose ends. school tomorrow and we can all get to see each other again. it should be fun until i remember how much i loathe school work.

i wrote in my journal when i was away so i really don't feel like writing the same things down and when your sitting around doing nothing you think of a lot of things you want to write down some things end up begin repeated over and over again. i'm trying to think of what i can say... one thing is that i know that my mom can't drive a stick shift. we parked the car on the end of the water so i had to get out and push the car out of the spot because she couldn't tell if we were in reverse or not and she didn't want to drive the car in the water

everyone in aruba was from new hampshire, no joke. i didn't see any other sports team besides the red socks and the patriots. one family put flags up in the hotel room. thats weird. meet some kids from manchester central and saw alot of kids from the high school too.

i have my first home game on wednesday at four
whos ganna come!?

ps. i need help with my live journal, i want to change it and make it friends only
who can help me!
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[27 Apr 2005|10:56am]

im in aruba

whats been going on?

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[23 Apr 2005|01:14pm]
its two oclock, i leave at four and i haven't even come close to packing...

oh well ill figure it out.
i feel like this week went by fast, which is weird cause ususally the week before vacation goes by slowly. its not that im not excited to go on vacation but im gone the whole week! vacation is a prefect time to hang out with friends with out having to work around lacrosse but im gone anyways... im excited but i wish i could spend some more time with my friends out of school. oh well. ill be tan, wait no, knowing me i won't be tan , i won't be burnt either, ill just be white as always.

friday went by quick. i didn't want to go school but i figured i better go so i didn't miss anything, turns out all i would have missed was off topic movies. awesome! practice wasn't as bad as a thought it was going to be. i hope everyone did good at the talent show, i heard some body fell, i hope not into the pit again.

this will be my last journal for a while till i get back. a whole week with my mom is alot. dealz can get old after a while.

i don't want to go.
i should start packing but i wasted all my time making cds because i had to send my ipod in to get fixed. thanks to derek for the cd player

i hope brit is having a fun time in england and i hope that she had a good birthday

leave me some comments when i get back

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[21 Apr 2005|06:32pm]
this ones for jill...
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[20 Apr 2005|10:27pm]
[ mood | tired ]

alright lovies... this is how it goes

we won our lacrosse game today, walked into dereks with my jersey on and everything and no one even asked if we won... thanks lol.

it was good weather for a game, kinda humid. the game was pretty boring to. they were really bad (final score 18-2 ish).

the reffs made the game. "number 6, move foward, a little more, to the right, now back... number 6... more back and to the left. thank you lovie" she called us lovies, and she had the best compairison for clearing the arch...

"its like a pebble... in a river... everything just ripples away..." so funny!!! it took me a good while before i understood the connection between lacrosse and a pebble. but then the next time we had to clear the arch "just remember the pebble lovies... just remember the pebble..."

we had brits "suprise" birthday thing today but she knew about it the whole time... its the thought that counts.

im done

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[18 Apr 2005|10:04pm]
we won our lacrosse game 18-4

im playing goalie on wendesday, that should be good...

went shopping with the mother on sunday then back to practice later that day. not to much happened. i was late to school again, i can't seem to get to whole timeing thing right yet...

the game went good

number 12 was a sheman on the other team. she would pressure way to much on the crease so the only thing you could do was go around on her. then she would yell at her team for not slidding. it was so totally her fault though... it was pretty funny if you no what im even talking about. me anna were covering her down in the mid field when anna checked her and got a call agaisnt her. she-man thought it was on her so she yelled and threw her stick down on the ground 5 feet away and the stormed off. i was laughing so hard already but then anna was... its your ball, and the girl was so pissed. one of the best things ever if you ask me besides from katy plante taking the ball out of the other girls stick. thats still my number one choice.

sat prep was boring. i don't need to spend another hour and a half in the school if i don't have to...

well im out
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[17 Apr 2005|09:59am]
[ mood | tired ]

undating is a pain...

so tired, last night went to CATCH 22 with derek, brit, racheal, tim and alice!! Ducky Boys and Floggin Molly was there too but Catch 22 was the best. we played pass it during the flogging molly, i won by far. me and brit went to goodwill today. there is a sale at goodwill? ya there is... all kids t-shirt 95 cents. i got the best florida marlins shirt every and a portsmouth basketball one. i wanted to get a baseball jersey that said ham insurence but i didn't. i got two old winnacunnet jersey at the yard sale so i was all set.

buckhorns was fun on friday. i still say we should have gone a little later then 8 but it was cool. still lots of truckers. went to the mall too where i spilt my mudslide... brit thought hers was a shot. derek did my livejournal, thought i should say that cause he would if i didn't.

lots more happened but its early maybe ill come back and right more...

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[11 Apr 2005|10:18pm]
oh ya and i forgot... im pulling a lisa here...

leave me a comment of whos reading this.i don't care if i don't no you or don't really talk to you cause i probaly read your journals too. i want to update my friends so i want to know who i should put in there

if i don't no you leave a comment so maybe i will know you and we can talk
even if i do know you just leave one cause im werid like that

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[11 Apr 2005|09:07pm]
[ mood | confused ]

hey there

im updating my journals because everybody at lunch yelled at me for not writing more!! lol whatever. people in my lunch are so weird...

we won today. im glad. i was nervous about it. i did pretty bad though. no i did really bad. i finally remember how to play with ten minutes left in the game...

i never feel like writing anything, thats why i never write in this. i want to more though. that can be my new years resolution, with out the whole new years thing.

this week went by fast/slow. if that makes any sense?

school goes by slow but then im always surpirsed when the week is over.

the weekend seemed short but then they always do. its some short of weird mind game we play on ourselves i think. the day seemed long because i did so much stuff but it was sunday so soon.

i didn't do much. played a lot of lacrosse with the team/brit. went to portsmouth a couple of times,saw fever pitch, cleaned spit off my car...

im glad lacrosse started but i liked not having to do anything after school, making plans off the sleve, not knowing what im doing every second. i miss that. lacrosse has cut down on my gas costs so that good and i don't feel bad about eating everything thats in my sight...

i think im in the middle of some weird f-ed up limbo. i feel like things are clicking and that everythings going fun and great, but theres still something missing. im getting that point where i just don't want to go to school. at least a couple of times i have times when i really just can't stand school and i stop doing all my homework. im kinda of there right now, i don't no why. to bad i have lacrosse cause i really can't skip school.

im comfortable. comfortable a good thing. id rather be that then something else. but comfortable doesn't always mean complete. im almost there but i don't no if somethings missing. im being weird right now i no.i don't like writing in live journals because i never have anything to write about so i end up writing stupid shit.

oh well

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[03 Apr 2005|04:09pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

well... what a crazy weekend

i had so much fun but thinking about it leaves a bittersweet feeling in my mind...
i hung out with nicole all weekend and had the time of my life, i was so excited to do something the next day, but today is sunday and shes not here. I'm glad she came home, but i miss her already...

friday i went to the play right after lacrosse practice. I got there just in time to jump into nicoles car with joey and brett... i can't remember that much about what happened but i do remember there was some old pizza involed somewhere. When we back to the school ever one was back stage getting ready for the play. It felt weird being back there sense i wasn't involed this year. It was sad because i remembered how much fun i had when i did the plays. nicole was there backstage with me so it really felt like the good old days. I think thats what i missed more, not doing tec but begin back stage and haging out with nicole so i still don't think that it wouls be the same if i had done it this year.
i found my future glasses and nicole made me the most grossest cut ever, people are really easily lied too..
I went to Fridays after the play. i had so much fun, i guess i would also almost like to thank everyone with being so cool with me being there even though i wasn't in the play... so thanks for that everyone, i had a great time, and same goes to the cast party, so all are so cool..

saturday was an interesting day... here goes lol

ok, first i was really proud of myself finding my way to the street where anna lives, and i totally would have found her house right away if i knew that she had said that her house was number 63 instead of 163... i spent about 20 minutes and all my gas trying to find 163 on mill road... there is no such house. I found her after anna called me passing her house... so then i had to get gas, it was the first time i did it with out brit helping me... weird. when we went to pick up brett we found out that i was going to have to drive us up to the mall... lets just say brett and anna will never want to ride in my car ever again... long story we got lost and ended up going to maine? ya thats right, brett said he knew the way but i don't think he did, or he did but we got lost when i thought they told me to go right but they really said straight... oh well so then we ended up going to maine, and it was all just us trying to find a way around the traffic circle.
i only got a little lost getting home so it wasn't that bad.
play was on saturday again... no one died thank god.

i love having weekends that you never want to end, but it did end and now nicole gone and im wicked bummed just like everyone else is

we miss youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!! come home soon casue we have to make the movie of me speed walking in boston wearing my glasses...

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[30 Mar 2005|06:22pm]
today was okay

i had the worse lacrosse practice EVER!! i couldn't do anything, i sucked so bad... its not even funny. I didn't really feel that bad before practice but i had the worst time. I feel down twice and hit my head and now have premeant astro truf burn so thats fun. I also ran straight into ashley and my googles got forced into the back of my head it would have been funny if i wasn't already pissed off.
i also felt like i was gann puke a little bit, sometimes that happens when you eat three lunches. A's my normal lunch so that was cool but its wicked crowed! i went to b lunch and sat with brit, i think everyone ive ever known is in that lunch. I miss having lunch with brit and its only been two days... weird. c lunch i went to the adut. and had pizza with nicole anna and brett. i was really gross actually and i felt kinda bad being there cause i was just hanging out there like i used to always do and i wasn't doing anything this time for the play... oh well. Mr. Ray was probaly pissed anyway cause nicole is home and can now help in on the play but i came back there for the first time in a year and took her. Me the drop-E taking the only good thing he had. oh well
the plays this weekend. I don't no when im going to see it. I have a lot to do in the next couple days. I need to see the play, go to boston and go bowling at somee point by sunday but i was the weekend off from lacrosse. I have pratice right after school tomorrow so who ever wants to hang at night with me can.
i'm soooo tired from practice. the good news is that i ran three miles and the bad news is that i ran three miles, underOATH really gets you in the running mode though i must say

peace bounce
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[19 Mar 2005|05:32pm]
haven't written anything in so long

anyway yesterday i went to go rollerskating with brit and other funny people. We went to the mall first and then me and brit and a speed walking contest and half way through,while i was so kicking her ass, she tripped me right in the middle on the mall and i went down. I was kinda like a slow fall where it takes you a couple of steps to fall down.
so that was funny
the best thing ever, and funniest thing...
brit and me were ahead of ahsley and nacki so she hid behind the door ways to one of the stores and waited for them so she could jump out at them. When she thought that they were walking by she jumped out and sreamed "BOO!" wicked loud. only thing is that it wasn't ashley and nacki, it was these two older aged women who screamed when brit jumped out of them! it was so funny. they both sheriked and jump. brit was laughing so hard and trying to fund the words to explain why she had just done what she had done. one lady continued to say that she almost had a heartattack. It might have been one of the funniest things that ever happened. i was so lucky that i was watching and got to see the looks on those ladies faces. I had go to the bathroom so bad.
skating was fun to mainly becasue brit was so bad.
and i mean really bad. she had the mostfalls except for that crazy kid in the spiderman shirt who would take down anyone in his way... like me. but i think the best wipe out goes to the gay 40 year old rythmic skater who looked like he was having an orgasm over the music. He was so pissed when he fell, he just got up acting like nothing happened. but he fell and everyone saw. It was funny
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DRIVING [11 Mar 2005|08:58pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

wow... i haven't writen anything in a long time, whatever

anyway i think everyone should no that i can now drive, i no scary, and about time cause i only waited a year.
of course i was wicked pumped to be able to drive so i was ganna go over and drive to my dads. I got into the camry (which hasn't been driven in a really long time) and tryed to start it. It didn't start it just made this weird clicking noise

anyways, to make a semi short story even shorter somethings wrong with the starter and the car has to be taken into the shop. So now that i have my licesnce (spelling?) i can't drive any where! i don't no when i get the car back because they have to tow it out of the garage and then bring in into the shop... so thats fun

c ya.

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[26 Feb 2005|04:05pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

ok i was supposed to leave early early wednesday morning and go to New York, stay there for a day then fly to Ohio and then fly to Penn State and spend to days there and then fly home late late saturday night...

heres what really happened, didn't leave to late thursday and passed right over New York. Flew down to Ohio and then backtracked to Penn State. Spent one really boring friday there walking around and finding out that i am so not smart enough to go there. Ditched the whole plan for saturday (another tour, launcing of a weather ballon, and going to classes) and left early early saturday morning. Drove an hour to the airport, one hour flight to Ohio, waited around there for an hour, took a two hour flight backtracking to New York ( the airport, not where i was going to go at first) hopped in a cab and drove to the other airport in New York, waited there for an hour and then took an hour plane to Boston and drove home...

thats all

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[25 Feb 2005|09:45am]
[ mood | blah ]

I'm at Penn State... im super bored and want to come home

thats it

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[07 Feb 2005|07:54pm]
[ mood | blah ]

i hate mondays

oh ya pats won... woo

red socks still won the world series (right brit?)
^ don't make her mad about the red socks, ryan learned that the hard way... but he still won

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[06 Feb 2005|12:40am]
[ mood | tired ]

just got home, i'm flippin tired but i don't want to go to bed?

Anyway, had a lacrosse game, we lost go figure

did homework all day it sucked

hung out with some some cool people (Nick only really) and watched the weirdest movie ever

me and brit rockin out at my place for superbowl, call me if you wanna join

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[04 Feb 2005|01:55pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

we lost... it sucked

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long time... [02 Feb 2005|05:19pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Hello out there, i know i haven't written anything in a while so i thought i should. Not much has happened, you know cause its New Hampshire. Friday i went to boys basketball game. It might have been the longest basketball game ever... or a least it felt like that. THere wasn't that much scoring and the super tall kids wasn't as intresting as i thought he would be. Went over to Jess' with beth, james, cory and jimmy. We watched waterboy. We really watched, not like having it play in the backround but really watching it. I forgot how funny that movie was. Saturday had a lacrosse game. The Falzones brought me home only i couldn't find my key to get in my dad's house (one out of the two times i got locked out that day). I went to my neighboors who are pretty old to see if they had a key. But they madde me come in side and meet everyone who was there and then asked me questions about my dad. It took me a while but i got out of there, remember the FAlzones had been waiting for me the whole time. Mr. FAlzone had to bring me to my moms house. I found my sister extra key. Jessi picked me up to go to the hockey game because i had tickets, but we had to go to my dads so i could turn the heat off, the tv, the light, get my backpack and the tickets. We were out there for about a half an hour trying to get the door open and it wouldn't open and there weren't any open windows to get into. Mr. P came and tried to get us in but i didn't work. Needless to say we didn't go to the game becasue the tickets were still inside the house. Went to jessi's and eat chinease food but i took some of the really old rice by accedent and when i relized it was hard as a rock i put it back in the box. Some was still left on my plate and it made everything a little crunchy lol. We ended up going to the mall after. it was fun but it would have been better if we went to the UNH game. Sunday... i can't remember Sunday i was sick i'll skip it. Monday did nothing but stay home cause i was sick and watched 24 ( we'd be the first to go) Tuesday did nothing and tonite im going to the the wrestling meet with jessy and brits ganna be home!!!
Lost is a repeat tonight but Alias is new.

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