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NEW JOURNAL!! [20 Nov 2004|09:52pm]

new journal, guys. i'm getting sick of this one. _neon_lights  is the name. its friends only so comment to be added. ok well...add me over there, please?♥

(oh & if you dont comment in a day or so, i'll most likely add everyone on my friends list back, so uh..still comment anyways? thankkkkss<3)


[ mood | excited ]

um, its two peoples birthday today. whats their names????

well, in gym, we played that game again where you have to get the flags from people. i hate that game. cause the guys totally go for the girls & try to pull down their pants. its sickening. mine got pulled down TWICE. wahooo i gave everyone a free show that i didnt want to:)

the test for math has been moved to tuesday. so i'm staying after on monday. to study or something? i dont know kevin told me too.

in science we watched a movie, in the dark..thats all i'm saying about that. :X

tonight, we're having a parttyyyy, a party for two, wahooo for dana & steph. yeah its their birthday, AND its party time. fun fun FUN<3
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pretty-eyed boys♥ [13 Nov 2004|03:42pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

thursday i went to megs<3 we got there, talked for a couple minutes, then left for the mall. there was traffic so we talked to her mom about hott guys & everything. one in peticular=* ok so she dropped us off, & the 2nd and 3rd store i got DANA & STEPHS presents. =) so i'm done with them. i love them. we just shopped around, looking for things, having fun & suuch. then we called brandon & james at like 830? & we said we'd call them in the morning to come over for waffles. so we were waiting for megs dad, & these army people walked by with their suits on, & this guy that was talking on the phone turned to us & said "i bet i could out run them any day. 100 meter in 9 seconds." we're like "ohh yeahh." um he was hott.

so we got home, put our stuff upstairs, put pjs on & watched whose line, then we watched um..I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER & 13 GOING ON 30. freddie prinze jr is the hottest person alive. i love him i think. & 13 going on 30 was cute i guess. so after the movies, we wanted to stay up so we drank MOUNTAIN DEW. yes, we watched music videos & danced & drank mountain dew. we stayed up til 515. i love mountain dew.

in the morning we woke up around nine, & we instantly started making breakfast. we didnt call brandon & james. um..yeah we're "heartbreakers" lmao! so we ate. then went upstairs, got dressed, listened to music. & talked. then like, 2 hours later we were hungry so we got two HUGE bags of cookies, & made a big bowl of pocorn. we're pigs. soon enough it was time to go. if your reading all of this please comment.

then i went to taco bell yesterday with my dad & watched oceans 11. (brad pitt, matt damon, george clooney) um..3 hott guys? YEAHH. i was like, dying over on the couch & my dads like "what the hell are you doing."

today. ensemble performance. i guess we did OK. it wasnt that great. we needed more work. ahh we'll get it<3

i just took a long nap. i love naps. dont you.

tonight we're going out to eat for kevins "late birthday". ahh i love birthdays. comment if you actually read all of this<3

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