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babygirl <3 [entries|friends|calendar]
gangster naners !

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[29 Sep 2004|07:36pm]

[24 May 2004|04:24pm]

[18 Mar 2004|04:11pm]

i have a new journaldlete this one.

Bye <^>

its _seduction

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[19 Feb 2004|01:54pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I've been lost sorry !

- i went to the miami seqarium ! with boyfriend

- i started my new skewl

- happy 2 months to me and my hunny !!!!!

- umm.. i saw jaime ewwww....

and um thats it ;\

I'm sorry I havent commented guys i think imma just delete this journal. I cant stand the fact that i have to keep track of it and worry about ppl taking me off there friends list <^> that shyt...

and and and and.....


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a quiz thingum [07 Feb 2004|07:26pm]
[ mood | bored ]

_ 7 things you love

[x] mommy
[x] my real dad
[x] my real mom
[x] snuggle bunny <33
[x] friends
[x] sister
[x] eeyore

_ 7 things you hate

[x] pussies
[x] lip rappin
[x] hoes
[x] back stabbers
[x] jaime ;] <^>
[x] smoking
[x] PMS

_ 7 things on your desk

[x] compooter
[x] camera
[x] pen
[x] printer
[x] my celly
[x] uhm. the screen thiguy majingy
[x] my ADD pills ;x

_ 7 things you are right now

[x] a girl
[x] in pain
[x] sad
[x] watching t.b
[x] talking to karina<3
[x] lonely
[x] thinking if i should drop out

_ 7 facts about you

[x] i can be a bitch
[x] i'm bi
[x] i <3 sleeping
[x] i try to hard
[x] i'm fun to be with
[x] i'm too damn nice
[x] i dont trust anyone no more

_ 7 things you plan to do before you die

[x] make babies
[x] go to colombia
[x] go to see free willy
[x] get all the louis vuitton purses they ever make ( which i doubt )
[x] meet petey pablo -dies-
[x] get my GED
[x] marry my hubby<33

_ 7 things you can do good

[x] sleep
[x] eat
[x] fight
[x] give advice
[x] be a friend
[x] make people laugh
[x] be me ;]~

_assorted info

name: amanders
aliasez: naners
sex: girly
lOc: cutler ridge 305
race: gringa
natz: white + colombian + equadorian
aqe: 15
aim: naners x

_ryt now '

tiime: 7:04 p.m
drinkynq: nothing
eatynq: nothing
wearinq: red nautica shirt + black brazilian shorts
muZic: more and more - joe
mOod: veryy bored and lonely
thynkin abOut: lots of caca
want: go see my babers
needz: penis
wish i waz: sleeping

_favOriitez `

sOnq: everytime- britney spears
rapper: petey pablo . 50 . bonethugz . T.I . Lil' Jon etc.
siinqer: xtina . jlo . britney etc.
fOod: all kinds
sOda: pepsi
ice cream: chocolate<3
juice: orange juice -yum-
liquOr: yuck
clOthinq stOrez: all kinds xspecially charlotte rousse
shOe stOrez: uhm. theres alot ;\
cOlorz: black red blue pink
cartOon character: eeyore
mOvie: pirates of the carribean . finding nemo and mores !
tv shOw: newlyweds. hehe ;D
thinq tO do: go crazy

_friendz '

whose ya female bestfriend: diana + jenny
whose ya male bestfriend: miguel<3
otha close friendz: synthi . nena . karina . glenda . mercy . janet
back staberz: jaime <^>
who u tell everithinq: diana and jenny
who u wit most: miguel
who u on da phone wit most: miguel
who u fiqht wiit most: miguel lol ( small fights )
who u neva fiiqht wit: diana or jenny
who most like u: dunno.
who da most fun: everyone
who u take everi where: me and miguel
who alwayz cheerz u up: everyone
who lovez u most: i think miguel + diana + jenny
who u wanna see most: all of them
who u kno qonna alwayz be there: all of them <33333

_love '

u qot a boii: yess
if so who: miguel
who u crushin: who else ?
last relatiionshiip: jaime <^> fukker
who u wanna be wit: miguel ;[


x. birthday = nov. 14
x. piercing = ears and belly soon labret tounge and eyebrow
x. tattoos = i'm getting one
x. height = 5'2
x. shoe size = boys= 3-4 girls=5-6
x. hair color = now is black cherry ;]
x. length = in layers so i dunno.
x. siblings = 3 sis and 2 bro's
x. pets = hm. i got 2 dogs 4 cats 3 birds and 3 crabs. I know a fukking zoo. Oh ! my bro ;x


x. movie you rented = dont know
x. movie you bought = lol. dont remember
x. song you listened to = more + more- joe
x. song that was stuck in your head = everytime<333
x. song you've downloaded = none
x. cd you bought = none
x. cd you listened to = britney spears
x. person you've called = george
x. person that's called you = george
x. tv show you've watched = newlyweds


x. person your thinking of = miguel
x. do you have a bf or gf = yes
x. do you have a crush on someone = yes..miguel
x. do you wish you could live somewhere else = eh ? sometimes
x. do you think about suicide = used too. guess why ? JAiME grrr <^>
x. do you believe in online dating = lol. how you think i met miguel =x
x. do others find yourself attractive = yes
x. do you want more piercings = duh
x. do you want more tattoos = duh
x. do you like cleaning = hell nah
x. do you like roller coasters = YES !
x. do you write in cursive or print = print
x. do you carry a donor card = sperm donor card ?

_for or against

x. long distance relationships = against
x. using someone = against
x. suicide = against
x. killing people = against =X
x. teenage smoking = eh? thats there problem not mine
x. doing drugs = against
x. gay and lesbian relationships = uhm for lol i'm fucking bi !


x. food = said it already
x. song = alread told you
x. thing to do = sleep
x. thing to talk about = nothing
x. sport = football and baseball -miguel cabrera-
x. drink = pepsi
x. clothes = um..
x. movies = look up ^^^
x. bands = uhm..
x. holiday = xmas and vday
x. season = summer ( beach time ! )
x. car = civic . buggie<3 . acuras

_have you

x. ever cried over a girl or boy = yupp
x. ever lied to someone = yep
x. ever been in a fist fight = yupp


x. shampoo do you use = herbal essence
x. you scared of = roaches
x. # of times u have had my heart broken = once
x. # of hearts u have broken = i think 1
x. # of continents u have lived in = 1
x. # of people u would classify as true, could trust with your life friends? 2
x. # of people i consider my enemies = lots
x. # of people from high school that i stayed friends with = i'm still in high skewl buddy
x. # of cd's that you have = lots
x. # of times my name has appeared in the newspaper = none
x. # of scars on my body = alot
x. # of things in my past that I regret = jaime

_da end '

time: 7:24
buddiez on: 25
who u talkin to: no one now
music playin if any: extacy- bonethugz
how u kno diz person: your mom ?
wha u qonna do now: call george
las wordz: uhm. toodles<33 ;] bitch !

So what ? I was bored !
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It's OFFiCiAL ! [01 Feb 2004|01:36pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]


--> Comment to be added

--> Add me first

--> If you don't comment on most of my entries I will take YOU off.

Wasn't that simple ;] Now Toodles <33
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