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Buffy Summers
11 June 2005 @ 01:44 am
I couldn't go home. Not yet, at least. Not while they were doing that...thing. That thing. Yeah. After the small meeting in the food court, I did a little shopping myself. Nothing like monster talk to remind me of all the ruined outfits at home due to slayage. Regular blood was a pain to get out, let alone green, gooey, sometimes acidic blood? Now, that was when you needed new clothes.

Bags in my hands, I wasn't completely sure of where to go. Home was occupied...did I even have anywhere else?

Oh! The Hyperion.

Yeah, that worked.

It didn't take long to get there. Nope. Not long at all, I thought as I stood outside. Then, bags. Right, bags. No where to stash my new shoes, pants, shirts, sweaters, etc. OH! Not to mention a super-cute scarf I -- nevermind. Come on, Buffy. No clothes. No thinking about clothes. Big bad. Think about battle tactics for the big bad.

Really strong, powerful, punching through peope's sternums big bad.

Moving into the Hyperion, I gave a quick glance around the lobby before moving to a seat, placing the bags down.

[ Er. Open to anyone who's in the lobby, or would walks through the lobby ]
Buffy Summers
29 May 2005 @ 02:52 pm
The mall, wow. It was a busy place. Probably not the best of my ideas. Taking two slayers into a crowded place, where we'd probably talk about demons and whatnot. But, it wasn't a bad idea. Most people didn't really care what everyone else was talking about. And, the girls needed a break. At least a small one that didn't involve heavy training.

Or, maybe it was me who needed a break. No, no. It was definately a combined break needing-ness. All three of us did. I think there was a dire needings for breaks with all of the slayers. That didn't mean that they'd get them, of course.

It probably was the best thing for them too. Not for their emotional states, but the whole cause in general. We needed to defeat this Hamilton guy. And, that's what I was working on. Just because there wasn't going to be much phisical training didn't mean we wouldn't talk battle strategies and whatnot.

I pushed all of those thoughts aside, looking at my watch as I sat at the table in the food court. I was early. They still had time to get there, I was just making sure they weren't cutting it too close.

( Open to buffy's slayers, Krystal and Lee. )
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Buffy Summers
07 May 2005 @ 08:32 pm

Not really a writing sample, more of a letter Buffy writes to Angel before she goes to the big battle in The Gift.

Dear Angel,

There's really no easy way to say this...or well, write it. I suppose it would be easier. To say it, that is. At least in the sense of you actually understanding where I'm coming from. Words on a paper usually don't hold that much emotion. But, there's no time. No time to say anything I want to. No time to run to LA, forget all of this. No time to pretend. To pretend that I may not die. Actually, that part sounded stupid. If you're reading this, obviously, I'm dead.

I wouldn't have the strength to give it to you if I made it through. Hopefully, it's just crumbled up and in the bottom of a trash can somewhere in my house. But, back to the point. I've died before, right? I shouldn't be so scared. Sure, it wasn't fun, but it wasn't bad. Not that bad. But, then again I woke up after that. This time, I don't think I'll be waking up. So, I'm going to tell write to you about what I need you to do for me. You're the only one I can trust enough to do this. Only you, Angel. So, I need you to do this, for me.

First, tell Xander that I love him. With all of my heart. He's always been there for me, and I'm so greatful. And, tell Willow that she's my best friend. I would give up anything for her. She gets me like no one else.

And, tell Giles that it's not his fault. I knew the price I might pay for this. But, I couldn't let Dawn die. Even though she's not technically my sister. She's...I don't know how to get this across, but, she's me. If you understand what I mean. But, make sure Gile's knows that he's the only reason why I made it this far. The only reason that I'm still breathing. He was the best watcher, and the best father, I could ever hope for.

Now to Dawn. Let her know that she's not the reason that I'm dead. Tell her that...she needs to go on living. That I need her to live for me. I may not be able to do something great with my life that everyone can know about, but I know she can. Let her know that I love her, with everything I have in me.

And, now you Angel. I don't think that you'll completely understand just how much I love you. You're everything to me. I haven't moved on. Riley...I never really loved Riley. But, I really didn't try to, I guess. I'm sorry. I know you probably don't want to hear about Riley. Or, read about Riley. But, Angel, the point is, everything I've done, everything that's happened to me, you've always been apart of it. I've always thought about you. I understand why you left me, and I don't agree. I still don't like it, but I understand. And, I didn't think I could, but I love you even more for it. Angel, I know you're heart is going to break when you find out, because I know that mine would if I found out that you died. But, I need you to stay strong. We've been through so much. Everything has tried to stop us, and we've kept going. Never stopped. That's why I need you to never stop. I may be dead, but you still need to live. Don't ever, ever give up fighting. Angel, you need to live, for me. Save the world for me. Please. I love you.

 - Buffy.