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GOODBYE. [15 Jun 2004|04:49pm]

i'm done with this journal. & with a lot of other things. people you think are your friends will go & believe a stranger over you. not even give you the benefit of the doubt. well fuck it. i am whatever you say i am. what's the point in proving someone wrong when they've already invested their negativity into it?

so this concludes my journal. i've proved to myself that writing down your thoughts & feelings doesn't benefit you -- only your so-called "friends" who go & exploit it to others when they are upset. i trust every person on my buddy list to make sure what i write, stays where it is -- in my journal. but my kindness is always taken for weakness, in some way or another.

leah, you're like my best friend. & you didn't even give me the benefit of the doubt. i read all the conversations. that's grimey. i would never say that shit about you, even if people were tellin' me shit, even if i THOUGHT it. i still would never say it. the whole john deal -- my bad. i should have told you. period. but everything else? words can't even describe how i feel about it. reading what you wrote broke my heart, far worse than any guy could have. i still love you, you're my girl, no matter what. but i guess you already made up your mind about me. so goodluck with everything & take care.

please remove me from your friends list. i don't wanna take up any space that could be used for someone else. i love you all, goodluck with everything. <33

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PS -- if you wanna get ahold of me, here's how:
AOL: c0nn1efaye
AIM: mygamerewinds
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you know who you are. [02 Jun 2004|11:28pm]
( this is the only public entry i'll ever make )

it has been brought to my attention that a certain female has been trying to read my journal. why? probably to go & tell all of delaware city my business.. just like last time. but believe me sweetie, i'll never make the mistake of trusting you ever again. i couldn't begin to understand why you would wanna read about my life when you haven't said more than a few words to me in the past year. & anyways, it doesn't matter. my journal is OFF LIMITS to you & you know who you are. what i do & say is none of your concern, so keep me off your mind & outta your mouth. kthanksbye.

4 mistresses &; the allure of the game

public announcement. [18 Feb 2004|08:18am]
[ mood | tired ]

&; Young girl, she grew up in a rush. Had it bad, no doubt, she don't know who to trust. Every man she ever loved only wanna fuck; charge that to the game. But it's all gravy, hey baby, shots get popped, the cops shut down the party. Jeans sag low, blow smoke out of Dutches, we got love for ya'll but ya'll don't love us. Now we swerve in the suburban, switchin lanes, spend up all our dough on chrome & thangs, name our kids with funny names. Don't hate on us, we're fabulous. ( jahiem - fabulous )

&; journal status: friends only
&; directions: add me & comment
&; note: i'm not a bitch, so it's most likely i'll add you back. unless of course you have syphilis. i'm just kidding. you having syphilis is your business.

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