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I just couldn't help myself... [May. 17th, 2006|02:34 pm]
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[mood |amusedamused]

So, I just updated our "pykickstart" package to handle configuration of multipath devices -- disks with redundant cabling. Don't ask why. Just as I was about to commit it, the best changelog entry ever sprung to mind:
Leeloo: Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-path.
Korben Dallas: Yeah.
Leeloo: Mul-ti-path.
Korben Dallas: Yeah, multipath, she knows it's a multipath. Leeloo Dallas. This is my wife.
Leeloo: Mul-ti-path.
Korben Dallas: We're newlyweds. Just met. You know how it is. We bumped into each other, sparks happen...
Leeloo: Mul-ti-path.
Korben Dallas: Yes, she knows it's a multipath. Anyway, we're in love.
Sometimes, I kill me.

[User Picture]From: mendel
2006-05-17 07:30 pm (UTC)


Well, about freakin' time! I had to use qlogic's own crap!
[User Picture]From: badger
2006-05-17 08:30 pm (UTC)



For everything else, there's multipath.

Excellent of you.
[User Picture]From: fezzgig
2006-05-18 01:59 pm (UTC)


That was the funniest thing I've read all week, and even better that it took me a moment to remember where it was from.
From: billemon
2006-05-18 08:40 pm (UTC)


I love that quote. Although my favourite is "the supreme being. he's a.. she." " you noticed that?"

So what was the commit, again?
[User Picture]From: jkeating
2006-05-19 11:54 pm (UTC)


Wow, just wow. That is some good stuff there, puff puff pass please.