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October 28th, 2013

11:20 pm - Swimming Pool Anonymous
Fandom: due South
Disclaimer: due South belongs to Alliance and I’m not making any profit from writing this
Pairing: Fraser/RayK
Rating: NC-17
Words: ~27.180
Summary: After his divorce Ray is at a loss for what to do with himself. He decides to prove something to himself – he will learn how to swim. How lucky for him that Canadians are weird(ly) friendly and that Fraser has a deep-rooted need to lend a helping hand. A story of self-discovery, pushing limits, and – most of all – chemistry.
“He was a tiny bit disappointed and wondered for a moment if he was really that lonely that he missed seeing an almost complete stranger at a public swimming pool. God, it wasn’t the divorce that was depressing. It was his life.”
Content info: AU, post-divorce!Ray, canon divergence, first time
Notes: This is an age-old project that was privately dubbed the Swimming Pool AU in my head. This is for Surya – to new beginnings and old ones: to one of the first (if not the first?) artworks you ever did for me and the beginning of a wonderful friendship!
Kudos go to Ride_Forever for one of the most brilliant beta works ever! I swear, she made this story much more--musical--visual--you take your pick! Thank you :)
The smell of chlorine was thick in the air and every breath he took felt like inhaling a damp towel. When he closed his eyes he could almost pretend he was standing in the middle of a rain forest and that the air was moist from the thick undergrowth and heavy foliage… not that he had ever been to a rain forest.
Ray opened his eyes and sighed. He’d probably never see one either; he just wasn’t the kind of guy who did stuff like that, become an explorer, go on a quest. Which was exactly why he was here, now, at a public swimming pool in the park area.  

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April 5th, 2013

08:23 pm - Guts and Glory
Author: Tatau
Fandom: Due South
Rating: PG
Words: ~ 1.000
Disclaimer: Due South is the property of Alliance Atlantis. Written for fun not for profit
Summary: No one has ever asked Ray why he always jumped head first into the situations Fraser dragged him into. Maybe Ray isn't just blindly taking a leap. Maybe Ray has his own agenda for sticking his neck out... maybe it's time to come clean.
You work this job, you pick up on a few things. For starters, some things just are that simple. No matter what the story sounds like, it always boils down to this: money. And if it isn’t money, it’s love. Not the good kind maybe, maybe the sick kind where you get eaten up by jealousy or longing so strong it eats your brain and you end up killing the person you love. Point is, it’s simple.

You learn a few other things, too, though. It’s the simple things that really ain’t. Take fear, okay? Someone tries to take your head off with a semi-automatic weapon, you get scared. Easy, right? Well, it isn’t. Trust me on this.

Lust. Yeah, that one’s always easy… except for a few freak shows. But mostly, a turn-on is a turn-on, simple as that. Someone undressing, or touching you in all the right places, and maybe a little bit of thrill on the side to get the blood pumping, is all good, right? Feels damn good, too, enough to blow your brains out sometimes.

This freak partnership we got really teaches you fear. Man, you have no idea what fear is until you know all of its names and faces forward and backward and sideways, awake or asleep. Sure, fear of dying is easy. No one wants to die, right? Just, what if you get scared all the time—so often that you’re kinda used to it, what then?

Because it all comes down to this: fear is adrenaline. This feeling that something bad is about to come your way and you’re afraid that you’re not prepared for it. And most of the time, it doesn’t make any sense. We all get turned on by the same shit. Fear? Hell, fear is personal. It doesn’t make an inch of sense. See, you might not be afraid of the dark. You can wake up in the middle of the night with nothing but pitch black darkness around you, and you’re fine; you can stumble around your apartment without even a hitch in your breathing.

But then someone shoves you into an unknown room where everything is dark. You don’t know, maybe it’s just an empty hallway. And people can even tell you that there is nothing there. Yet you can feel the fear, slithering up your spine, making your hands clammy, and you swallow dryly, quickly.

You’ll be moving through that black hallway as if each step could be your last. The adrenaline keeps pumping a nice rhythm through your blood and you’re poised—waiting, getting ready, for something –anything- to jump at you. The monster inside of the closet.

And if something would happen you would be fine, ‘cause you expected it and the adrenaline would ratchet up another notch and then something else would take over, something ancient, something pre-evolutionary. The next thing you know, your attacker’s lying at your feet and you're breathing hard, but you came out of it alright.

What with the moments where nothing happens? The hallway stretches in front of you, a little longer with every step you take, and you can hear your heartbeat in your ears, and your mouth is all dry. Fear is prickling at the back of your head. And you’re waiting, waiting, until the hallway ends and you step into the light.

You laugh. Because you’re safe and nothing bad did happen and the adrenaline recedes. That’s when the endorphins rush in, making you light-headed, making you stupid with the feeling of being alive.

What if your situations always end with you safe? What if you’re scared every damn day of your life but at the end, you’re always the last one laughing? And you get this delicious taste of victory, of being larger than life. All those fucking war movies, guts and glory, and you’re the last man standing.

It’s addictive, fear is fucking addictive. Because after a while it’s the only thing real. And if  you’re scared all the damn time you need this edge.

So it’s the next day again and the phone call comes in. They don’t say you have to lay your life on the line – they don’t need to, you’re a cop, you do it anyway. And the adrenaline makes your heart beat just that bit quicker. You arrive at the scene and you’re met with gunfire, blasting away a merry rhythm, and you duck and you weave and at no point do you know that you will actually make it out alive. And why is it that the bad guys always out-gun the good ones? Fear coils like a snake at the bottom of your stomach. Winding up tighter with every bullet dodged.

You cower behind some crates, any cover, you don’t care any which way. They have you cornered, and you and your partner, you’re on your own. They start talking, hollering for you to surrender your weapons. Fear is showing its fangs now, the viper rears up and you can feel it stretching all the way through you, stopping short off your mouth.

‘cause hearing me talk, you wouldn’t think I’m scared. The snake is coiled tightly around your heart, making it hard to breath, but your mouth goes a mile a minute. Bullshit grin fixed on the lips, giving some back talk, giving as good as you get, and your partner gives you a sign and you can feel the snake squeeze, so tight, but you’re already off and running. Too late to think now.

When everything is over, the bad guys put in handcuffs, your gun back in its holster, the viper slithers away as if it’s never been there. That’s when the rush hits you, so sweet you can taste it on your lips.

Your heart beats quicker for an altogether different reason then.

Not, that I’d let anyone ever know. Least of all my partner who has his own reason for getting us into these situations. This is my dirty little secret.
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December 4th, 2012

11:17 am - Skydeep Chapter 8
Thank you all for the amazing feedback :D I’m really awed and I’ll answer all of your comments as soon as I can. Time, however, is a little in short supply at the moment and I thought you’d rather have the final chapter than wait for me to answer your messages.


His world was so quiet all of a sudden. He let his eyes fall shut. There, peace.

This wasn’t how he had thought he would die.

I’m sorry, Ray.

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November 28th, 2012

02:14 pm - Skydeep 7

Fraser let his head hang, he simply didn’t have the energy to keep it up anymore. Cold was seeping in, but he almost welcomed it, it was peaceful.

With half-open eyes, Fraser watched the shallow rise and fall of his chest.

His ears were filled with the sound of his own blood.

He wouldn’t make it out of here on his own.

~*~Read more...Collapse )
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November 20th, 2012

09:45 am - Skydeep Chapter 6

Warm fingers touched his throat and Fraser’s pulse jumped at the contact.

“He’s still alive… it would be a pity if his heart gave out,” the dark-haired man murmured regretfully. “I’m sure our customers would know how to fully appreciate him.”

Fraser wanted to pull away from the inquisitive fingers, but his body didn’t obey. He didn’t even feel his hands anymore; he knew that they had to be still chained behind his back, but he couldn’t tell. His body felt detached from everything he was feeling.

Except for his racing heartbeat. That seemed to fill his whole being. 

~*~Read more...Collapse )
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November 16th, 2012

08:51 pm - Skydeep Chapter 5

Fraser’s arms felt like lead. Just keeping his head up cost him every ounce of willpower. He heard the murmur of voices, but it didn’t mean anything to him.

He was consciously aware of every breath he sucked in, but his heart was hammering away in his chest and there never seemed enough air to calm his pulse. Oddly enough he couldn’t find it in him to be disturbed by this.

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November 12th, 2012

11:13 pm - Skydeep Chapter 4

Groaning, Fraser tried to focus on his surroundings. He felt hot… too hot, really. His blood pumped in waves and he felt unable to use his arms.

“What did you do?” a voice asked.

“I gave him some Push,” another voice explained, defensively.

Fraser wished someone would touch him.

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November 9th, 2012

09:32 am - Skydeep Chapter 3
Sorry for the delay, guys ;) Didn't mean to make you wait for it. Here it is:


Fraser held his breath for as long as he could, but the stone-like grip on his head didn’t lessen and at some point he had to take a breath. Desperately, he gasped for air.

He almost choked as the white powder filled his lungs. At first it was pleasant; he felt almost high with it.

Arousal whispered through his blood and Fraser felt a warm pulse inside, making his spine glow.Read more...Collapse )
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November 5th, 2012

06:30 pm - Skydeep Chapter 2

Fraser strained against his bonds. He had to get out of here. The rope chafed against his wrists as he tried to free himself.

“Keep him quiet,” the dark-haired man snapped.

The other man looked uncertainly from Fraser to the man who had spoken and back. He unfolded a package of white powder on the table and he gripped Fraser’s head tightly before he pushed his face right into the layer of white.


It was already really late and the crowd at the club had thinned considerably when Ray finally found some time to wipe the bar down.

“How long does the shift of a bartender at this establishment last?” The voice sent a sudden heat wave licking at Ray’s heart. Jesus!Read more...Collapse )
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November 1st, 2012

08:30 pm - Skydeep
Fandom: due South
Pairing: Fraser/RayK
Rating: NC-17 (for more than a little explicit slash)
Words: ~38.900 (10 Chapters)
Summary: Ray and Fraser go undercover. And then the assignment turns gay—but apparently, Fraser is quite comfortable with that. Which, as it turns out, comes as a real eye-opener to Ray.
Disclaimer: Nothing, absolutely nothing, belongs to me. I’m just having fun without making a profit out of it
Notes: The wonderfully thorough beta job was done by the one and only ride_4ever. I'm claiming all remaining mistakes ;) 
Warnings: Clichés galore, most notably: gay!undercover. Also drug use, mention of sexual violence, and more slashy porn than can possibly be healthy.

RayK: “I don’t know who has less sex, me or you, but at least I’m still thinking about women. Do you think that’s better or worse?”

Fraser: “It’s an interesting question.”

            - A Likely Story


“Are you looking for this?”

Surprised, Fraser turned around and only had time to register the butt of a gun coming his way before everything went dark.

When he came to again, he found himself bound to a chair. Fraser moaned softly against the pain.

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